Mon Apr 8

7am Waking Up is Hard to Do rock
Hosted by Matthew

Music to get your week started off right with easy going sunrise and morning jams that complement your Monday morning coffee.

9am They’re So Unusual - New Wave Weirdos! rock
Hosted by Stevik and Brett

From Dandy Highwaymen to Karma Chameleons, we’ll take a loving look at some of New Wave’s most eccentric and colorful characters. 

12pm The Groovy West Coast Scene rock
Hosted by Rum Cove

By 1966 the influence of The Beatles led to an explosion of great sounds from Los Angeles and San Francisco leading up to The Summer of Love one year later. Tune in to "The Groovy West Coast Scene" for such great groups as The Byrds, Love, Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe & The Fish - and of course the early records of The Grateful Dead!

2pm Pram: The North Pole Radio Station rock
Hosted by Tyler Broadcasting System

For almost three decades, Pram have taken thrift shop instruments, woozy arrangements and Rosie’s mad aunt voice to explore the intersection between child and adult as well as the colonial intersection between England and its former empire. Two hours on the moving frontier with Tyler Broadcasting System.

4pm ZimRock rock
Hosted by Ryan

Modern riffs from Zimbabwe - Mbira, Mapfumo, and Mtukudzi are here to make your ears feel good.

7pm Sons of the Velvets rock
Hosted by Uncle Dave Lewis

The Velvet Underground and their punk -- though sometimes not so punk -- offspring

9pm The Banana Peel Soul 45 Spectacular rock
Hosted by Nick M. and Sophie

It was 2014, or maybe 2015. Winter. A WTJU DJ was walking through a park in New York, eating a banana. He finished the banana and attempted to throw the peel into a garbage can. It missed the can... but landed right into a box of soul 45s left beside it. All-time classics — Aretha’s cover of “The Weight”! The Dells' 1969 version of “Oh What a Night”! — heading for a sorry fate somewhere in the middle of the Fresh Kills Landfill. Those discs have since been transported to Charlottesville, and tonight, they’ll make their radio debut alongside other 45s DJs Nick and Sophie have salvaged from junk heaps across the five boroughs. Give it up and turn it loose, bang a gong and get it on, it’s the Banana Peel Soul 45 Spectacular!

11pm Secretly Canadian, or Actually Canadian? rock
Hosted by DJ Walt and Erin O

Come on down to the hottest game show in town: Secretly Canadian or Actually Canadian?! Where our lucky contestant can win multiple loonies for the station by guessing whether each song played was performed by an artist from Secretly Canadian Records or from the great white North itself. Saddle up your mooses and grab your maple syrup taps as we ride into the heart of Monday Night.

Tue Apr 9

1am Psychobilly Scum rock
Hosted by Truckstop Willie

Where twang meets doom and chicken pickin’ cuts a rug with punk. Truckstop Willie explores the intersection between country music and heavier rock in a rollickin’ saga that’s sure to be a trip and a half. Beanie weenies and gummy worms will be served; bring your own beverage.

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

7am La Buena Onda rock
Hosted by La Fuega

La Buena Onda gives a taste of Latinx artists making waves around the world. We’ll jump from hip-hop salsa fusion, to electro-carribbean beats, to trap and reggaetón hits! LA FIESTA NO PARA, APENAS COMIENZA!!

9am The Birth of Funk rock
Hosted by Professor Bebop

The early bumps, bends and slides from The Isley Brothers, Sly and The Family Stone, Funkadelic and James Brown and the Famous Flames! Professor Bebop will get on the good foot with enough jive to keep a lot of folks alive! 

12pm 50ft Queenie rock
Hosted by Jessica

Journey down the eclectic sounds of PJ Harvey’s 30 year career. 

2pm Merge Overkill rock
Hosted by Dave

Join Dave and friends as they celebrate 30 years of the venerable North Carolina independent label Merge Records and their amazing stable of artists...a very special edition of YE OLDE TUESDAY AFTERNOON ROCKE SHOW.

4pm 80s New Age rock
Hosted by Steve

What is new age music?  Who knows!?  A look at the history of things formerly or currently described as New Age music from the 80s.  But mostly with lots of synthesizers when possible.

