1:00am The Mixtape rock
Hosted by Ciclamino

Remember the cassette mixtape? In our music loving group of friends, we all had different music collections and different tastes. Mixtapes became the "share" button of the time, tapes from friends were the way to discover new music while enjoying common selections. Each week we bring you a mix of music that we hope you enjoy.

3:00am WTJU Overnight Mix free form
Hosted by DJ Auto

An assortment of tunes curated from WTJU's digital database.

5:00am Classical Prelude classical
Hosted by various Classical hosts

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6:00am Turn Your Radio On folk

We kick off this year's Folk Marathon with acts playing live on the radio as it was for so long (and still is to this day on WTJU!)...

8:00am Waltzing's For Dreamers folk

The Waltz is just about the most ubiquitous dance form to be found anywhere. We’ll explore the world of waltzes from folk traditions around the world. 

10:00am Folk Makes The World Go Round: Asia folk

On this first day of “Folk Makes The World Go Round,” it only seems right to start with the continent with the largest population. Have a favorite Asian nation's music? Let us know with your pledge of support!

12:00pm Country In Turmoil folk

WTJU dives into the rusty underbelly of the contemporary country music machine as it rumbles across a divided nation, surfacing the singers and songwriters talking about the times we're in or drinking hard to forget them, Country in Turmoil is two hours of unheralded singers and songwriters keeping up the country tradition of never biting your tongue.

2:00pm Levon Helm folk

The Juddermeister and Pete Marshall take a musical look at the singer, songwriter, mandolin player and drummer, Levon Helm. We’ll explore his songwriting and performance through the many ensembles he was a part of including The Band, The RCO All-Stars, and his solo and sideman releases.

4:00pm Neo Trad folk

How do old songs get recontextualized into the modern moment? We’ll explore this question with exciting music from the likes of Jake Xerxes Fussell, Anna & Elizabeth, Martyn Bennett, Ashley MacIsaac, and so many more. Traditional folk musics have been reinterpreted in recent decades by the addition of non-traditional instrumentation, rhythms, and vocal styles into intriguing new forms.

7:00pm Jim Waive & The Young Divorcees LIVE at The Stage folk

Jim Waive & The Young Divorcees and their wonderful country sounds kick off the first night of live music as part of this year's Folk Marathon. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

8:00pm John Starling...Gone But Not Forgotten folk

Jay Starling and Tim Shea will celebrate the life and music of Jay's father, John Starling, who passed away in early 2019. A founding member of the Seldom Scene, Grammy-winner, and an inductee of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, Starling collaborated with some of the most influential artists in country and bluegrass music.

10:00pm The Psychedelic and Freak Folk of ESP-Disk folk

New York-based record label ESP-Disk, founded in 1963, is mostly known for its heady free-jazz releases. But the label also released several quirky psychedelic and freak folk albums.Point of DepartureDJ David Moltz will play selections from these curios, including songs by The Fugs, The Holy Modal Rounders, and Pearls Before Swine. As ESP-Disk label founder Bernard Stollman would say, “You never heard such sounds in your life.”


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am Classical Folk folk

Many folk fiddlers, guitarists and cellists are classically trained and many others who play non-classical instruments perform classical pieces or borrow from classical structure. Tune in to hear just a few of these musicians on a variety of instruments perform classical compositions as well as others that show classical influences.

8:00am Joni is “Blue” in the Morning folk

Truly one of the greatest singer/songwriters and collaborators of all time, Joni Mitchell has literally transformed her own performing styles to include folk, elements of funk, rock and the full palette of harmonic colors embodied by modern jazz over the past 50 years. Her compositions and collaborations have touched and transformed every style of popular music. Join the Professor for one of the best wake-up calls you can hear anywhere or anyhow! Only on WTJU's 2020 FOLK MARATHON!

10:00am Folk Makes The World Go Round: North America folk

With 13 countries making up North America, we will have lots of territory to cover as we make our way across the continent WTJU calls home.

