• WTJU has adapted “War of the Worlds” for modern-day Charlottesville. You’re welcome.

    This year, enjoy a special Halloween treat courtesy of WTJU: an adaptation of the original 1938 CBS radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds,” by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater. The original CBS production was realistic, using a news-bulletin format that was reported to have frightened listeners who believed it was a real […]

  • RIP: iPod Classic

    As part of its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch, Apple “gave away” copies of the new U2 album “Songs of Innocence,” instantly available to iTunes Store account holders (whether they want it or not) for five weeks prior to its official launch in physical and downloadable formats you have to pay for.  From a […]

  • Folk & Beyond looks back at the 2013 Colorado Floods

    On September 9, 2013, a slow-moving cold front stalled over Colorado, clashing with warm humid monsoonal air from the south.  This resulted in heavy rain and catastrophic flooding along Colorado’s Front Range from Colorado Springs north to Fort Collins. The situation intensified on September 11 and 12. Boulder County was the worst hit, with over […]

  • We’re having a block party!

    On September 19, from 4-9pm, WTJU will be having a block party and record sale. Join us at Ix Art Park for fall festivities, good music, good company, and most of all, a good time! The Ix Art Park is located at 955 2nd Street SE – between Monticello and Elliot Avenues. We’re unloading some […]

  • Aug 30 Gather ‘Round: The Green Boys in DC

    Gather ‘Round each Saturday night from 8-9 for WTJU Folk‘s concert series; both archived and live. There will be shows from The Prism Coffeehouse and VA Folklife archives mixed in with some from our announcers’ own libraries. And you never know when a live concert might pop up! This week’s concert features Richmond group, The Green […]

  • From the couch to the crowd: the beauty of live music

    Editor’s note: This piece was originally written back in April when the website was still being designed and the summer heat hadn’t yet hit Charlottesville. After many long, dark months of ice, sleet and snow, flower blossoms and chirping birds have finally taken up residence in Charlottesville. This change in temperature brings longer days and […]

  • What’s New? FAQ for users

    There have been a lot of small adjustments for this new site and not everything will be intuitive.  Below is a list of changes from the previous website: If the change you’re concerned/curious about isn’t listed, please email Lewis Reining at arnfasta@gmail.com Direct Streaming Links You can always listen through our new player (it also […]

  • Introduction from the General Manager

    A lot of people use (and overuse) the word “disruption” when talking about the state of the media today. That in one way or another, the internet is disrupting every legacy media outlet. Newspapers have certainly been hit the hardest in the transition to digital. But radio is changing, too. Streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, […]

  • Music is my life

    Eileen’s father playing acoustic guitar It was not unusual for me to wake up to the sound of a nylon-stringed guitar playing downstairs in my childhood home. I could hear the strings being delicately and precisely plucked as I sleepily prepared to roll out of bed to greet the weekend, humming along to the compositions […]