August 29, 2014: Lambeth Live: Eric Brace & Peter Cooper accompanied by Thomm Jutz

Thomm Peter Eric

Red Beets Records artists (and Grammy nominees) Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, accompanied by Thomm Jutz, put on WTJU’s August 29, 2014 Lambeth Live Concert. Lambeth Live is produced by Peter Jones, and this program was engineered by Morgan McLeod with assistance from Lewis Reining and Drew Simmons.

June 27, 2014: Lambeth Live: Seth Swingle presents “History of the Banjo”


Seth Swingle stopped by WTJU on June 27 to put on a Lambeth Live concert featuring The History of the Banjo.


June 13, 2014: World Turning: Dirty Bourbon River Show

Dirty Bourbon River Show
New Orleans band Dirty Bourbon River Show stopped by WTJU on June 13, 2014 for a visit to WTJU Folk‘s World Turning program, and goodness did they put on a show!

June 5, 2014: Folk & Beyond: David Bromberg with Peyton Tochterman

Bromberg Peyton - Can You Believe This-Web
The legendary David Bromberg stopped by the WTJU studios during Folk&Beyond. A longtime friend of the WTJU Folk department, musician Peyton Tochterman, was invited invited to conduct the interview. Many thanks to them both.