Mon Apr 10

7am Rock Around the Clock: Songs about Time rock
Hosted by Vic

What time is love? What are you going to do with the time that you're living in? How many years can a mountain exist before it's washed into the sea? And who can say where the road goes, where the day flows? We may never know, and these songs about time will almost surely not help.

9am Santana rock
Hosted by Bill Robertson

The spiritual guitar master.  "Happiness is not a destination or an experience, it's a decision."

12pm Pasty Faced Shrimps: UK New Wave 78-80 rock
Hosted by Rum Cove and Slim Pickem

Skinny legs, ability to hold one's head to the side, predilection for throwing shapes and vaguely alienated attitude? Yes that's right, it's the leopard spots and candy stripes sound of such chart busting acts as XTC, Boomtown Rats, Penetration, The Members, 999, Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Beat and a host of other GRRRRREAT UK New Wave bands from The Rum Cove's teenage years, annoying his now dear departed dad with tinny noise from his upstairs bedroom! Tune in and pogo about, plus of course pledge.

2pm Seven Banned Countries rock
Hosted by Tyler

The Broadcasting System presents a very brief introduction to rock and other musics from those countries our President has deemed terrorist: Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

4pm Algebraic! Hella Math Rock rock
Hosted by Ryan

Bringing you the sounds that you didn't know you needed to hear—right to your ear! Tune in to experience an array of visionary musicians whose obsession with experimentation and desire to break the standard rules of music will be showcased. Math Rock can mean many things, and we will bring you all of that wonderful, boundary-pushing variety.

7pm 1967 rock
Hosted by Don and Colin

WTJU celebrates one of the most creative -- and sublimely ridiculous -- years in popular music history. Radio Wowsville's Don Harrison and Colin Powell provide a musical snapshot of the fairy dust year that gave us  "The Velvet Underground and Nico," Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced?," Love's "Forever Changes,"  "Younger Than Yesterday" by the Byrds, "Otis Redding Live in Europe," Pink Floyd's "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn," "Songs of Leonard Cohen," Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You," and many other influential sonic treasures.

9pm Alumni Special - Colum, Donna, & Maynard rock
Hosted by Colum, Donna, and Maynard

They won't let us smoke, drink, and cuss on the air anymore, but at least we can play whatever we damn well please ...

Tue Apr 11

1am Atlanta Trap, '80s to Young Thug rock
Hosted by Maggie

Atlanta Trap, '80s to Young Thug charts the movement of the hip-hop scene of the genre's current epicenter, Atlanta, Georgia, all the while considering its history of distinctiveness to hip-hop culture. This show encompasses pioneers such as Raheem the Dream, to the beloved Dungeon Family, to the syrupy, AutoTuned sound we now associate with Atlanta, and everything in between.

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

7am Fornax Void rock
Hosted by Maddy and Cyrus

Sink into the stillness of space as DJs Nicolas and Louis explore the niche ambient/new-age offshoot known as spacemusic. From the Berlin School to contemporary cosmic contemplatives, the beauty is in the details. Prepare for a voyage into the Fornax Void.

9am Who Put the Bomp rock
Hosted by Professor Bebop

Take a historic trip through the history of those "jivey" nonsense syllables that changed R&B to Rock & Soul! What began as ""Zizzy Ze Zum Zum" (1898) and "Yep-Roc-Heresay" (1945) became "Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop" and "Bop Bop Bu" to eventually become "Tutti Frutti," "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" and "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow." It's not what it means, it's how it sounds! Over a century of onomatopoeia -it sounds like what it is, but that really isn't what it is and baby that IS rock'n'roll!

12pm The Stax Lineup! rock
Hosted by Paula O'Buckley

2pm Alright Alright Alright: Affirmations of the Affirmative in Rock Music rock
Hosted by Dave

"It's alright"..."everything's going to be alright"...or maybe a just plain old exclamatory "ALRIGHT!"...especially during these trying times, join Dave and Slim Pick'em for 2 hours of rock music that will affirm the affirmative.  Trust us, it will be better than alright.

4pm Come Pick Me Up: The Music of Ryan Adams rock
Hosted by DJ Walt

This show will span the three decades in which we've been following our protagonist, David Ryan Adams, both hits and deep cuts from his vast and wonderful catalog including his output with Whiskeytown, his unreleased albums, his live releases, and maybe even a Taylor Swift cover or two. A dramatic reading from his poetry books may even be on the menu if we hit our fundraising goals. 

