#ClassicsaDay #OddballConcerto Week 4

June is National Accordion Awareness Month. The Classics a Day team decided to take it a step further with this month’s challenge. You can help promote Accordion Concerto Awareness! For the month of June, post video performances of accordion concertos. There are more than you might think.

Does that seem a little restrictive? Then feel free to post a concerto composed for any other non-standard instrument. 

Personally, I decided to do a mix of instruments. Here are my selections for the fourth and final week of #OddballConcerto. 

06/26/23 Janos Nagy: Concerto for Hurdy-gurdy, Bagpipe, Jazz Combo, and Orchestra

Nagy is a jazz pianist from Hungary. His concerto was written in collaboration with Béla Szerényi, a renowned hurdy-gurdy player.

06/27/23 Viatcheslav Semionov: Frescos, Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra

Semionov is a Russian accordionist with an international performing career. He was also a professor of composition at the Gnessisn Russian Academy of Music.

06/28/23 Bela Fleck: The Imposter – Concerto for Banjo and Symphony Orchestra

Fleck dedicated his 2011 concerto to Earl Scruggs. He premiered the work as a soloist with the Nashville Symphony, who had commissioned it.

06/29/23 Sergei Vasilenko: Balalaika Concerto, Op. 63

Vasilenko was a pupil of Taneyev. As a Soviet composer, he tried to write music for the people — in this case, featuring an instrument of the people.

06/30/23 Kevin Weed: Concerto for Highland Bagpipes and Orchestra

Weed is a professional composer, organist, and bagpiper. As many virtuosi did in the 19th Century, he wrote this concerto for himself to perform in concert.

Next month:

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