Submit PSA/Events

Interested in Promoting an Event?

WTJU offers two free options:

  • Public Service Announcements: Promotion of your event both online and over our airwaves; these have stricter guidelines than calendar events
  • Music Events: Events that go on our concert calendar, usually relating to one of our music departments

For promotion of an organization or a long-term event, consider underwriting. To learn more contact the station: or call 434-466-5053.

Public Service Announcements

WTJU airs public service announcements (PSAs) for:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Events whose proceeds benefit a non-profit group
  • Local schools, colleges and universities, and student organizations
  • Other free events at staff discretion

There is no charge for this service, but if you would like your announcement regularly scheduled for a block of time, consider business sponsorship.

PSAs should be emailed to WTJU at The subject line should begin with “PSA” and include two or three words associated with the organization or event. We do not accept PSAs by phone, fax, or mail. PSA should be sent to our office a minimum of one week before you want it to BEGIN airing.

Required Information:

  • Basic organization or event information (who/what/where/when)
  • Phone number, email, and/or website for the organization or event — that listeners may access for more information
    • Please note that website URLs must be easily readable on air
  • Pronunciation guidelines for difficult words or names


  • WTJU reserves the right to edit all announcements for content, length, and format
  • Calls to action, requests for donations, and partisan events and endorsements are not allowed
  • Specific price information will not be included
  • Events must be open to all; audience-restricted events will not be announced
  • For ongoing, “till further notice” PSAs, you must renew every three months


When you submit a PSA, it will be written up by our PSA team and entered into an internal bank of currently airing PSAs. Our DJs choose one or two PSAs from this bank to read every hour, entirely at their own discretion. There is no guarantee that your PSA will air any number of times. However, it is likely that DJs will choose to read PSAs relevant to their specific audience (for instance, a folk concert PSA during a folk program).

Your PSA will also appear on our website on the “PSAs” page, under the “Programming” tab. It will remain there for as long as it is airing.


Event information for concerts/festivals/talks/performances should be sent to the relevant department who will add them to our concert calendar (at their discretion).

Classical: Patricia Smith

Folk, Roots, and Global Music: Peter Jones

Jazz & Blues: Gary Funston

Rock, Electronic, and Rap / R&B / Soul: Bill Pemberton

Required Information:

  • Basic Event information (who/what/where/when)
  • Phone number with area code of the event Contact Person
  • Pronunciation guidelines to difficult words or names
  • WTJU reserves the right to edit all announcements for content, length, and format

Become a Sponsor

Underwriting WTJU is a way to broadly share information about your business. It’s also a way for your business or organization to gain community-wide recognition for your support of WTJU’s community mission.

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Your gift nourishes our community and helps bring people together through music.

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