1:00am Restless Head Syndrome rock
Hosted by Rick

Every Monday morning from 1 to 3, Rick plays songs that rock. Stay up late for Restless Head Syndrome, and turn the volume up to eleven.

3:00am Geezer Rock rock
Hosted by Jeff Lindholm

On Geezer Rock, it's the musicians who are the oldies, not the songs! Songs by all of your favorite 'touch of gray' rock stars from the '60s, '70s, and '80s who are still hitting the stages and putting out new albums of new rockin' tunes. These songs rock, and they deserve to be heard! Produced by WTJU Alum Jeff Lindholm.

4:00am Classical Guitar Alive! classical
Hosted by Tony Morris

Join host Tony Morris for Classical Guitar Alive, an unabashedly enthusiastic and fast-paced romp through the classical repertory of the world's most popular musical instrument. Classical Guitar Alive highlights a vast repertoire of music ranging from Medieval through present-day solo, chamber, and orchestral music with guitar. In addition to presenting works by American performers and composers, the program also explores guitar-related music of other cultures.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Classical Sunrise - Monday classical
Hosted by Kyle Chattleton and Federico Ciliberto

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers three hours of classical music to ease you through your busy morning with friendly, knowledgeable hosts, weather updates, and everything you need to begin your day with a smile. On Monday morning from 6-9, Federico Ciliberto and Kyle Chattleton will help start your week off right with the best classical music from around the globe.

9:00am Left of Cool jazz
Hosted by Larry Minnick

Modern Jazz programming designed to give your morning a lift. Left of Cool , heard each Monday morning from 9 til noon, is a place where improvising musicians of all styles can come together and see what's possible. Searching for that common thread, acoustic or electric, experimental and eclectic -- whatever sounds good!

12:00pm Soulful Situation blues
Hosted by Rum Cove

From the Dixie-fried sounds of the Southern soul centers of Muscle Shoals, Memphis, New Orleans and Shreveport to the Uptown Rhythm and Blues shots from the Northern cities of Chicago, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia, Rum Cove puts you in a Situation that is Sooo Soulful! Soulful Situation, each Monday afternoon from noon 'til 2 right here on WTJU.

2:00pm The Broadcasting System rock
Hosted by Tyler and Vic

The Broadcasting System is about getting into it. Lightning Bolt gets into it, and so do Tony Conrad and Stereolab. Ralph Peer recorded Jimmie Rogers and the Carter Family getting into it in Bristol. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is all about it. They get into it in the forests of Bali and they surf slack-keyed on it in Hawaii. It's called transport, and only music - every kind of music - does it for me. How about you? Two hours every Monday afternoon at 2 spent deep in it, with Tyler and Vic.

4:00pm Back Up and Push folk
Hosted by Annette and Ryan

Ryan and Annette look back at Bluegrass and Old Time tunes of yesteryear, and push forward to the music of today and tomorrow. Along with traditional Bluegrass and Old Time, they'll throw in some Folk, Local Favorites, plenty of Live In-studio performances, and the latest news of festivals and other venues for live music. So buckle up for the ride on Monday afternoons from 4 til 7 with the best picking and strumming around on Back Up and Push!

7:00pm The Early Music Show classical
Hosted by Bill Robertson and Uncle Dave Lewis

Imagine hearing the origins of the music of Western civilization! The Early Music Show reaches back to the ancient meditative sacred music and foot tapping dances of the abbeys and troubadours of the first millennium and journeys through seven centuries of music, featuring the friendly madrigals of the Italian and English traditions, sublime motets and music of the Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque eras up to the time of JS Bach - a genre of endless richness and variety. Imagine, and then join us for music of centuries gone by, every Monday evening from 7 til 9 on The Early Music Show.

9:00pm Anything Goes jazz
Hosted by Steve H and Sean

The broad range of that modern music we call jazz is all subject to exploration. Expect a sampling of classic jazz, post-bop, standards, adventurous jazz, and new releases with a smattering of avant-garde and even electronica. It's a big tent and there's room for everyone on Anything Goes, heard each Monday night from 9 'til 11 right here on WTJU.

11:00pm Just Take This With You rock
Hosted by DJ Walt and Erin

A variety of rock, jazz, hip-hop, electronic and funk to get you through the wee hours of the night.