7pm 1977 rock
Hosted by Slim Pickem and Nick

Snow Falls In Miami; the year in review.  Join us as we traverse the landscape of the year that is, was, and ever will be, 1977.  Carter assumed office, the nation was gripped by the release of both the Apple II AND the Atari, and supersonic flight began regularly across the Atlantic.  And the music!  The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Mac, The Dan, they're ALL here!  The end of Elvis, the Supremes, and Led Zeppelin (in the US). STAR WARS, Roots, and even an appearance from that lovable scamp, Bill Walton.  1977.  Get experienced.

9pm Trance and Dance rock
Hosted by DJ Equably

A heady mix of folktronica, dream pop, and other esoteric gems.

11pm Hardcore to the Bone rock
Hosted by Andy and Steve

Nothing but hard hitting and pulsating European Hardcore Techno folks. Enjoy lots of Breakbeat and Drum & Bass sounds while you relive the glory of early 90s mega macho somewhat brain dead House excellence. It will be wild n' fast n' crazy and so much fun!!!

Wed Apr 12

1am Obama-era Math Rock rock
Hosted by DJ Jarin

Enjoy artists' musings from a not-so-long-ago time, from the droves of recession to the peaceful transition of power. While '08 to '16 unfolded differently for everyone, enjoy the nostalgia of some seriously unifying tunes. 

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

6am Light Psych - Top 40 Psychedelica 1966-1969 rock
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Peaceful vibes from the Summer of Love even infiltrated mainstream top 40. We'll be hearing tracks from top acts like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, through Donovan and the 5th Dimension, to one hit wonders like the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Scott MacKenzie.  

9am C&O Special rock
Hosted by Anthony et al.

Wander into the C&O bistro any night, and you'll hear sweet jams past and present. Join us as bartenders and servers from one of Charlottesville's signature restaurants share their music and inspiration.

12pm Seoul Music rock
Hosted by Lewis

Break through the pop and discover all the musical secrets Korean Rock has hidden on Seoul Music. Hard rock, metal, hip-hop, electronica, punk, there’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot to look forward to.

2pm Sabbath Bloody Sabbath rock
Hosted by Wicked Sharkie

The pioneering magic of the best rock band on earth, Black Sabbath. From the earliest demos to the mid-seventies coke dream bliss of Sabotage. Playing the sleeper shredders you never knew you loved.

4pm I'm Your Man: Leonard Cohen rock
Hosted by Phil Free

Leonard Cohen, one of the world's most beautifully daring and affecting poet-songwriters, is dead. We pay tribute.

7pm 1987 rock
Hosted by D-Mo and Dave

1987- the year that was, and chock full of great releases.  Join D-Mo (David Moltz) and D-Mo (Dave Moore) as they dig through the best that '87 has to offer...from Sinead O' Connor to Public Enemy, the Smiths to Prince, the Cure to the Replacements...well, you get the idea.  Spoiler alert: one of these D-Mo's was 17 that year...teenage nostalgia awaits...

9pm Global Psych rock
Hosted by Sara and Chase

Get psyched!

11pm Glam Rock rock
Hosted by Stevik and Annie De Blanco

From its beginning in the UK with the likes of T. Rex, David Bowie and Roxy Music, glam rock has influenced a vast array of rock musicians. We’ll feature tracks from the classic era of glam, 1971-1976, when glam rock dominated the UK charts. 

Thu Apr 13

1am Side One Track One rock
Hosted by Sean McGoey

What makes a great first track? An exploration of the great table-setters in modern musical history

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

7am Poets Rock! rock
Hosted by Reaux

Stéphane Mallarmé once said that "poetry is the language of a state of crisis." Personal, interpersonal, or political, we all endure our own crises throughout our lives. Reaux will bring you two hours exploring the intersection of poetry and music and how the combination of these art forms reveals deep, personal truths.

9am Sharon Jones rock
Hosted by Rum Cove and Juddermeister

Losing her battle with pancreatic cancer last November, Sharon Jones will be celebrated with a three hour tribute. We'll cover her modern soul queen releases with her band the Dap-Kings along with other recordings in which she participated. Additionally we'll play some live recordings made here at WTJU and in C-ville. Pledge your financial support to her soulful voice and the radio station that would bring you three hours of her music!

