Ensemble Klingekunst artfully perform Martin Christian Schultze

Martin Christian Schultze may be somewhat of a mystery, and the purpose of his collection may not be entirely clear. But there’s no doubt — at least to me — about the quality of these six sinfonias. They’re well-crafted works, played with enthusiasm and energy.

The Trattamento dell’Harmonia was published in 1733, and the title page credits “M.C,. Schutze, D.B.” This may or may not be Martin Christian Schultze.

In this “Treatise on Harmony” are the sinfonias merely didactic examples? They don’t sound that way.

Rather, they sound like legitimate music expression. There are interesting cross-rhythms and other little touches that (I think) would seem out of place in purely pedagogical music.

And I think that’s how the Ensemble Klingekunst approached these sinfonias — as “real” music. They seem to enjoy playing these works. And perhaps because of that, I enjoyed listening to them.

All six sinfonias receive their world recording premiere with this release. I’m glad I had an opportunity to hear them. Schultze was a composer with something to say.

Martin Christian Schultze: Trattamento dell’Harmonia
Six Sinfonias
Ensemble Klingekunst
CPO 555 225-2

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