1:00am Screwed rock
Hosted by Maggie

Late-night hip-hop show involving hyphy, chopped not slopped, Chief Keef, bounce, and D'Angelo in the same moment, late-night Mondays from 1-3am.

3:00am Blues America blues
Hosted by Drew Verbis

Blues America is "where the blues talks," a weekly radio series that provides an outlet for Blues artists to share their stories. Each program includes a guest interview, special features and four full-length songs packed into an hour. Produced by award winning host Drew Verbis at the Chico Chism Memorial Studio in Phoenix. For more information about the program, visit the Blues America website at

4:00am The Next Chapter news
Hosted by Allen Hundley

The Next Chapter is a weekly one-hour public affairs program that looks at where we are going as a species, do we really want to go there, and what are our options. The program features interviews with academics and scientists about future trends in society, politics, economics, science, and technology. Can we direct our future? Tune into The Next Chapter to find out. Produced by Allen Hundley.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Classical Sunrise - Tuesday classical
Hosted by Andrew Morgan and Eric Brandt

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers three hours of classical music to ease you through your busy morning with friendly, knowledgeable hosts, weather updates, and everything you need to begin your day with a smile. On Tuesday mornings from 6-9, Andrew Morgan and Eric Brandt bring you great performances of the finest in classical music to help start your day with uplifted spirits.

9:00am Professor Bebop blues
Hosted by Professor Bebop

Take a weekly trip into Heptown each Tuesday morning from 9 til noon. Professor Bebop ankles down Swing Street, slips into Blues Alley, checks out the Museum of the Rhythm and the Blues, catches the service at the Cathedral of the Broken Heart and slips down Palpitation Boulevard to Soulville.

12:00pm Eclectic Woman specialty
Hosted by Rebecca and Eileen

The only radio program in Central Virginia that features women's music exclusively, Eclectic Woman spans all musical genres and the globe with a variety of rich perspectives. Expect a fresh and tantalizing musical menu of singer-songwriters, women of color, and womyn's music, spiced liberally with traditional, blues, world, jazz, rock, avant-garde, and instrumental music. The Eclectic Woman show, heard each Tuesday afternoon from 12 til 2, also features music and occasional news updates which specifically serve the gay and lesbian community.

2:00pm Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show rock
Hosted by Dave and DJ Slim Pickem

Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show, heard each Tuesday afternoon from 2-4, is an assortment of afternoon ear candy from 30 years ago to 30 seconds ago.

4:00pm Around This Town folk
Hosted by Cameron

Join Cameron on Tuesdays from 4-7 pm for Around This Town as he throws his musical nets over the acts coming to the Central VA area, and tries to pull some of them in for live appearances before their concerts.

7:00pm A Time for Singing classical
Hosted by Xavier

A Time For Singing, heard each Tuesday evening from 7 til 9 right here on WTJU, where great singing is always the main feature as Xavier offers the finest in solos, duets, ensembles and choruses from the recital tradition and the world of opera.

9:00pm Loose Threads jazz
Hosted by Tim B and Gerald

Loose Threads, heard every Tuesday night from 9 to 11, features modern and mainstream jazz, including bebop, hard bop, funk, avant-garde, and European jazz. You will hear the cutting edge of today's jazz artists while celebrating the masters of the past and the tasteful experimentation of the future.

11:00pm Virginia Tradition / Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza rock
Hosted by Ken's Last Ever and Steve

Virginia Tradition: Join Steve for a wide range of the traditional sounds of Virginia and elsewhere. Upholding the proud customs of our forefathers, we'll bring you House, Italo-Disco, Ambient, Experimental and long forgotten Pop songs. May occasionally contain guitars or other instruments if necessary.

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza: Live improvised sound collage experiment, weaving mesmerizingly dreamy soundscapes in the present moment from found and collected materials, performed from stages, radio stations, tree houses, cement bunkers, construction sites, experimental dance spaces, living rooms, and elsewhere. Pop music, speeches, spontaneous monologues, and your live call-ins become ambient loopy layered threads riding the liminal spaces between waking and dreaming. Now in its 24th year. Audio archives:

Loosely alternating Tuesday nights from 11pm to 1am.


