• Jazz at 100 Hour 17: The Entertainers – Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and Lionel Hampton

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    Jazz has often been understood through the lens of the conflict between art and commerce. In the 1930s, several artists successfully blurred these distinctions. Louis Armstrong adopted popular song as his vehicle foe a successful career shift into the mainstream. Cab Calloway defined his popular hipster persona while fronting one of the most professional big […]

  • New Blues & Soul News – 6/17/2017

    New Blues & Soul News – 6/17/2017 New Blues Adds: Paul Dougherty – Spankin’ Hankin’ (Bake It Black): This is an interesting release experimenting with modernizing the Hank Williams’ catalogue with a mixture of pop-rock-blues-club style instrumentation and inflections. Dougherty plays all instruments and sings. It’s reminiscent of Elvis’ latter day treatments of country soul, […]

  • New Jazz Adds – 6/17/2017

    New Jazz Adds – 6/17/2017 Ignacio Berroa Trio – Straight Ahead From Havana (Self-produced): Drummer Ignacio Berroa leads his trio on a set of old Cuban melodies with a straight-ahead jazz approach. He recalled many of the songs from his childhood in Havana. The band includes Martin Bejerano (piano) and Josh Allen (bass) with special […]

  • New Jazz Adds – 6/12/2017

    New Jazz Adds – 6/12/2017 DeJohnette-Grenadier-Medeski-Scofield – Hudson (Motema): This is an intriguing line-up: Jack DeJohnette (drums, wooden flute, vocals), Larry Grenadier (bass, vocals), John Medeski (piano, Rhodes, B-3, wooden flute, vocals) and John Scofield (guitar, wooden flute). It also has a surprising song list: the opening number is as funky as you could want […]

  • Jazz at 100 Hour 15: Chick Webb & Benny Goodman

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    In the mid-1930s, jazz orchestras led by drummer Chick Webb and clarinetist Benny Goodman rose to prominence with the arrangements of Edgar Sampson and Fletcher Henderson. After launching the careers of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan, Webb succumbed to spinal tuberculosis in 1939, at age 34. Goodman launched the careers of Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson, […]

  • New Jazz Adds – 6/4/2017

    New Jazz Adds – 6/4/2017 Sylvia Brooks – The Arrangement (Self-produced): This is singer Sylvia Brooks’ third release and it is an engaging and well-rounded set. She seems to be stretching out beyond her “jazz noir” specialty, though it is still at the center of her craft. She has a very nice voice and a […]

  • Greg Howard stops by Around This Town, June 6

    Greg Howard will stop by WTJU this Tuesday afternoon, June 6, around 4:30 (edt) for a live session.  Rumor is he might even bring his Chapman Stick along…

  • Jazz at 100 Hour 14: Beyond Category – Duke Ellington in the 1930s

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    In the last hour, we heard Count Basie emerge as an exciting new voice from Kansas City. In this hour, we return to New York to follow Duke Ellington’s innovative path through the 1930s as he experiments with longer musical forms while building one of his greatest bands featuring tenor player Ben Webster and bassist […]