7pm New York Underground 1960s rock
Hosted by Freddie Jin

1963 might be remembered for the birth of Please Please Me, but it was the same year when La Monte Young and his Theatre of Eternal Music stunned the frontier NYC scene. Along with Tony Conrad, John Cale and sometimes Terry Riley, they vitally bridged the gap between post-Cage noise music and the forthcoming waves in experimental rock. A night of early minimalism and drone sounds.

9pm Hardy Fox is Dead...  Long Live The Residents! rock
Hosted by Phil Free

The Residents formed in 1969. The Residents released over 100 albums. The Residents pioneered the modern music video.  The Residents are anonymous.  Santa Dog is a Jesus fetus.

11pm Down in The Park with Warm Leatherette rock
Hosted by KendaLL, Actually

Gary Numan. Devo. OMD. Early synthesizer driven Nuwave pop. And that song about the warm leatherette. Fire up the analog delay, and log on to pledge your support. 

Wed Apr 10

1am 2000s Rap: Modern Rap’s Infant Years rock
Hosted by Dream Lady

At the turn of the century, rap would begin its ascent to the most influential genre in today's world. Let's adventure back to modern rap's early days, when pioneers of the catchy yet aggressive rap style caught hold and slowly morphed into the beast that has taken over the world.

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

6am The Wrecking Crew rock
Hosted by Ralph Graves

What do the Byrds, Grass Roots, Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tenille, the Beach Boys, the Monkees, the Righteous Brothers, and the Fifth Dimension all have in common? The A-Team of studio musicians known as the Wrecking Crew played on their hit singles. From 1962-1975 these were the musicians every producer called first. We'll hear some of their biggest hits, some rare recordings, and more than a few surprises.

9am Songs For Cats Who Sleep On Trains rock
Hosted by Baby Shampoo

The C&O bartenders serve up another round of songs and stories from the railroad’s edge. Tune in for a tribute to Chessie, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway’s famous feline mascot. Pledge your donation during the show to receive a gift certificate to The C&O Restaurant. 

12pm Fuzz and Fervor rock
Hosted by Al

Looking for the antidote to Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Join artists like Ofege, WITCH, and Fadoul in their fuzz and fervor and let afro-psych open your mind to afro-optimism. We'll move around Africa in both time and space, and hopefully discover why Bob Geldof was misguided.

2pm Not Enough Neck rock
Hosted by Wicked Sharkie and Suicide Jack

Sick riffs and slaughtering guitar solos! Join Wicked Sharkie and Suicide Jack for an overview of their picks on the "best" guitar solos and guitar shredding to come out of the depths of hard rock, psych and metal scenes from the 70's to today.

4pm Bent Yacht: A Private Press Cruise rock
Hosted by Baconfat

Advanced smooth. Nautical vibes. Island funk. Erotic escapes. Lost sailors. Dollar-bin delights. Wayward waves. Soft groovers. No major-label dreck.

7pm And Ringo rock
Hosted by Annie De Blanco

Ringo Starr – all he had to do was Act Naturally.

9pm Zappa Lives! rock
Hosted by Gary and Steve

The Zappa Family Trust has announced that the late Frank Zappa and his music will be virtually resurrected in 2019 in a tour called The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa. The tour (dates yet to be announced) will include former band members of The Mothers of Invention, and perhaps Frank himself in hologram form. In addition, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the "Zappa in New York" album, celebrated with a newly re-mastered multi-disc set from the legendary live shows of the late '70's. Gary and Steve will play music from that recording and more Zappa faves. Requests accepted in return for your zircon-encrusted pledges.

11pm Intelligent Dance Music rock
Hosted by ANDROID and Freddie

DJ’s Freddie and ANDROID explore the genre of Intelligent Dance Music, presenting pleasant paradigms and questioning its boundaries.  IDM is experimental electronic music from the 1990’s or later that is often more introspective than active, more interior than exterior.  Tune in to see if it floats your boat, and put a coin in our cap as we support our favorite community radio station.  

Thu Apr 11

1am Meet Me in the Bathroom: NYC 2000s rock
Hosted by Paper Planes

Lizzy Goodman's Meet Me in the Bathroom is a rich story of the rock revival that hit the streets of New York City in the early 2000s, told firsthand by the musicians, producers, writers, scenesters and party people who lived it. From the Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Interpol and LCD Soundsystem, we'll revisit the biggest era of rock in New York since Television and the Ramones were burning down CBGB every night.

