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WTJU Program Guide: Wednesday Programs

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The Avant-Guardians
When: Wednesday 01:00
Hosted by: Mark Mann and Sonia Wang (and friends)
Categories: Rock
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Serving night-owls, the bold, and the adventurous; the Avant-Guardians offer the feel of unspoken acceptance of good beats. Join us on your Tuesday late-night as we deliver profound yet spontaneous vibes. It's about breath and heartbeats, beeps and boops, clarity through absurdity. Expect eccentricity, electric synths and emotional prose - in the form of "rap music". Nothing is off-limits. -Vanguard
PRX Remix
When: Wednesday 03:00
Categories: News/Public Affairs
PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream.
When: Wednesday 06:00
Hosted by: Ralph Graves
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Join Ralph Graves (Radiostar) every Wednesday morning as he runs the gamut of music from the middle ages to the present. Since 1984, Ralph's not aired the same work twice (on purpose, that is), nor run out of great music to share with you. Wake up Wednesdays to the most wide-ranging classical program you'll hear anywhere!
When: Wednesday 09:00
Hosted by: Elena Weissmann, Sophie Korchek, Nate Rathjen
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Tune in to Soundboard, WTJU's discussion program about news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. The Wednesday edition of Soundboard features With Good Reason, produced by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and other news and interviews for and about the greater University community.
Left of Cool
When: Wednesday 10:00
Hosted by: Larry Minnick
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
Modern Jazz programming designed to give your morning a lift. Left of Cool is a place where improvising musicians of all styles can come together and see what's possible. Searching for that common thread, acoustic or electric, experimental and eclectic -- whatever sounds good!
Radio Tropicale
When: Wednesday 12:00
Hosted by: Bruce, Steve, Waraba & Friends
Categories: World
Playlist Archive
From the Old World to the New, from the villages to the cities where it all flows together, immerse yourself in the dance music of the world. Rhythm is the universal language on your sonic life raft, WTJU. Show frequently features guests and guest hosts from countries around the world.
Must Be the Buzz Talkin'
When: Wednesday 14:00
Hosted by: Lady Nocturne
Categories: Rock
Links: Facebook
Playlist Archive
Lady Nocturne goes diurnal to bring you your Midweek Midday Mood Mix, featuring anything from 90s lo-fi, to rock steady, maybe even a funky remix or two. It's the show with more soul, sass and jive than you asked for.
Cosmic American Jamboree
When: Wednesday 16:00
Hosted by: Lonesome George & Jay Hertel
Categories: Folk
Playlist Archive
Country and Americana hot off the griddle.... the newest, best releases and guest appearances from artists without Spandex, plastic surgery, pitch correction or fear of alienating key demographic markets. Pull up to the bar while your new friends pour you two hours of pure country and Americana comfort.
The Listening Room
When: Wednesday 18:00
Hosted by: Thom Pease
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
The Listening Room is a place where you can come and experience the breadth and depth of classical music since the beginning of the last century. We'll discover beautiful music from every corner of the globe, and explore music fresh off the computer screen. There will be regular features and interviews with people in the community, touring artists, and experts from the university and beyond. Whether it's music for the stage, the screen, the church, the concert hall, or your local tavern, come and hear something new.
Living Time
When: Wednesday 20:00
Hosted by: Gary Funston & MichaelShelton
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
Enter the Living Time zone for an eclectic blend of Blues, Jazz and Jazz tangents. It's a musical journey that works you from the inside out, hits you when you're not looking and keeps you coming back for more. On a weekly basis, co-hosts Gary & MichaelShelton alternate, featuring the standards and the offbeat, the classics and the obscure, and, on occasion, the works of local artists living or visiting here in town as well as those from all over the world. We'll also honor your requests as well as showcase live sets and interviews. So step out of your musical comfort zone. At Living Time, the message is in the mix. The experience is second to none.
Bad Blood
When: Wednesday 23:00
Hosted by: DJ Versus + friends
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
Turn towards the future sound and experience the eclectic electronic blend of Bad Blood hosted by DJ Versus and Emcee Vey on air every Wednesday night from 11 to 1am. Tune in for an unholy mixture of techno, ambient, electronica, house, electro, minimal, drum & bass and beyond.

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