1:00am Soul Kitchen rock
Hosted by KendaLL, Actually and DJ Eazy

Surfing across the space between Johnny Burnett to Dylan to The Ramones, and all their bastard offspring, making lingering lunch stops at 60s garage, 80s punk, 70s patched-jeans philosophers, 50s hep cats, and even a couple artists from this century. The kitchen is always the best room in the party to answer the question "where is that noise coming from?" And tearing up floorboards to reveal that tell-tale heart of the night.

3:00am Sounds Jewish free form
Hosted by Andy Muchin

Sounds Jewish is a weekly program hosted by Andy Muchin from the studios of MPB Music Radio. Andy's encyclopedic knowledge of Jewish music of all different genres creates a unique sound. In one program, you might hear a traditional klezmer piece, a stand-up comic routine from the 60s, Israeli hip-hop and the gentle tones of a singer/songwriter. There's nothing like it anywhere else! Produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

4:00am Big Picture Science news
Hosted by Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley

Big Picture Science is a weekly science magazine that connects ideas in surprising and humorous ways to illuminate the origins and evolution of life and technology on this planet and beyond. From free-thinking robots... to the recipe for dark matter... to the mix-and-match genes of synthetic biology, they have it all! One episode a month, Skeptic Check, is devoted to critical thinking. Produced at the SETI Institute and hosted by Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley. Followed by 5-minute Everyday Tech Talk, answering your everyday questions about your everyday technology; produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Classical Sunrise - Wednesday classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers three hours of classical music to ease you through your busy morning with friendly, knowledgeable hosts, weather updates, and everything you need to begin your day with a smile. On Wednesday mornings from 6-9, Ralph Graves runs the gamut of music from the middle ages through the present day, celebrating the rich heritage of the classical repertoire.

9:00am Great Morning Jazz jazz
Hosted by Brad Sayler and Johnny Bishop

Great Morning Jazz, heard each Wednesday from 9 til noon, will provide relief from the Midweek Morning Blues. The tunes will include new releases and older ones, the various styles (bop, hardbop, soul jazz, etc.), enough variety of tempo to keep the vital juices flowing, and a weekly sprinkling of modern blues for spice. It's good for what ails ya'.

12:00pm Beyond Borders world
Hosted by Steve, Terry, and Robyn

Borders have political meaning, but when it comes to culture, they're just lines on a map. The music of the world can't be contained by borders or boundaries. Beyond Borders explores the unexpected rhythms, tones, and textures of music from every continent and corner of the globe. Every Wednesday, from noon to 2:00, only on WTJU.

2:00pm Witches Brew rock
Hosted by Wicked Sharkie

Sippin' a witches brew, you're bound to take in some potent kaleidoscopic combination of heavy psych, early bell-bottomed metal, hard rock and proggy '70s fusion with an occasional accent of tripped-out stoner and doom. Wicked Sharkie offers up heavy riffs and shredding guitars for the fuzzy minded on Witches Brew each Wednesday from 2-4 pm.

4:00pm Something New folk
Hosted by Emily and Jedd

Tune in each Wednesday afternoon from 4-7 for Something New as Emily and Jedd dig into the new arrivals. Visit Something New on Facebook to leave a message!

7:00pm A New Sound classical
Hosted by Kyle Chattleton

Over the past one hundred years, music and the arts have undergone as much revolutionary change and experimentation as science, technology, and medicine. These sounds inspired riots and revolutions, created new schools of thought, and crossed the Rubicon into uncharted musical territory. Join us every Wednesday evening from 7-9 on A New Sound as we explore together the classical music of our lifetime.

9:00pm Living Time jazz
Hosted by Gary and MichaelShelton

Enter the Living Time zone, each Wednesday night from 9 to 11 for an eclectic blend of Blues, Jazz and Jazz tangents. It's a musical journey that works you from the inside out, hits you when you're not looking and keeps you coming back for more. On a weekly basis, co-hosts Gary and MichaelShelton alternate, featuring the standards and the offbeat, the classics and the obscure, and, on occasion, the works of local artists living or visiting here in town as well as those from all over the world. We'll also honor your requests as well as showcase live sets and interviews. So step out of your musical comfort zone. At Living Time, the message is in the mix. The experience is second to none.