12:00pm The Women Who Sing Together folk

Of course, there are the sisters: Shelby Lynn and Allison Moorer, the Roches, the Shook Twins, Joan Baez and Mimi Farina, and the McGarrigles. And then there are the women who sing like sisters: Mountain Man, I’m With Her, The Indigo Girls, Hazel and Alice, Lula Wiles and the trio of Dolly, Linda and Emmylou. We’ll feature someEclectic Womanfavorites blending their voices and touching our hearts.

2:00pm Blue Moon Rises Over Vinyl folk

Laura Galgano, owner of the Blue Moon Diner, shares some of her favorite vinyl recordings. Anyone who has ever been over to 606 W. Main St. knows the Blue Moon crew love to spin vinyl almost as much as they love WTJU!

4:00pm The Byrds Did It Better folk

Everyone concurs that Bob Dylan was a prolific songwriter. Not everyone relishes his voice. The Byrds were among those musicians who sang his songs more melodically, at the same time helping to cultivate folk rock in the 1960s. This show will explore Dylan covers by the Byrds and other artists across the folk and folk/rock spectrum.

7:00pm Mando Mafia LIVE at The Stage folk

Mando Mafia resurfaces to perform some of their favorite global string band music in support of their favorite station, WTJU. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

8:00pm Rise Up Singing and Rise Again! folk

Get out your instruments and your voices and play and sing along with the great American Folk Music “Bible” – "Rise Up Singing" AND the NEW "Rise Again."

10:00pm Out Caamping folk

Tune in for an exploration of the modern folk genre, focusing on Ohio-based group Caamp but including similar artists of the newest generation in folk music.


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am Scan-Di-Radio Airwaves folk

Two hours of Scandinavian folk to kick off the third morning of this year's Folk Marathon. Have a favorite of the five (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland)? Let us know with your pledge of support!

8:00am Gypsy Jazz Variations folk

Two hours of Gypsy Jazz from the likes of John Jorgenson, Stephane Wrembel, Frank Vignola, the Olivarez Trio, Stephane Grappelli, and of course the maestro himself, Django Reinhardt.

10:00am Folk Makes The World Go Round: Europe folk

On this third day of the Folk Marathon, we focus our attention on the continent of Europe. Not sure where Brexit will be at this point, but there won't be any special tariffs on British imports...

12:00pm Balkan Beats, Blues, and Ballads folk

Located in southeastern Europe, the Balkans include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. Folk traditions run deep in the region, but traditional styles have also been borrowed by bands like Brooklyn-based Slavic Soul Party!

2:00pm Roger Miller folk

With a lyric range from humorous (“My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died”) to somewhat heavy (“One Dying and a Burying”) to pop accessible (“Walking in the Sunshine”), Roger Miller was described as an “uncategorizable talent” in the biography, “Ain’t Got No Cigarettes.” He produced some of the most enjoyable, foot-tapping, sing-a-long tunes of a generation. Who doesn’t know all the words to “King of the Road” and “Dang Me”? As if that isn’t enough to celebrate, Roger Miller also wrote hit songs for others, like “Billy Bayou” for Jim Reeves, as well as for Disney’s “Robin Hood” and performed in duets with the likes of Willie Nelson and Andy Williams. Join Sandy and her guest DJ Murphy for their version of “Miller Time,” part of the 2020 Folk Marathon.

4:00pm What Would Woody Sing? folk

Woody Guthrie wrote lots of great songs covering all sorts of topics. This election year Emily shares some of her favorite artists covering Woody. And you never know if some local musicians might show up to play a few of their own favorites.

7:00pm Susie & The Pistols LIVE at The Stage folk

Susie & The Pistols bring us a good-time mix of sawdust-floor honkytonk, 70’s barroom feels, outlaw country, Cajun vibes, blue-eyed soul, and exquisite three-part harmonies. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

8:00pm Bob Girard's Deep Cuts folk

Bob Girard and Charlie Pastorfield will share some of the tracks on a new album from Bob, as well as from The Gladstones' "Volume Two". It's part of Folk Makes The World Go Round, so call in those pledges of support for WTJU at 434-924-3959, or on-line at

10:00pm Bob Marley folk

Few musicians can claim to have influenced the world more than Bob Marley. His songs engage each of us personally, calling out our common humanity, while artfully moving between themes both light-hearted and serious, intimate and political. We’ll explore his cosmopolitan spiritual philosophy that sprouted from Jamaican folk roots and then made a worldwide impact.