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

7am Poet’s Rock! 3: Poetic License rock
Hosted by Reaux

Start your day off with the moving and contemplative musings of spoken word artists. From classic poets, to slam poetry, to modern spoken word, Reaux has curated a two-hour collection of tracks guaranteed to provoke, inspire and reassure. Tune in and be prepared to have your heartstrings pulled.

9am David Bowie: The Return of the Thin White Duke rock
Hosted by Rob Sheffield and Space Cadet Kelly

There’s moonlight, and then there’s *serious* moonlight. David Bowie specialized in the serious kind, for a madcap 50-year run, from glam to art-rock to utter insanity. Longtime WTJU DJ Rob Sheffield, author of On Bowie, returns for this deep dive into the genius of everybody's favorite Goblin King.

12pm The Clash rock
Hosted by Ciclamino

Two hours from "The Only Band That Matters."

2pm "7" rock
Hosted by Matthew and Stevik

In true Carry The Zero fashion, here is a show about the number 7. Every single song's got a story to tell. You can sit your mind in an ice cream cone and hear songs, bands, albums, and other unique ties to the numerical value. It's the 2019 WTJU Rock Marathon and everyone knows about it. No one in the universe will never compare.

4pm Bad for you: Hard Country rock
Hosted by Trey P.

There's nothing wrong with a little T Swift or Chesney pop country every now and again. And no disrespect to the city folks playing alt-country in boutique clubs with microbrews and experimental fried chicken recipes -- but this is dedicated to the girls and boys still playing roadhouses and swilling rotgut, capturing the hard-driving beat of the dirty side of life and putting its highs and lows into their songs. They probably aren't coming to a city near you any time soon, but they're coming to the WTJU airwaves for three hours of the hardest country we could find.

7pm John Cale vs. Lou Reed rock
Hosted by David Moltz

John Cale and Lou Reed burned fast and bright as collaborators in The Velvet Underground for only a pair of albums before Cale split due to increasing artistic differences between the two. Over the next four decades, Cale and Reed forged their own very different paths as solo artists (even collaborating once more after Cale swore they would never work together again). Explore the solo work of these two seminal rockers as we engage in the endless debate about who had the musical upper hand.

9pm A Checkup On The Funk with Dr John rock
Hosted by David Eisenman

The good doctor does a complete diagnosis on the state of funk in New Orleans, with assistance from the Meters, John Cleary, Big Sam, Galactic and others. The Juddermeister will take your requests.

11pm The Best of the Melvins rock
Hosted by Sam and Phil Free

The heaviest and weirdest tracks from modern metal’s chief oddballs and one of the hardest working underground bands of all time.

Fri Apr 12

1am You Think You Really Know Me? rock
Hosted by Mel

Exploring the history and influence of avant-garde and outside music, from Gary Wilson to Daniel Johnston.

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

7am President's Choice: UVA's Jim Ryan rock
Hosted by Jim Ryan and Nick Rubin

Wait, what? That's right - UVA President Jim Ryan runs by to share his musical milestones and all-time faves. Don't miss it!

9am The Small Faces:  The Diminutive Mods rock
Hosted by Brian Keena

The Small Faces, one of the most popular British "Mod" bands, along with The Who and The Yardbirds, has never actually disbanded. They were one of the biggest musical influences on the Britpop movement of the 1990s. Join your host Brian as we witness them melding into The Faces and then the various bands that arose/absorbed/poached members from them, such as Humble Pie, The Rod Stewart Group, The Rolling Stones, and more. 

12pm Wings of Africa rock
Hosted by Trey P.

Blitzed out fuzz met James Brown in the alley amidst political struggle across Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1960s and 70s and turned indigenous music scenes into rollicking insurgencies. These are youth anthems for revolution, love, and good times that make Haight-Ashbury look like a country club.

2pm Miss Lonelyhearts Live rock
Hosted by Baby Shampoo

Unqualified experts Baby Shampoo and Ronnie Burzofski deliver really good songs with really bad advice for your deadbeating hearts. Listen at your own risk and pledge to the show for Deadbeat Club swag. 

