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How to Submit Music to WTJU

Whether you’re promoting a major-label recording or you’ve recorded a CD in your home, please read this before submitting your recording.

The vast majority of programming at WTJU is music! WTJU has eclectic music programming: so eclectic that we actually need to have music directors for each major genre plus a subgenre or two! This is our quirk, not yours, so the following information is here to make it easy for you to get your material on the air at WTJU.

If shipping by U.S. mail, send to:

WTJU Radio <genre or contact name>
PO Box 400811
Charlottesville VA  22904-4811

If shipping by UPS or other private carrier, send to:

WTJU Radio <genre or contact name>
2244 Ivy Rd
Charlottesville VA 22903

Emailing digital files or inquiries: Please provide ample information about your recording. Genre contact names and email can be found below.

Contact advice after you ship:

WTJU receives between 30 and 100 recordings a week that are then distributed among several music directors. Please wait a minimum of eight days (depending upon mailing method) before contacting us. Music Directors are volunteers and may be at the radio station only once a week.

Media Formats Accepted

  • CD
  • LP
  • 12″ EP
  • 45 rpm
  • MP3 files
  • WAV files
  • Other Downloads

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