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am Norman Blake & Friends folk

Two hours of Norman Blake and friends to welcome in the fourth day of the Folk Marathon. We will hear Norman play with Tony Rice, John Hartford, Mike Compton, David Grisman, Mike Seeger, and more including, of course, his most frequent (on and off) friend, Nancy Blake.

8:00am ¡Viva Cuba! folk

Louise is your tour guide to our neighbor to the south. Together you’ll sample the rhythms and the artists of the richly musical land that is Cuba.

10:00am Folk Makes The World Go Round: South America folk

As we delve into the twelve nations (plus French Guyana, of course) on this fourth day of “Folk Makes the World Go Round,” we invite some friends from the Central Viginia community to share music from their favorite South American locales.

12:00pm A Louisiana Musical Gumbo folk

Louisiana has rich musical traditions including jazz, blues, Cajun, zydeco and country that blend and fuse together in an ever-changing variety of musical flavors. Tune in on Thursday, February 20, from noon to 2 as we sample the rich variety of Louisiana roots music from her own musicians.

2:00pm Pholk Songs folk

The acoustic and folk side of Phish, including their own songs and covers of Bill Monroe, Gillian Welch, Everly Brothers and more.

4:00pm Mike Marshall & Darol Anger folk

Mike Marshall and Darol Anger began making music together in 1978 as members of The David Grisman Quintet and continued stretching from solo and duo records for Kaleidoscope, Rounder and Windham Hill, through the Montreux Band, Psychograss and The Anger/Marshall Band. They have consistently been at the center of the acoustic music scene and can be heard on hundreds of recordings in the acoustic music world. Tune in as Mike and Darol help Peter pick out some of their favorite releases, including some never before released cuts in celebration of 41+ years of sharing the stage together!

7:00pm Ragged Mountain String Band LIVE at The Stage folk

Ragged Mountain String Band plays old-time Appalachian tunes and songs with a modern day appeal and sensibility. Pleasing to traditionalists, jam band fans, and regular folks, too. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

8:00pm Songs of the 49th Parallel folk

Canadian Americana folk music from the likes of K.D. Lang, Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry, Kathleen Edwards, Neil Young, Blue Rodeo, Leonard Cohen, Waylon Jenny’s, Bruce Cockburn, The Band and more.

10:00pm African Funk folk

African Funk, an upbeat funk and soul exploration focusing on music from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and other African nations. Boogie, highlife, Afrobeat, funk, and fusion - essential cuts and rare grooves from the past and present.


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am Music of Coal folk

Tune in as we cover the Folk, Bluegrass and Country mining songs that tell of the hardships, pain and suffering of the miners and their families. Songs will address different aspects of coal mining culture, such as accidents, black lung disease, unions, and more.

8:00am Catch That Train! folk

Tune in for two hours of music about trains. Diesels, steam trains, passenger trains, all kinds of trains. Of course, we will honor the folk classics like Elisabeth Cotton's "Freight Train" and Jimmy Rodger's "Waiting on a Train" and "Ben Dewberry's Final Run." We will also scour the outer limits of train-inspired music and have fun exploring the fascination that singers and songwriters have had through the years with the mystique surrounding the Iron Horse. And yes, lots of actual train recordings between sets. Don't miss this train show when it pulls out of the WTJU Roundhouse!

10:00am Folk Makes The World Go Round: Africa folk

Sample the amazing variety of unplugged African music out there -- it's just as compelling as the electric stuff. This show will feature singing styles from all over the continent, and instruments like the West African kora and ngoni, the oud from the North, the mbira or thumb piano from Southern and Central Africa, and a range of exotic percussion instruments.Beyond Bordershost Steve Kindig is joined by Seth Swingle, a sometime 'TJU DJ who has lived in Mali and is an accomplished kora player.

