Lambeth Live Schedule

WTJU’s Lambeth Live Weekly Schedule

All performances air Friday 8-9PMCrowd Shot 1-web

Lambeth Live invites a different musical group from around North America into your home each Friday night for an hour long concert live from just outside the WTJU studios at Lambeth Commons at the University of Virginia in front of a LIVE studio audience. There is Classical, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, World and more. So gather round (or better yet be part of the studio audience!) each Friday night for Lambeth Live, right here on WTJU, truly the sound choice in Central Virginia!

If you would like to be considered as a Lambeth Live act, drop us an e-mail (and be sure to include a YouTube link of a live performance!).

Oct 20-27 Freefall Encore from previous weeks
Nov 3 Circa Blue (at DMR Adventures in C’Ville Market Plaza)
Nov 10 Travis Elliott & Tucker Rogers (at Listening Room at Studio IX)
Nov 17 Seth Swingle & Fiona Balestreri (at Listening Room at Studio IX)
Nov 24 Michael Clem Trio Encore (2013)