11:00pm Merging With the Night rock
Hosted by Stevik, Annie De Blanco, and Brett

Inspired by the name of a 1975 Brian Eno song, Merging With the Night blurs the lines between rock and other genres. We play a wide variety of tunes including 70s and 80s British pop and new wave, current and classic electronic, synth pop, indie and art rock. And we throw some Americana, R&B, singer-songwriter and dream pop tunes into the mix. Join Stevik, Annie De Blanco, and Brett on Wednesday nights from 11 to 1 and discover some of the best music you may have never heard. Or stream the show anytime at


1:00am Straight from the Crate rock
Hosted by Sean and Galen

Punk rock, funk rock, all-kinds-of-junk rock. Start your Thursday (or finish your Wednesday) with two hours of prime cuts from the '60s to today.

3:00am Jazz at 100 jazz
Hosted by Russell Perry

In early 1917, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band made the first jazz recording. Over the next 100 years we have heard transcendent leaps of creativity and staggering virtuosity; we have experienced the music of crushing pain, breathless romance, anger, exhilaration and humor. Jazz at 100 is that story -- one hundred years of jazz recordings -- in 100 one-hour programs that will present representative music from a century of recorded jazz history. The series will explore the broad sweep of that narrative; its representative and its idiosyncratic players; its durable movements and dead ends; its popular recordings and rarities. Produced by WTJU's own Russell Perry! Read all about it at the Jazz at 100 website.

4:00am Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour folk
Hosted by James Riley

Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour is a great blend of rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock, early country, modern vintage sounding artists, etc. Also, there are exclusive interviews with both legacy and new artists.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Classical Sunrise - Thursday classical
Hosted by Francesca da Rimini

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers three hours of classical music to ease you through your busy morning with friendly, knowledgeable hosts, weather updates, and everything you need to begin your day with a smile. On Thursday mornings from 6-9, Francesca brings you classical music from around the globe to help you through the second half of your week. You'll find classics and new favorites as we highlight the wide world of classical music each Thursday morning.

9:00am All That Jazz jazz
Hosted by Daniel Chaldekas

Thirty years and still running, All That Jazz remains committed to all the "bops," global influences, and the New. Join us for a continuing salute to the luminous, continuously changing archive that is Jazz. Always, more music and less talk. Thursday morning from 9 'til 11 right here on WTJU.

11:00am Wild Women & Friends blues
Hosted by Sandy Snyder and Louise

Taking our title from the Ida Cox song, "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues," our show Wild Women and Friends will feature women artists in Jazz and Blues, with a liberal use of the word "friends" to include other genres, and even an occasional boy now and then. Please join Sandy Snyder and Louise, every Thursday morning from 11 'til noon, for an hour of Classic Blues women, Jazz women, piano, mellow standards and lots more.

12:00pm Cosmic American Jamboree folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Country and Americana hot off the griddle.... the newest, best releases and guest appearances from artists without Spandex, plastic surgery, pitch correction or fear of alienating key demographic markets. Pull up to the bar each Thursday afternoon at noon while your new friends pour you two hours of pure country and Americana comfort.

2:00pm Carry the Zero rock
Hosted by Danny and Matthew

Veteran WTJU Rockers Danny and Matthew bring you Carry the Zero every Thursday afternoon from 2-4. It's A ROCK SHOW! ...with quotients of pop, funk, psychedelic, and calculated beats. You do the math. It's enough rock to make your wave function!

4:00pm Folk and Beyond folk
Hosted by Peter and friends

Heard each Thursday afternoon from 4-7, the title says it all. You can leave Peter and the Folk and Beyond crew a message either at their Facebook page, or by e-mailing

7:00pm Piano Forte classical
Hosted by John Delehanty and Andrew Pratt

Join Andrew Pratt and John Delehanty for Piano Forte each Thursday evening from 7-9 as they present the rich repertoire of the piano. Explore the limitless possibilities of this beautiful and powerful instrument, from intimate salon pieces and chamber works to sonatas and virtuoso concertos.

9:00pm Induced to Judder jazz
Hosted by David Eisenman and Jay Hertel

Induced to Judder, heard each Thursday night from 9 to 11, brings you a sonic massage of modern and classic Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, and Rhythm and Blues... intended to move, groove, and soothe the soul.