12pm Doors rock
Hosted by Rebecca

This is the 50th anniversary of their self-titled album that changed the sound of American music forever. There was nothing quite like Jim Morrison’s radical poetry and sultry crooning, backed by the inventive keyboards of Ray Manzarek, the bluesy guitar of Robby Krieger, and the beat of John Densmore’s drums. “Light My Fire,”  “Hello, I Love You” and “Touch Me” were million-selling singles, but there are dozens of other finely crafted and passionate songs that will remind us of why the Doors are one of the most unforgettable bands ever. Jim was the Lizard King. He could do anything.

2pm Guilty Pleasures 3: Revenge of the Nerds rock
Hosted by Matthew and Danny

Clap your hands everybody and everybody clap your hands. It's time again to dance like no one's watching and sing along with the songs you love to LOVE. This time around we're tapping into that special nerd side in all of us. Do you you have a favorite Rush tune? Do you absolutely know every word to They Might Be Giants "Flood?" Does Annie Lennox's voice in "Sweet Dreams" make you want to travel the world and the seven seas? Requests are absolutely welcome from any wallflowers willing to support the station with a pledge.

4pm King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard rock
Hosted by Wicked Sharkie

Australia's best export since Tame Impala, the Gizz have taken psych rock by storm releasing a plethora of albums in a very short time. It's all about repetition and catchy riffs, let it wash over and sink in your mind fuzz.

7pm 1997 rock
Hosted by Baconfat and Tom Breihan

Ah, the halcyon days before anyone outside of DC had heard of Monica Lewinsky... join DJ Baconfat and guest host Tom Breihan of Stereogum as we track the weird year in music that was 1997. Electronica, trip-hop, and other sounds of pre-millennium tension come to fore as Britpop breathes its last gasps and hip-hop's feuds turn deadly. For a special pledge we'll even play that treacly song for Princess Diana that made the world go crazy for a hot second.

9pm Mark Roebuck rock
Hosted by Charlie Pastorfield and Juddermeister

In a town that's currently so full of talented musicians and performers, it's easy to forget about some of the greats who have gone before. Mark Roebuck came to UVa in 1978 and immediately fell into The Deal, an extremely fine power pop group composed of 5 guys who lived in the same fraternity house. The Deal first drew the attention of every girl in Charlottesville, then the notice of Albert Grossman, the man who discovered Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and many other well-known performers. Grossman was flying to Europe to arrange the release of the band's first record when he had a fatal heart attack. The band released their own album and toured for several years, but never really recovered from that blow. Mark has performed in a steady parade of Charlottesville groups, including Sub Seven, Tribe of Heaven (with Dave Matthews), Big Circle, Mark Roebuck and Noonday Ruin, and currently Kingdom of Mustang. He is a songwriter of the first order, a gifted experimenter in the studio who takes great delight in making jarring dissonances an acceptable part of a pop song. Listen up as we review the musical output of a Charlottesville original over the last 35 years. "Pop genius" is a phrase that's too often bandied about, but it really applies in the case of Mark Roebuck. 

11pm Fight War Not Wars rock
Hosted by Phil Free and Ramona Sparks

Black Circle Revolution sets fire to the establishment with two hours of anti-war, anti-fascist, pro-feminist, pro-gay punk rock.  Sometimes, we just wanna break stuff.

Fri Apr 14

1am Tomorrow People: Hip-Hop Sampling Raymond Scott rock
Hosted by Mel

Two hours of music inspired by visionary composer Raymond Scott and futuristic jazz. Expect appearances by incredibly influential artists like J Dilla, Sun Ra, and Madlib. Good for the soul. 

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

7am Juana Molina rock
Hosted by Nick

Argentina's Juana Molina has carved out a sound all her own - a pastoral sound featuring acoustic guitar, warm electronics, and Molina's lovely voice. Tune in for two hours of 21st-century classics from the misty nature girl/studio wizard, including rare and live cuts.

