WTJU’s 2020 Rock Marathon airs April 13-19!

In these tough times, WTJU brings you real community and excellent music.

We need your help to keep WTJU going!


We’re living through anxious times. The current pandemic is altering our daily patterns, and in some cases upending our lives. Through all this, we need human connection; we need community.

Over the last month, WTJU has responded to this crisis in all the ways we know how — from news updates to live music to “quarantine haikus.” Perhaps most importantly, we’ve kept airing round-the-clock music programming — providing the respite and human connection we all need to get through this time of crisis.

WTJU volunteers relish being part of an extraordinary community of music lovers, and we cherish the shared musical experiences that bring us together.

We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming celebration of human connection through lovingly-curated, transcendent music – WTJU’s Rock Marathon, airing Monday April 13 through Sunday April 19.

This labor of love is a week of uninterrupted rock programming — a veritable spring bouquet of rock’s proliferate bounty.

We’re also ecstatic about this year’s Rock Marathon t-shirt, designed by indie rock luminary Robert Scott of legendary New Zealand bands The Clean and The Bats. Robert’s art is also available as a poster – you can even pick up a t-shirt/poster combo for a special pledge.

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