WTJU Rock Summer Pledge Drive Programs

WTJU wraps up this fiscal year with its Summer Pledge Drive (albeit in the spring), coming up May 31-June 6. Below is a breakdown of all the Rock programs. You can also click on a specific day to go to the full schedule, which includes individual show descriptions. If you enjoy what we bring you all year long, consider making a pledge at 434-924-0885, or on-line (and be sure to specify the program and/or department). Thanks!

Tuesday, May 31
2-4 pm: Scared Stiff: An Introduction to Stiff Records (w/ DJ Slim Pickem and Dave)
11-1 pm: Songs of the Wild West (w/ Andy)

Wednesday, June 1
1-3 am: Women of Color in Rock (w/ Sara)
2-4 pm: Nothing But Riffs (w/ Wicked Sharkie)
11-1 pm: The PC Show (w/ Maddy and Cyrus)

Thursday, June 2
1-3 am: Quiet is the New Loud (w/ DJ Monkfish)
2-4 pm: Phish (w/ Rocker Panels and Rubes)
11-1 pm: Solid State Transmitters (w/ Phil Free)

Friday, June 3
1-3 am: Get Kinked (w/ Mikey)
2-4 pm: Dead Cover Band (w/ DJ Baconfat)

Saturday, June 4
1-3 am: The World of Brian Eno (w/ Stevik)
2-4 pm: Group Sounds: House of the Rising Sun (w/ Brother Jimmy)
11-1 pm: Offbeat Covers (w/ Robert)

Sunday, June 5
1-3 am: Cadmium
11-1 pm: The Other Side of the P-Funk Labs (w/ Don and Colin)

Monday, June 6
1-3 am: Adult Skate (w/ Baby Shampoo)
2-4 pm: The Greatest (w/ Tyler Broadcasting System)
11-1 pm: Songs About Saying Goodbye (w/ DJ Coconut Bunny and DJ Walt)

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