9am The Farfisa Organ Gets Some: Woolly Bully and Beyond rock
Hosted by Brian

Developed in Italy in the 1940s, the Farfisa organ has to be considered one of the prime keyboard instruments to predate the modern synthesizer. It provided musicians with a truly electric, portable device, suitable for studio and stage. Join Brian Keena, host of "The Jazz Messenger," on a three-hour odyssey and journey into the songs and artists that made the Farfisa sound their own. From the familiar Sam and the Pharaohs with "Wooly Bully" to Richard Wright with Pink Floyd to the very minimalistic Steve Reich to The B-52s. And what about Miles Davis and his Farfisa connection? Tune in for a Farfisa show like no other!

12pm The Rockin' Sounds of College Radio - 50 years ago rock
Hosted by Ron

WTJU takes you back in time to what was happening in college radio in the late '60s, a time of great creative outpouring in the rock genre, and new innovations in radio shows. Ron Povich was a college radio DJ way back then.

2pm 25 Years of Slanted and Enchanted rock
Hosted by Baconfat

Very few bands wasted their style as well as the elegant bachelors in Pavement did, and their debut full-length album is where the legend grew legs and stomped all over the college-rock landscape. Tune in for two hours with the epochal album that made the brass at Matador Records very, very rich - including b-sides, live cuts, outtakes, and tracks which influenced the band (some of which are straight from the WTJU vaults). Forty million daggers, y'all.

4pm Radio City - a Salute to Big Star & Friends rock
Hosted by Matt

A tribute to the beloved power pop group Big Star: From their early influences like The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, and the Beatles to their avowed alternative rock disciples like R.E.M., Wilco, and The Replacements.

7pm 2007 rock
Hosted by Jack and Shea Butter

With releases from artists like Radiohead, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, St. Vincent, and PJ Harvey, 2007 was a fantastic year for rock. Join Jack and Shea Butter for a refresher course of the tunes we were rocking on our iPods 10 years ago.

9pm A Tribe Called Quest rock
Hosted by Shea Butter

Six albums in 26 years is slightly underwhelming, unless we're referring to A Tribe Called Quest. Among the most influential rappers and producers of Golden Era Hip-Hop, this show will feature a representative selection of Tribe releases, their mastery of the sample, and a few lesser known gems.

11pm Black 47, An Irish-American Odyssey rock
Hosted by Dave

“It’s a little bit of hell, and a whole lot of heaven, that’s the story so far of Black 47.” From Wexford to the Bronx to the Top the the Rock, Black 47 never wavered from their commitment that the party could be political. Part punk, part poet, leader Larry Kirwan and his merry band of musical mavericks blended traditional Irish tunes with sounds drawn from the worldwide diaspora of the emigrant experience. With guitars. They made you think, they made you dance, they could tear your heart out and hand it right back to you. Pull a dirty pint, and check out Black 47, An Irish-American Odyssey.

Sat Apr 15

1am The Justified and Ancient Sounds of The KLF rock
Hosted by Jack

‘it’s 3am, 3am… eternal…’ Thankfully for us Trancentral lackeys, 2017, this circumgyration of the stone around the shiner, may witness the return of King Boy D & Rockman Rock, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords, 2K, or The KLF. Until that day of reckoning, we still have all of their back catalog to mull over. So let's hear grandiose sonifications and magnificent modulations from albums like “The White Room," “Chill Out,” “Who Killed the JAMS?,” and all of the singles to boot! Join Jack from 1 to 3AM Eternal for this completely justified and ancient affair.

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

7am Rocking Library Music rock
Hosted by Mr. Chilps

Library music, or production music, has traditionally been used in film and television as atmospheric background noise to fit a specific mood. But there are some library cues that refuse to be relegated to the background! Join Mr. Chilps for two hours of the some of the most shred-worthy library cues of all time!

9am Some Strings and a Box rock
Hosted by Jordan

Jordan from World Turning brings you a program of sonic renderings from all manner of solo plucked string. Focusing on the lesser known, outsider variety of the agitated string, this program's title will be its limitation. Tune in for a survey of the vast and tiny sound possibilities of Some Strings and a Box.

12pm Anger is an Energy rock
Hosted by Goldfinger

Two hours of musical catharsis. Righteous fury from such as Gang of Four, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spray Paint... Billie Holiday,/Nina Simone, Woodie Guthrie, and our bredrin in the Caribbean. Your Selector, Goldfinger, helps channel the Raw Power into positive energy... like, supporting the place where it all comes out. WTJU.

