• Poul Ruders – Nightshade Trilogy

    What started out as a simple chamber work has blossomed into a trilogy — and a remarkably cohesive one at that. Poul Ruders composed “Nightshade” for the 10-member chamber group Capricorn in 1987 (and it was released on Bridge Records in 1993). A commission by a chamber orchestra prompted Ruders to compose “Second Nightshade” (1991), […]

  • Paul Lansky: Textures and Threads

    This release presents two fairly recent and near-related Paul Lansky works: “Textures,” for two pianists and two percussionists, and “Threads,” for four percussionists. “Textures” examines the shifting role of the piano. It’s a melodic instrument, but it it’s also a percussion instrument, produces sound by striking hammers against strings. Contrast that with more traditional percussion […]

  • Classical Marathon 2014: Thank-you gifts

    DONATE NOW, and pick one of these 2014 Classical Marathon thank-you gifts: T-SHIRT: Long-sleeved WTJU T-shirt See image above. Sizes available: S-XXL Pledge: $100 CD: Dukas: Symphony in C; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; La peri RTE National Symphony Orchestra; Jean-Luc Tingaud, conductor Pledge: $75 CD: Sing Thee Nowell New York Polyphony Pledge: $75 CD: Vivaldi: The […]

  • Stephen Douglas Burton – Symphony No. 2 “Ariel”

    The “Ariel” subtitle of this symphony doesn’t refer to the lovable Disney mermaid. Rather, it’s the favorite horse of Sylvia Plath, which inspired one of her poems, and the title of the poetry collection Burton selected his texts from. Burton matches the often disturbing beauty of Plath’s poetry with richly scored post-romantic music. He also […]

  • WTJU’s Classical Marathon starts Dec. 1

    Get ready for seven days of wonderful classical music from December 1st – 7th. If you’re an avid listener or new to classical, WTJU’s Classical Marathon is your time to experience the breadth, depth, and beauty of classical music.

  • Sing Thee Nowell — Yearround Pleasure

    New York Polyphony’s release “Sing Thee Nowell” is a little unusual. Despite its name, this is a release I’ll be enjoying throughout the year. The ensemble’s carefully chosen program includes many songs of the season, but few that have been done to death. Even the more familiar carols are heard in new and innovative arrangements. […]

  • Harry Partch: Plecta and Percussion Dances

    In my opinion, the only thing better than a recording of Harry Partch’s music is a new recording of Harry Partch’s music. Partch was an American original; he created a new system of tuning, a new set of music theory to describe its workings, new compositions using that theory, and new instruments to play them […]

  • Krzysztof Penderecki Chamber Music Revelatory

    This disc is a continuation of the Penderecki recording project from the Polish label DUX. Like the rest of the series, it features Polish artists performing the works of their countryman Krzysztof Penderecki. This volume features an interesting mix of his chamber music. It includes his Cadenza for solo violin, Per Slava for solo cello […]

  • Joseph Martin Kraus – Arias and Overtures

    Joseph Martin Kraus spent most of his professional career in the service of King Gustav III of Sweden. A contemporary of Mozart, there are many parallels between the two composers’ styles. This new release brings together arias and overtures from Kraus’ secular cantatas and other vocal works. Kraus’ gift for melody rivaled Mozart’s, and the […]