4pm Hip Hop's Hybrids rock
Hosted by Cream Soda

Hip hop has changed music, and now hip hop has changed.  Those growing up on hip hop are bringing hip hop to other genres and other genres to hip hop, morphing it into new territories.  The spirit lives on, but the sound is different.  Hip hop is an evolving ecosystem; tune in hear how it manifests in today's underground scenes.

7pm The Creative Mind Of Captain Beefheart rock
Hosted by Space Cadet Kelly

Insane, genius, or both? Singer-songwriter Don Van Vliet has been regarded as one of the most influential artists of all time, especially in the realms of avant-garde rock. However, he has also been regarded as one of the most unusual, who had unconventional tactics to manage musicians in his band and a volatile friendship with Frank Zappa that began when they were teenagers. For two hours we will explore the strange, unique masterpieces of the artist known as Captain Beefheart and the stories behind them.

9pm New Jack Swing rock
Hosted by Shea Butter

For a brief period during the late 80s and early 90s, a small group of influential producers brewed a gumbo of Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, and Electronic music that rocked NYC's underground clubs. They called it New Jack Swing, or Swingbeat. Spearheaded by Teddy Riley and Bernard Belle, and brought into the mainstream by Janet Jackson's 1986 album Control, New Jack Swing leaned heavily on the SP-1200 sampler and the Roland TR-808 drum machine to create what one famous encyclopedia calls "the most pop-oriented rhythm-and-blues music since 1960s Motown."

11pm Take Me Down to the Hospital: Reintroducing the Replacements rock
Hosted by Dave Donahue

They wrote the blueprint for self-sabotaging wanna-/don’t-wanna-be rock stars, blasting out of Minneapolis on a wave of pills and booze, melding pop hooks and punk attitude. Deep down, they just wanted to be loved. Try to keep up with The Replacements in all their ragged glory - if you dare.

Sat Apr 13

1am No Wave rock
Hosted by Swingin' Man

"A philosophy of rejection...whatever it was, it was also the opposite" — Marc Masters, No Wave […] Sounds that leaked from the glorious almost-bankrupt wasteland that was New York in the late 70s/ early 80s. It desecrated contemporary musical conventions and it remains the most creative and audacious attempt at attacking, reinventing, and perverting "rock" to have ever happened since. Featuring works of DNA, Mars, Teenage Jesus, Theoretical Girls, Contortions, Gynecologists and many more... this is an exploration into what has been called "No Wave.”

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

7am Surfin' around the World!!! rock
Hosted by Terry Carpenter

No, No, No, I'm not talking about sitting around listening to your Grandmaw's scratchy Beach Boys 45's. I'm talking surf guitar, you know the kind, like maximum reverb. I'm talking world surf where the influences might be Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini or your favorite 60's TV program theme. Pretty sweet surf rock from Bosnia & Slovenia to Finland, Mexico & Netherlands. Bands like the Threesome, the Phantom Four, the Lone Surfersss, the Bambi Molesters and more. So tune in and stay wet.

9am Performing Artists: Dylan and Springsteen in Concert rock
Hosted by David Soyka

Springsteen was once called the new Dylan, and Dylan is, well, Dylan. Both have extensive discographies. But to really understand the extent of their respective artistries, you have to go off the record—in concert performance is what you really need to hear. We put you in the front row.

12pm Todd Rundgren rock
Hosted by Goldfinger

A Wizard? A True Star? After his early days with Nazz, Todd Rundgren was a D.I.Y. kinda artist. Equal parts talent, ego and Glam fixation. What holds up is a catalog of excellent, inventive songs. And, some madness. Community radio embraces the madness.

2pm (Get these) Kids in the Hall!  rock
Hosted by Poubelle and Sister Pirate Jenny

What's up in Cleveland? The Rock Hall has snubbed some of the greatest artists of all time! And though a Radio Freedonia endorsement might further damage their chances, we simply must celebrate the kids who should be in the Hall. Join us and share the outrage! 

4pm Rock n' Roll Dance Party! rock
Hosted by Spot and Special Guests

Well, c'mon everybody and let's get together tonight as we dance, shimmy and shake to all sorts of fun tunes, from the cabbage alleys of New Orleans to the dirty waters of Boston to all that jumpin' in the night in San Francisco.  Join Spot and a cast of characters as we can twist to the east, twist to the west... It ain't nuthin' but a party, y'all!