2pm Sky Saxon and the LA Psych Scene rock
Hosted by Sister Pirate Jenny and Brother Jimmy

4pm The Hep Sounds of Baltimore rock
Hosted by Spot

Mlle Spot slinks through the murky, rat-infested back alleys of Fells Point to bring you the best of Baltimore Rock n' Ruin.  Tune in to hear all sorts of cool noise -  from the likes of Wild Honey, Celebration, The Stents, Expert Alterations, Surf Harp, The Thrushes, Boister, The Motor Morons, PLRLS, Wing Dam, Lower Dens, Future Islands, and a boatload more of super cool music from Baltimore.  All killer, no filler.

6pm Paul is Not Dead! rock
Hosted by Don

Don from Radio Wowsville surveys the enigmatic and often-misunderstood solo career of Paul McCartney, taking in the killer hits with Wings ("Jet," "Junior's Farm") as well as the off-kilter experiments like Suzy and the Red Stripes, "McCartney II" and the Fireman. It's three hours of prime, rare, singalong Macca, and you know that can't be bad.

9pm Camp Ugly Special rock
Hosted by Will, etc.


11pm Covers and their Mothers rock
Hosted by Jack and Casey

Covers and their mothers: not one, but TWO versions of some of our favorite rock songs. Does the cover surpass its mother? Tune in and decide for yourself!

Sun Apr 16

1am From the Forges of the Old Dominion rock
Hosted by Jeremy

From The Forges of the Old Dominon, featuring the best in metal from Virginia.

3am Rock in the Wee Hours rock
Hosted by Nick

A wide-ranging mix of the music WTJU Rock's big-eared listeners have loved for decades.

7am The Velvet Underground Legacy rock
Hosted by David

Nobody Bought Their Records, But They Spawned a Thousand Bands: the Velvet Underground Legacy

9am Transcendental Axelrod: Sources and Samples of David Axelrod rock
Hosted by Sister Pirate Jenny and steev vee

12pm (Mitch) Easter Sunday rock
Hosted by Mr. Chilps and Dave

Join Dave Gibson and Dave Moore as they reprise their love of all things Mitch Easter for this special Easter Sunday edition.  From his work in Let's Active to his astounding catalogue of production credits, the Daves will find all the hidden eggs and share the candy with you.

2pm Tally Ho! rock
Hosted by Mr. Chilps

During the 1980s and 1990s, one town on the southern island of New Zealand became synonymous with some of the most ear-pleasing jangle pop ever produced. Mr. Chilps and Sister Pirate Jenny will take you on a two-hour tour through some of the hits that set all eyes and ears on Dunedin, NZ and the Flying Nun label. Tally ho indeed!

4pm Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk rock
Hosted by Don and Colin

The success of the original "Star Wars" ("A New Hope") took popular music careening into outer space as a host of pop, jazz, funk and disco artists dipped their silver-booted toes into galactic sounds and themes. Somewhere along the way, "Space Disco" was forged. Radio Wowsville's Colin and Don will use the Force for good when they take marathon listeners back to those original space echoes.

6pm Psyched Out! rock
Hosted by Bebop and Dusty

In the sixties, rock musicians on both sides of the Atlantic began to experiment with the possibilities of sound effects, distortion, feedback and lyrical and melodic improvisation. Trippy, mind-bending, mellow, bizarre and surreal. Dusty and The Professor share the best of Britain and the US from the far out 60's and beyond.

9pm Paisley Underground rock
Hosted by D-Mo

Coined by Michael Quercio of The Three O'Clock in 1982, "Paisley Underground " came to represent a sub-genre of alternative and psychedelic rock, based primarily in and around Los Angeles, which was at its most popular in the mid-1980s. Its purveyors included The Bangles, The Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, The Long Ryders, and Rain Parade.

11pm Christian Rock Freakout rock
Hosted by Don and Colin

Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast! As the 1960s wound to a close, evangelically-minded Christian outsiders copped the style and sound of the psychedelic scene to form their own brand of "heavy music." Radio Wowsville's Brother Colin and Deacon Don will give us the Word on all of the heavy skronk, atmospheric psych and serious Sunday School. 

Mon Apr 17

1am This is the End rock
Hosted by Rick

And so we've reached the end. Join Rick for two hours of death, break-ups, culminations and goodbyes. Maybe we'll even squeeze in the end of the world while we're at it. Here's hoping it rocks.