Paul Wranitzky Works for Oboe — Works for Me!

Paul Wranitzky is gradually emerging from the shadows of his colleagues. Both Haydn and Beethoven preferred Wrantizky as a conductor of their works. His opera “Oberon” directly inspired Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” In 1790s Vienna, Wranitaky’s music was performed as often as that of the Big Three — if not more so.

Recordings like this help reestablish his place in music history. Wrantitzky was no hack. His music shows a musical imagination and skill on par with Haydn and Mozart (if not Beethoven). This release features a selection of Wranitzky’s works for the oboe.

A contemporary critic wrote, “The music of Wranitzky was in fashion when it was new because of his natural melodies and brilliant style. He treats the orchestra well.” So true. The melodies in these works are well-crafted and appealing. And they seem to lay well on the instrument.

The release includes two of Wranitzky’s Six Divertimenti. These works are for oboe, two horns, and strings. It’s an unusual combination of instruments, but it works. The warmth of the horns nicely complements the darker tones of the oboe.

Equally delightful is the Concertante for Flute and Oboe in C major, Op. 39. Wranitzky plays to the strengths of each of the solo instruments.

Oboist Vilem Veverka delivers some exceptional performances. His playing is nimble and fluid. And it’s always under control. Even in the highest register, his oboe has a smooth, well-rounded sound.

The Wranitzky Kapelle, directed by Marek Stilec provides solid support for the soloists. The ensemble plays with clarity. And also with a spritely energy that keeps things moving.

Paul Wranitzky: Works for Oboe
Vilem Veverka, oboe; Sylvie Schelingerova, flute
Wranitzky Kapelle; Marek Stilec, conductor
ArcoDiva UP 0235

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