11:00pm Black Circle Revolution rock
Hosted by Ramona Sparks and Phil Free

Stay up and explore the outer limits of rock and roll with Black Circle Revolution Thursday night from 11 to 1. Two vinyl-heavy hours of classic and new punk, stoner metal, garage rock, psychedelic freak-outs, and the best riffs you've never heard from the past 30 years to the present. Join Phil Free and Ramona Sparks for an audio adventure guaranteed to ease the pain.


1:00am Bangers and Mash / Bowie Blender rock
Hosted by DJ Dikembe and DJ Kelly

Bangers and Mash: 2 hours of sad bastard indie rock and country bangers hosted by DJ Dikembe.

Bowie Blender: Kicking off every show with David Bowie, join DJ Kelly as she blends up a mixture of tunes that are freaky, folksy, funky and punky while providing awkward yet sometimes informational commentary.

Alternating late Thursday nights/early Friday mornings 1:00-3:00 a.m.

3:00am Global Village world
Hosted by Chris Heim

Global Village is an eclectic, world music-based show. It features the latest and best in world music new releases and classics along with a wide variety of artists and selections from nearly all other genres of music that incorporate influences from around the world. Informative and entertaining, current yet set in a wider musical and historical context, the show draws on the knowledge, experience and congenial personality of host Chris Heim - and a library of over 50,000 albums, including many out-of-print titles - to pull these musical strands together into an intriguing and captivating whole. Produced by KMUW. More info at

4:00am Celtic Connections world
Hosted by Bryan Kelso Crow

Celtic Connections offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music associated with the western European lands occupied at one time or another by people of the Celtic tribes and their descendants, including Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia, as well as Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and other parts of North America where the Celtic influence has been felt. The program's host, Bryan Kelso Crow, also brings you great music from England, Scandinavia and other European regions, all of which have connections with a Celtic past. Each week on Celtic Connections you can count on hearing the finest selections from new releases as well as from Celtic classics. Produced by WSIU.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Classical Sunrise - Friday classical
Hosted by Luke Waddell and Cameron Woo

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers three hours of classical music to ease you through your busy morning with friendly, knowledgeable hosts, weather updates, and everything you need to begin your day with a smile. On Friday mornings from 6-9, Luke Waddell and Cameron Woo play wonderful classical music from the Middle Ages to our times; featuring historical performances and recent recordings by exciting young musicians; and a wide array of venues and pieces, from the intimate setting of a drawing room sonata to the concert hall symphony.

9:00am Jazz at 100 jazz
Hosted by Russell Perry

Heard each Friday morning from 9 'til 10 right here on WTJU, Jazz at 100 is the story of one hundred years of jazz recordings in 100 one-hour programs that will represent music from the century of recorded jazz history. Read all about it at the Jazz at 100 website.

10:00am The Jazz Messenger jazz
Hosted by Brian Keena

The depth, diversity and often contrasting ideas of jazz and blues programming is reverently represented each Friday morning with an emphasis on hard bop, modern, soul jazz and scrapyard blues, as well as a sampling of current releases and reissues. Brian invites you to take a full, deep breath and end your week on the downbeat with one hundred twenty minutes of hedonic tones, jazz classics, featured artists and organized chaos. That's The Jazz Messenger, heard each Friday morning from 10 'til noon right here on WTJU.

12:00pm World Turning world
Hosted by Ron, Jordan, and John

Take a sound journey with your World Turning hosts each Friday afternoon from 12-2 and reflect on the creative contributions that people all over the planet are making through music. Enjoy a world of diversity in voices and instruments--celebrate the fragile experiment that is humanity.

2:00pm The Deadbeat Club rock
Hosted by Baby Shampoo

Join your local chapter of the Deadbeat Club every Friday afternoon from 2 until 4. Host Baby Shampoo serves soup to nuts. Drop out and tune in.

4:00pm Sunset Road folk
Hosted by Pete

Hear the full range of musical traditions in folk, bluegrass, new grass, celtic, old time, country, singer/songwriter, blues, world and any other roots-based music. Pete brings you the old and the new, be it local, regional, national, or international, with an emphasis on who's coming to perform around Charlottesville and Virginia. That's Sunset Road, heard Friday afternoon from 4-6.

6:00pm On With The Show classical
Hosted by Perry, Katie and Xavier

Every Friday evening from 6 to 8, Perry, Katie and Xavier bring their vast knowledge of the musical theater to present On with the Show, a program featuring music from Broadway musicals, operetta and anything else they find to entertain us. On With The Show!