12:00pm Global Gumbo folk

A cross-cultural collaboration of many musical flavors taken from around the planet. Take distinct ingredients of different music, culture, instruments and languages, mix them all together and create something entirely exciting and new. Musical risks are taken, and rewards await, for those who can hear it. Join us on this cross-cultural journey where the path is as fascinating as the destination.

2:00pm Slide Rules: Jerry Douglas folk

Get sliding with dobro wizard Jerry Douglas. As a sideman, bandleader, collaborator, and composer, “Flux” has redefined the dobro and produced a body of work stunning in its quality and variety. Join us as we explore the music of this living legend.

4:00pm Sam Bush folk

From his teenage years as a fiddle prodigy, through his founding of New Grass Revival, Strength in Numbers and his many years as the King of Telluride, Sam Bush has blazed a trail many have followed.

7:00pm Buzzard Hollow Boys LIVE at The Stage folk

The Buzzard Hollow Boys return for some electrified folk, roots and swing. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

8:00pm Sandy Denny – Rare & Acoustic folk

Sandy Denny was one of the brightest lights to emerge from the Third Wave of the British Folk Revival – a brilliant songwriter, haunting singer, and masterful 12-string guitarist and pianist. Perhaps best known as lead vocalist for Fairport Convention, her work spanned the mid-Sixties with The Strawbs to her post-Fairport band Fotheringay, followed by a series of remarkable solo albums before her untimely death in 1978. Join us for a 2-hour, acoustic (mostly) journey through a wealth of rare archival material, most of which has only recently come to light – album outtakes, live performances, and Sandy’s own extensive collection of high quality demos. And don’t forget your pledge so that WTJU Folk can keep on making the World go round!

10:00pm Counting Down To Mardi Gras folk

As we wind down Friday and inch ever closer to Mardi Gras, we let the late night crew(e)s in to see what dancing they can stir up at this late night hour.


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am Minnie and Her Hubbies folk

As a teenager, starting at 13, Lizzie Douglas a.k.a. Memphis Minnie played on the corners of Beale St. and traveled the country with the circus before settling down as an institution and leading voice within the Memphis music scene. We'll hear from her great catalog of over 200 recordings as well as those from her various husbands, Casey Bill Weldon and Joe McCoy.

8:00am When It Rains, It Pours folk

"Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it." That's a clever quote, but tune in to this special marathon edition of Atlantic Weekly Pt. 1 to hear some of your favorite folk and Americana artists singing about the weather. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat will keep the Atlantic Weekly crew from bringing you a wide-ranging mix of tunes, from stormy to sunny.

10:00am Blue Ridge Irish Music School: 20 Years of Tunes and Craic LIVE from The Stage folk

This show will explore the roots and branches of Charlottesville’s school for Irish traditional music, dance and performances. Selections from artists who have performed in Charlottesville under the BRIMS’ umbrella will be featured as well as alumna of the school who live locally and elsewhere. Special guests and possible live performances round out recorded selections to provide an overview of the craic (good tunes and fun) of the BRIMS!

12:00pm Sonia Pottinger, First Lady of Jamaican Music folk
Hosted by Goldfinger

The first woman producer and studio owner who opened up shop in the rush of the Rocksteady days. Solid, soon-to-be star talent, groomed like Barry Gordy did.

2:00pm Alligator LIVE at IX Art Park folk
Hosted by Alligator

Charlottesville's favorite Grateful Dead cover band in the house! Come on out to IX Art Park, and get into the groove of WTJU's Folk Marathon...

4:00pm John Fogerty folk
Hosted by Juddermeister

An exploration of the songwriting of John Fogerty with performances by such artists as Dave Edmunds, The Holmes Brothers, Janiva Magness, Dave Alvin, and of course his band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

6:00pm Linda Ronstadt folk
Hosted by John Fisher

All Linda! A mostly country folk rocky survey of her career from the late sixties to early 80s.