6pm Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and The Monkees rock
Hosted by Don and Goldfinger

Everyone from the Butterfield Blues Band to the Sex Pistols to Run DMC has paid tribute to the great songs the Prefab Four left in their TV teen idol wake. With this special three-hour Monkees celebration, Scott and Don will make daydream believers out of all who doubt the cultural importance, and occasional musical brilliance, of Mike, Micky, and the late lamented Davy and Peter. 

9pm Sure Shot: a Beastie Boys Tribute rock
Hosted by Shea Butter

What began as a sloppy, nasal punk outfit from a then-decrepit New York City in 1981 (year of the Shea Butter), the Beastie Boys emerged to produce some of the most influential Hip Hop of the Golden Era. Sure Shot is a two-hour journey exploring the Beastie's humble beginnings, early NYC club influences, and what ultimately grew into the crew that pioneered a maniacal, hyperactive sound that sold more than 50 million records worldwide. Additional topics will include Tibet and the Beastie Boys Book. 

11pm Hit the Pavement rock
Hosted by Jessica B.

Wowee zowee! It’s Pavement! Listen to some deep cuts, as well as the big radio hits. We’ll even delve into former WTJU DJ Stephen Malkmus’ solo projects. 

Sun Apr 14

1am The Empire Sleeps Tonight rock
Hosted by Wrong Em Boyo and Remy

Music and speeches from previously colonized countries.

3am Rock Through the Night rock
Hosted by Recorded

Rock faves past and present

7am Peace, Love and Radio rock
Hosted by Radio Stu

Rock and pop music from 1962 - 1972 - those wonderfully exciting days loosely referred to as the 1960’s.  Headline acts and one-hit wonders; big hits and deep album cuts.  Bring your granny glasses and paisley shirts as we revisit the grooviest songs ever.

9am Ace of Bass: An Ode to Carol Kaye rock
Hosted by Erin O

You’ve heard Carol Kaye play the bass...even if you don't know it. Kaye is likely the most prolific session musician in history, having appeared on an estimated 10,000+ recordings. She wrote, improved upon, or recorded, some of the most iconic, unforgettable bass lines of rock and 20th century popular music (the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," and Sonny and Cher's "The Beat Goes On," the Batman, Mission Impossible and Hawaii 5-0 themes... the list is outrageous). Her influence has broad reach, extending to bass players like Tina Weymouth, Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons and many others. The playlist won't be anything we haven't heard before, but it’ll give us something—and someone— new to admire about songs we already love.

12pm Cover Toonz rock
Hosted by Stevik and Annie De Blanco

Songs that imitate, interpret and/or expand upon earlier recorded tunes.  Some well-known and some obscure enough that you’re unlikely to ever hear them again.

2pm Mellotron Part 2  rock
Hosted by Dusty Garwood

This is the second installment of the Mellotron Show, featuring the music of the Beatles, Genesis, King Crimson, The Moody Blues and many others. If you love the sound of the mellotron, this show is for you!

4pm Beatlesque rock
Hosted by Don

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don Harrison of Radio Wowsville brings you two hours of the best Beatles homages, parodies, ripoffs and echoes, from the '70s to the present day, featuring the Rutles, Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Tears for Fears, XTC, Prince, Elvis Costello and others who have succumbed to being faux Fabs. 

7pm The Smiths vs The Cure rock
Hosted by ANDROID

These cult favorites will battle in categories such as ‘happiest sad song’ and ‘song most likely to be in a David Lynch film or show,' while competing for your donations.  May the best band win!

9pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks! rock
Hosted by Mel

Playing the hits in loving memory of Pete Shelley.

11pm ALL Killer, ALL Filler rock
Hosted by Don and Rick

There's always one song on the album that just doesn't fit, the one that sounds like it might have been an after-thought, or an experiment, or a goof, or a jam included to pad out the disc. These wayward tracks deserve a home of their own. Radio Wowsville's Rick and Don pay tribute to the most unique and enigmatic of killer filler from the Beach Boys, Neil Young, James Brown, Public Enemy and Radiohead and more.

Mon Apr 15

1am DC Dischord Connection rock
Hosted by Ciclamino

Centering on music appearing on the Dischord label, but anyone with a DC connection might show up.