Veracini – Sonate Accademiche come alive

Francesco Maria Veracini, along with his contemporaries Giuseppe Tartini and Pietro Locatelli, continually pushed to expand the technical abilities of the violin. The 1743 Sonate Accademiche (Sonatas for Violin and Continuo, Op. 2) require quite a lot from the violinist.

The Trio Settecento understands that, and delivers performances full of fire and energy. Violinist Rachel Barton Pine plays the blistering solo passages with a bit of attitude, which makes these works sparkle. Cellist John Mark Rozendaal and harpsichordist David Schroder are equal partners with Barton. As an ensemble, the Trio Settecento performs in a lively give-and-take that at times seems more like a jam session than a classical performance.

Which is pretty much how these works would have been performed, originally, I think. Of the twelve sonatas in this release, for me the real standout was Sonata No. 10, which features a traditional Scottish tune. Veracini spent a considerable amount of time in London, which is probably where he became acquainted with the tune (it also appears in John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera).

Highly recommended.

Francesco Maria Veracini: Complete Sonate Accademiche
Trio Settecento
3 CD Set
Cedille Records, 90000 155

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