• Discovering the Classical String Trio

    As the Vivaldi Project points out in the liner notes for this release, string trios from the classical era are woefully under-represented in the performing and recording repertoire. It’s not because instrumental grouping’s unusual — there were hundreds of string trios written between 1750 and 1827 (the approximate dates of the classical era). And, as […]

  • In Memoriam: Early Music Show dedicated to former host Eric Betthauser

    WTJU’s Early Music Show on November 28, 2016 is dedicated to the memory of former host, Eric Betthauser, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident on November 22. Eric sang with The Rose Ensemble for about a decade before moving to Charlottesville in 2007. This episode comes entirely from Rose Ensemble recordings. Enjoy the […]

  • Hermann Goetz – more Mendelssohn than Brahms

    According to George Bernard Shaw, “Hermann Goetz alone among the modern symphonists is easily and unaffectedly successful from beginning to end. He has the charm of Schubert… the refinement and inspiration of Mendelssohn… Schumann’s sense of harmonic expression… Brahms, who alone touches [Goetz] in mere brute musical faculty, is a dolt in comparison to him.” […]

  • Leopold Mozart Re-examined

    Today, he’s primarily known as Mozart’s father. But in his day, Leopold Mozart was a respected composer and performer in his own right. As Friedrich Marpurg noted in his 1757 “Historical-Critical Contributions,” “As regards the number of finished musical works, [Leopold Mozart] may be placed side by side with the two composers Scarlatti and Telemann, […]

  • Viva Italia – Sacred music of the 17th Century

    This release focuses on the composers who trained, taught, or influenced the music at the Vatican’s Collegio Germanico during the 17th Century. It was a top-tier institution — Tomàs Luis de Victoria and Giacomo Carissimi taught at the college, and their sacred music is well-represented in this program. The 17th Century was a time of transition […]

  • Sharon Bezaly dazzles with an unusual program

    The latest release from flutist Sharon Bezaly (number 35 by my count) doesn’t seem to have a very attractive program — at least on paper. The disc contains an arrangement of a work for flute and orchestra, plus two not-so-very-different versions of the same concerto. But music isn’t about words, it’s about sound. And once […]

  • WTJU’s Classical Marathon asks you to “Give Bach to the community,” Dec 5th-11th

    WTJU’s 2016 Classical Music Marathon airs December 5th through 11th – a week where we wipe clean our regular program schedule and feature round-the-clock classical music. This year’s Classical Marathon celebrates five centuries of music and 60 years of WTJU’s radio broadcasting. The Classical Marathon doubles as a pledge drive for WTJU as we raise […]

  • Trio Solisti: Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff

    Someone needs to talk to Bridge Records. It doesn’t sense for them to offer these two Trio Solisti discs for the price of one. Both discs are strong enough to stand on their own merits — and Bridge could have realized double the sales. Especially as these are all performances worth owning. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio […]

  • Mozart: Music for Harpsichord Four Hands – an unusual choice

    This is a somewhat curious album. Not because of the repertoire — recordings of Mozart’s 4-hand keyboard works aren’t that rare. Some of the works represented here have over 40 different recorded versions currently available. No, what makes this collection unusual is the instrument itself. Most of the recordings of this music are done with […]