Genova & Dimitrov Excel with Reinecke Two Piano Works

Carl Reinecke was a virtuoso pianist as well as a composer. (He was also a renowned conductor who led the Gewandehaus Orchestra for 35 years, but that’s beside the point.) Naturally, Reinecke wrote a great deal of music for his instrument. That included a healthy selection of piano four-hand music. 

This release collects all those compositions, spread out over three CDs. The works span Reinecke’s career. The earliest he wrote was when he was 20, the latest when he was 81, five years before his death. 

The pieces are pretty wide-ranging, too. Some, like the two sonatas, are large-scale original works. Some are piano reductions Reinecke made of his orchestral music. Also included are a few selections based on themes by other composers.

It’s a rich and varied program, and the Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo keeps things moving. The goal of any piano duo is to seamlessly merge individual playing styles into a cohesive whole. Genova & Dimitrov go beyond that, though. These two pianists perfectly mesh, playing with a distinctive collective personality. 

I very much enjoyed Genova & Dimitrov’s recording of Amy Beach’s piano four-hands music. This release maintains the duo’s same high standards. Well done. 

Carl Reinecke: Complete Works for Two Pianos
Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo
3 CD Set

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