8:00pm Lambeth Live specialty
Hosted by WTJU

Lambeth Live invites a different musical group from around Central Virginia into your home each Friday night for an hour long concert live from the WTJU studios at Lambeth Commons at the University of Virginia. There will be Classical, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, World and more. So gather round each Friday night from 8 til 9 for Lambeth Live, right here on WTJU Charlottesville, truly the sound choice in Central Virginia!

9:00pm Nothin' But the Blues blues
Hosted by Peter Welch

One of the longest running blues shows in 'TJU's history, featuring the best of Mississippi and Chicago, rural and urban, and acoustic and electric blues. Nothin' But The Blues, each Friday night from 9 to 11 right here on WTJU.

11:00pm The Kitchen Sink blues
Hosted by Dave and Tim

After another grueling week of working for "the man," replenish your soul every Friday night from 11 to 1 with The Kitchen Sink. Join us while we search for that perfect song, that perfect set, that perfect alignment of the cosmos that reminds you why you love music in the first place. Or you can just tune in and get the party started, this and every Friday night from 11 to 1. The Kitchen Sink, right here on WTJU.


1:00am Sounds of Noise rock
Hosted by Jack Patton-Smith

Sounds of Noise, heard each Saturday morning from 1 to 3, is a healthy blend of creative artists and innovative acts from all areas of the sonic universe.

3:00am Philosophy Talk news

Philosophy Talk hosts' down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach brings the richness of philosophic thought to everyday subjects. Topics are lofty (Truth, Beauty, Justice), arresting (Terrorism, Intelligent Design, Suicide), and engaging (Baseball, Love, Happiness). This is not a lecture or a college course; it's philosophy in action! Philosophy Talk is a fun opportunity to explore issues of importance in a thoughtful, friendly fashion, where thinking is encouraged. Preceded by 5-minute short Native Roots of Jazz where Native flute player Bobb Fantauzzo illuminates the contributions made by jazz musicians with Native American heritage.

4:00am Living Planet: Environment Matters news
Hosted by Deutsche Welle

Living Planet - environment matters around the world... Deutsche Welle's weekly, award winning environmental magazine with 30 minutes of in-depth, sound-rich independent reporting on the major environmental issues shaping our planet's health. As humans' impact on the planet becomes more evident, there is a need for independent reporting. Living Planet looks at new developments and advancing technologies, visits innovative projects, and keeps you up to date on the state of the earth.

4:30am Planetary Radio news
Hosted by Mat Kaplan

The Planetary Society's travel show that takes you to the final frontier, featuring commentary by Society CEO Bill Nye the Science Guy. Every week, Planetary Radio visits with a scientist, engineer, astronaut, project manager, advocate, visionary or writer who can provide a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond. They also showcase regular features that raise your space IQ while they put a smile on your face. Each episode also includes an irreverent look at the current night sky with astronomer and Planetary Society Director of Projects Bruce Betts.

5:00am With Good Reason news
Hosted by Sarah McConnell

Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history, and business through lively discussion with our ever curious host Sarah McConnell. From the controversies over slave reparations and global warming, to the unique worlds of comic books and wine-making, With Good Reason is always surprising, challenging and fun. With Good Reason has won five Gabriel Awards for Best Documentary or Public Affairs Programs and is also the recipient of top honors from the Public Radio News Directors, Radio and Television Digital News Association and the Virginia Association of Broadcasters. Produced at Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. More information at Preceded by 5-minute short The Law of Rock n Roll, where Michael Olivas -- the rock n roll law professor -- comments on legal issues involving entertainment, musicians and fans.

6:00am Soundboard news
Hosted by various Public Affairs hosts

A collection of collected news stories throughout the week along with interesting interviews.

6:30am Leftover Biscuits folk
Hosted by Paul Josey

Tune in Leftover Biscuits every Saturday morning from 6:30 'til 8 for stories and music from the early roots of American Country, Bluegrass and Blues music. We'll hear about the famous acts and the not so famous. From the Carter Family, Uncle Dave Macon and the Monroe Brothers to the less-heard sounds of Kelly Harrell, Washington Phillips, and the Golden Melody Boys. Jug bands, string bands, shape note singers, and even classic country and bluegrass artists from the 50s and 60s are all likely guests to round out the show and start your weekend right. Leave a message or request on their Facebook page (and give them a thumbs up!).

