Trio Vitruvi Joyfully Perform Schubert Trios

A long journey can seem shorter if it’s done with people you enjoy. Schubert’s Piano Trio in E-flat major, D.929 is such a journey. And it was one made all the better with the Trio Vitruvi.

This release is the trio’s debut recording. And it’s a well-chosen one. The youthful Trio Vitruvi approach Schubert’s 50-minute work with energy and enthusiasm. These talented musicians make this almost 200-year-old composition sound fresh and exciting.

The interplay between violinist Niklas Walentin, cellist Jacob la Cour, and pianist Alexander McKenzie is the key. There are no stars here — all three work together for the common good.

Schubert’s free-flowing melodies benefit from the trio’s performances. They’re played with lightness and seeming spontaneity. And that’s what makes this sonic journey so enjoyable.

The joyful interpretation of the Trio Vitruvi kept me wanting more — even after 50 minutes had flown by.

Fortunately, there was a little more. The release also includes the Notturno, D. 897. A light dessert to finish off a hearty meal.

Schubert: Piano Trios, D. 929 and D. 897
Trio Vitruvi
Bridge Records 9510

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