8:00pm What Ever Happened To Gene Clark and David Crosby? folk
Hosted by Dusty Garwood

Gene Clark and David Crosby were flying along just fine with The Byrds when they decided to part ways. Ever what happened to them afterwards? This is the program for you.

10:00pm Peace, Love and Radio folk
Hosted by Radio Stu

Exploring the evolution of folk music from 1962-1972 featuring Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul & Mary; The Byrds; The Beatles; Arlo Guthrie; Gordon Lightfoot; The Mamas & the Papas; Fairport Convention; New Christy Minstrels, and more.


12:00am Live from Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6:00am 20/20 Hindsight... Recordings from 1920 folk
Hosted by Bruce Koplin

Hindsight is perfect, especially in 2020, as we take a listen to recorded music from a mere One Hundred Years Ago. Many genres, countries, and stars including names we still recognize, were active and surprisingly well-recorded in 1920. So let's set the stylus to way-back for two hours and drift for a while on century-old wings.

8:00am Gospel From The Hills and Hollers folk
Hosted by Rebecca

Blue-eyed gospel with all the harmony and sincerity of the Carter Family, Hank Williams, the Stanley Brothers, Willie Nelson, the Whites and Gillian Welch.

10:00am The Staples Singers Through the Years folk
Hosted by Rus Perry

“Pops” Staples and his progeny (Peris, Cleotha, Mavis and Yvonne) recorded a steady stream of great gospel music in the last half of the 20th Century. Punctuated by Pops reverb-rich electric guitar and Mavis’ powerful pipes, The Staple Singers contributed the soundtrack for the Civil Rights Struggle.

12:00pm Covering All Sorts of Townes folk
Hosted by Cameron Polson

“Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.” --Steve Earle. We will hear from Townes himself, as well as loads of others who have lent their voices to his incredible lyrics. Have a request? Call it in with your pledge at 434-924-3959, or on-line at

2:00pm Sing a Song of Murder: Ballads Depicting Demise folk
Hosted by Alice Clair

Nothing is better than a good murder ballad! You will hear stories old and new, both captivating and dismal, spanning truth and fiction. Who is responsible and why did they do it? Tune in to find out.

4:00pm Oliver's Barn Dance folk
Hosted by Oliver DeMarea

Grab your cowboy boots and step into a world of country, folk, bluegrass and Americana. Oliver’s Barn Dance celebrates artists from George Jones to Billy Ed Wheeler to Del McCoury to Jason Isbell and everything in between. Remember these musicians don't play for free, so call in your donations at 434-924-3959, or pledge on-line at

6:00pm Sliabh Luachra Redux II folk
Hosted by Kevin and Mark

Loads of exciting sounds --- that's the music of the Sliabh Luachra area of Ireland, specifically Kerry, Limerick, and Cork. Plenty of fast tunes, reels and polkas and slides and jigs; and a boatload of songs, some comical, some serious. All to make listeners grin and do somersaults.

8:00pm How Sad, How Lovely: the Women of Outsider Folk folk
Hosted by Sophie Abramowitz and Sarah Bachman

We’re headed out to Antique Annie’s Magic Lantern Show, to The Pinnacle Mountain Silver Mine, to Mother Big River, to That City—we’ll cluck and croon and laugh and lament with a host of women from all over America singing far-out folk-songs from the past 100 years. “She beats in my heart,” and she’ll beat in yours, too…

10:00pm The World of Johnny Paycheck folk
Hosted by Don, Rick, and Nick M

Johnny Paycheck may have been the greatest, purest honky-tonk country singer of all time even though he is best known for novelty hits like "Take This Job and Shove It." Join Don, Rick and Nick of Radio Wowsville as they present a career retrospective of the original country Outlaw -- from his early work as Donny Young to his hard-hitting material on the Little Darlin' label to his amazing duets with old pals Merle Haggard, Roger Miller and George Jones.

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