• Interview: Will Dickinson On Conducting Music And Theology

    Image originally from princetonfestival.org Nathan Moore talks with conductor Will Dickinson about his Distinguished Major Conducting Recital. The recital features a select student choir and instrumental ensemble explores the attempts of composers to represent the Divine and Natural – those things that are beyond ourselves. Repertoire includes Whitacre, Debussy, Finzi, and Copland’s rarely performed chamber […]

  • Interview: Professor Karen McGlathery – Success of Local Seagrass Restoration

    Photo taken by Peter Southwood and used via CC Attribution. UVA Professor Karen McGlathery has been working with a team of scientists and researchers to revitalize the local seagrass population off Virginia’s eastern shores. She explains the importance of seagrass to the local ecosystem and the incredible success that the joint restoration effort has had.

  • Interview: Professor Anna Brickhouse – “The Unsettlement of America”

    Picture used was taken from Professor Brickhouse’s UVA profile page. UVA professor Anna Brickhouse explores early Spanish colonization of North America through the eyes of one man, Don Luis de Velasco, in her book “The Unsettlement of America.” She talks with WTJU’s Lewis Reining about the incredible life of Don Luis, also known as Paquiquineo.

  • Interview: Pre-historic humans causing climate change

    University of Virginia Professor Emeritus Bill Ruddiman discusses his research on human induced climate change from 7,000 years ago, when early slash and burn agriculture released an abundance of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

  • Interview: Green Dogs Unleashed

    Photo taken by Ocmey and used via CC Attribution Green Dogs Unleashed is a Virginia rescue organization that helps dogs from all around the country find permanent homes. While GreenDogs works with a variety of dogs, they focus their efforts on rescuing and rehabilitating special needs animals. Leah Esslinger talked with GreenDogs Unleashed director Erika Proctor […]

  • Interview: Coywolves in Albemarle County

    Image taken by L. David Mech mail, Bruce W. Christensen, Cheryl S. Asa, Margaret Callahan, Julie K. Young and used via CC Attribution. Journalist Jackson Landers helps shed some light on the relatively new predator to the Albemarle region, the coywolf. From their eating habits to their effect on the ecosystem, Landers explores this new […]

  • Interview: Stanley Jordan: Touch Tapping on Guitar and Teaching

    Photo taken by chascar and used via CC Attribution. Stanley Jordan, a renowned electric Jazz guitarist best known for his two-handed tapping style, talks about his style, his music career, and stepping into online teaching.