8:00am Atlantic Weekly Part I folk
Hosted by Sumner Brown, Steve Kindig and Terry Carpenter

For almost 30 years, Atlantic Weekly Part I has been providing listeners with a Saturday morning wake up call of acoustic music. From contemporary singer-songwriters and Americana to the bedrock traditions of bluegrass and old-time string bands, we will have you singing and dancing around the kitchen during your first cup of coffee. Tune in and explore the insightful lyrics and musical diversity that can be found only outside the limits of commercial radio. That's Atlantic Weekly Part I heard each Saturday morning from 8-10.

10:00am Atlantic Weekly Part II folk
Hosted by Kevin Donleavy, Mark Rough, Bruce Koplin and Alex Davis

The Celtic-flavored second half of Atlantic Weekly is based in Britain and Ireland but with excursions north to Scandinavia and across the channel to the Continent. Hear harps and bagpipes, slow airs and quick jigs, new songs and old ballads. That's Atlantic Weekly Part II each Saturday from 10 'til noon.

12:00pm Reggae Vibrations world
Hosted by Goldfinger

The tradition of Roots and Culture in the Old Dominion endures. Set upon the solid foundation of bedrock Nyabinghi chants, syncopated Ska and rumbling Rock Steady, your selectors build the framework of the positive Word, Sound and Power of Reggae. Riddim for the Next Generation each Saturday afternoon from 12 'til 2 right here on WTJU...

2:00pm Radio Freedonia rock
Hosted by Sister Pirate Jenny and Poubelle

One salt-rubbed hunk of indie rock
1 Florin, Post-Punk Gold
1/4 Cup, Whine Pop Vinegar
1/3 Mole, Brazilian Tropicalisimo
2 Bunchs, Wilted Soul and Psychedelia
2 Omicrons, Electronic Ambience
1 Candela, Forgotten Funk
1 Blessed Blast, Japanese Noise Bands
Dash of bitter insouciance
Salt-n-Pepa to taste
Braise Weekly. Cooks between 2 and 4 PM on Saturday afternoons on 91.1 WTJU.

4:00pm Jumpin' on the Bed folk
Hosted by The Monster of Happiness and David Soyka

Tune in for two hours of musical mayhem each Saturday afternoon at 4 on Jumpin' on the Bed as the Monster and David provide you with high-energy Americana to end your Saturday afternoon and start the evening off right. New releases, timely artist appearances and interviews are a staple. You'll hear a blend of rock, folk, country, blues and rockabilly to liven up your Saturday PM. Tune in and start jumpin'!

6:00pm Sunshine Daydream folk
Hosted by Bill and John

Sunshine Daydream, heard each Saturday evening from 6 'til 8, brings you the best of the Grateful Dead and attendant offshoots, descendants, friends, influences and predecessors, from Bob Dylan, New Riders of the Purple Sage, the Jefferson Airplane and Robert Hunter to David Grisman, the Kentucky Colonels and mucho mas. In the strangest of places...

8:00pm Gather 'Round folk
Hosted by Various

Gather 'Round each Saturday night from 8-9 for an hour of special concerts, both archived and live. There will be shows from the legendary Prism Coffeehouse and VA Folklife Program archives mixed in with some from our announcers' own libraries. And you never know when a live concert might happen, so Gather 'Round each Saturday night right here on WTJU!

9:00pm Radio Superfly jazz
Hosted by DJ Shea Butter

Do you like funk, soul, and hip hop? How about Latin music, jazz, or original breaks and beats? Then listen to RADIO SUPERFLY Saturdays from 9 to 11pm as your host and selector DJ Shea Butter delivers the finest cuts of music that are sure to move, groove, and soothe. From the Funky Drummer to Fela Kuti, from De La Soul to J Dilla, RADIO SUPERFLY is your mothership's connection to the funk. That's RADIO SUPERFLY, Saturdays from 9 to 11pm on 91.1 FM, WTJU.

