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How to submit music to WTJU

Whether you’re promoting a major-label recording or you’ve recorded a CD in your home please read this before submitting your recording.

95% of programming at WTJU is music! WTJU has eclectic music programming: so eclectic that we actually need to have music directors for each major genre plus a subgenre or two! This is our quirk, not yours, so the following information is here to make it easy for you to get your material on-air at WTJU!

Email or call 434-924-0885 if you have additional questions before sending your recording(s). Please provide ample information about your recording.

If shipping by U.S. mail, send to:

WTJU Radio <genre or contact name>
PO Box 400811
Charlottesville VA  22904-4811

If shipping by UPS or other private carrier, send to:

WTJU Radio <genre or contact name>
2244 Ivy Rd
Charlottesville VA 22903

Genre contact names and email can be found below.

Contact advice after you ship:

WTJU receives between 30 and 100 recordings a week that are then distributed among several music directors. Please wait a minimum of eight days (depending upon mailing method) before contacting us. Music Directors are volunteers and may be at the radio station only once a week.

Media Formats Accepted

CDR (high speed burns not accepted)
12″ EP
45 rpm
MP3 files
WAV files
Other Downloads

Department Contact Information

Classical: Andrew Morgan
Jazz: David Eisenman
Rock: Will Wyatt
Folk: Peter Jones
World: John Bates
Other: WTJU