• Leon Fleisher – All the Things You Are

    Listen to this album very carefully. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget that  Leon Fleisher is performing with just his left hand. The chords are so artfully arpeggiated, and the movement up and down the keyboard so swift, that Fleisher maintains the illusion that he’s playing with both hands. And that’s sort of the point. These […]

  • Manfredini String Quartets – They’re OK

    Vincenzo Manfredini (1737-1799) spent most of his professional life at the Russian Imperial Court, before retiring to Bologna to write and teach. During that time he published his set of six string quartets, which are performed on this album. The quartets aren’t ground-breaking like those of Haydn and Mozart written around the same time. Manfredini’s […]

  • A Morning of Marvelous Musical Treats!

    This Friday on Vivace, we have some special musical treats for you. We start gently at 6 am with a Sonata for Flute and Piano by Danish composer Friedrich Kuhlau and, for viola fans, a viola concerto by Carl Stamitz. We will also salute British composer Herbert Howells on his 122nd birthday – appropriately with […]

  • Joseph Martin Kraus: Symphonies & Violin Concerto

    Joseph Martin Kraus is often called the Swedish Mozart, and with good reason. He was an exactcontemporary of Mozart’s and considered by Haydn to be his near-equal as a composer. TheGerman-born Kraus spent virtually all of his professional life in the service of Gustav II of Sweden, while remaining up-to-date on musical trends. This new […]

  • Te Deum laudamus – Freiberg Cathedral 1594

    Te Deum laudamus presents a fascinating collection of music from the Freiberg Latin School. The school — and the adjoining cathedral have a long and distinguished histroy daiting back to the early 1500’s. By 1594 (the year this program is centered around) Freiberg was a thriving cultural center, attracting some of the best composers of […]

  • The Pleasures of Opera in Concert

    Opera is about drama on the stage.  Much of the attraction of the art form is seeing the singers, often gorgeously costumed and arrayed, in staged sets creating characters and acting the drama.  Too often today, particularly in European opera houses, opera has been overtaken by stage directors who see it as their mission to […]

  • York Bowen String Quartets Charm and Delight

    First off, if you’re a completist, rest easy. The manuscript for York Bowen’s first string quartet is lost, so this disc represents his total output in the genre. The two surviving quartets were written within a year of each other, yet show a surprising amount of differences. String Quartet No. 2 in D minor, Op. […]

  • Dussek Piano Concertos Launch Hyperion Series

    Following the success of their Romantic Piano Concerto series (63 volumes and counting), Hyperion launches a companion series, The Classical Piano Concerto, featuring music from 1770-1820. It marked the rise of the piano virtuoso, the traveling artist who composed primarily to showcase his own talents. Mozart is one of the more famous examples, but certainly […]

  • Russian a cappella music

    Hear a cappella music from Russia! A concert featuring the Russian choral group, LYRA will be held Monday, October 13th at 7:30 pm at Cove Presbyterian Church – 5531 Covesville Lane in Covesville. The small chorus, from the St. Petersburg Conservatory, will present a mix of orthodox Christian and Russian folk music in this beautiful, […]