11:00pm No Soap, Radio! rock
Hosted by Reaux and Jessica

Two elephants were sitting in a bathtub debating the difference between a duck, when they found out why a motorcycle has no car doors. But we don't care about their conversation, we care about what they're listening to! Tune in and follow along, for a curiouser and curiouser mixture of sound that's not entirely unlike music, right at the cusp of the weekend. With so many genres, we had to make up a few, it may just be the real reason the chicken crossed the road. That's No Soap Radio every Saturday night from 11 to 1 right here on WTJU.


1:00am The Late Spin rock
Hosted by DJ Eazy

Mixing eclectic Electronic, Indie Rock, and Hip-Hop for those late nights out and bouts of insomnia.

3:00am Live From Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch free form
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Host Jorma Kaukonen introduces each program's featured artist in a series of concerts recorded at the Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp. An eclectic blend of performances including blues, folk, Americana, rock, bluegrass, and jazz. Featured artists include Chris Smither, Happy Traum, Hot Tuna, It's a Beautiful Day, Roy Book Binder, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Ruthie Foster, Bob Margolin, and many more. Produced by WOUB.

4:00am The International Americana Music Show folk
Hosted by Michael Park

The International Americana Music Show is the only radio show to exclusively play Americana music made solely by non-American artists. Each hour-long show is produced and presented by New York based, Scottish broadcaster Michael Park, and includes occasional interviews with the musicians whose music is featured on the program. More info is available at

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am First Light classical
Hosted by Classical Hosts

Sunday mornings begin with First Light. Join us as we bring you noteworthy compositions, some well-known, some yet to be discovered - but all refreshing and engaging. First Light, Sunday mornings from 6-9. Only on WTJU.

9:00am In the Spirit blues
Hosted by Rebecca and Terry

In The Spirit, heard each Sunday morning at 9, is an hour of vintage and contemporary gospel music to feed your soul and lift you up.

10:00am Jazzmania jazz
Hosted by Aaron aka JazzCzar and Dusty Garwood

Jazzmania , heard each Sunday morning from 10 'til noon, presents a diverse blend of modern and classic jazz as well as other forms of creative, improvised music..."a veritable smorgasbord of jazz." Comments and requests appreciated at 924-3959.

12:00pm Tell Us A Tale children's programming
Hosted by Peter Jones

Heard on stations all over the world, Tell Us A Tale, while technically a children's program, is so much more. Offering stories, tales and tunes collected from six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica), this show appeals to listeners of all ages. So whether you are three years old getting an allowance, waiting tables in college, drawing a pension or collecting social security, gather 'round the radio each Sunday from noon 'til 2 for Tell Us A Tale!

2:00pm Sunday Opera Matinee classical
Hosted by Tim Snider and Ann Shaffer

Heard each Sunday afternoon from 2-6, Sunday Opera Matinee is the only non-syndicated weekly broadcast of opera in Central Virginia coming to you year round, regardless of the season! Hosts Ann Shaffer and Tim Snider share their favorite recordings, old and new. Plot synopsis and historical background are provided.

6:00pm The King of Instruments classical
Hosted by Michael Latsko

Michael pulls all the stops to present all manner of music for the monarch of musical instruments -- silvery to stentorian, sublime to bombastic, full of pomp and circumstance. From June thru September the King rests and Evensong treats you to the best in choral music, the perfect accompaniment to a summer's eve. The King of Instruments Sunday evening from 6 to 7

7:00pm Just a Few Friends classical
Hosted by Penelope Ward

Just a Few Friends, heard each Sunday evening from 7-9, where Penelope invites you to spend your evening in a salon filled with the intimate strains of fine classical chamber music, from early to modern.

9:00pm Walkin' Blues blues
Hosted by Bill Adams

Walk your troubles away listening to the early blues. Songsters from the '20s and '30s, field recordings from the '40s and '50s, rediscovered greats from the '60s, and modern acoustic artists who draw on the blues tradition are featured here. That's Walkin' Blues each Sunday night from 9 to 11 right here on WTJU.

11:00pm Radio Wowsville rock
Hosted by Don and Brother Breakdown

Raw Music from the 20th and 21st centuries: Airing its genre-busting blend of progressive hootenanny, provocative commentary, and sprawling pop music history lesson on WTJU since 1995 (or 1996), Radio Wowsville, heard each Sunday night from 11 to 1, is broadcast via nuclear warhead from a cave / sound lab in Grottoes, Virginia.

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