Mon Feb 7

6am Here Comes The Sun folk
Hosted by Paul, Ringo, and Devon Sproule

It's been a “Hard Day's Night,” but with “A Little Help From My Friends” “We Can Work It Out” on this first show of the 2022 Folk Marathon. So “Think For Yourself” about making a pledge, and “I Will” “Let It Be” “Because” “All You Need Is Love” (and a donation) for a “Ticket To Ride” WTJU “Yesterday”, today, and tomorrow. “Run For Your Life” (or the phone anyway) to “Help”!

8am Outside the Lines: Ravi Shankar folk
Hosted by Steve Kindig

Throughout his long life, Ravi Shankar’s sitar mastery introduced millions of listeners to the beauty of Indian classical music. But he was also a great collaborator, working with dozens of musicians across a wide range of genres.

10am Lead Belly, Odetta, and Friends folk
Hosted by Peter and Friends

Lest we forget, there have been, and continue to be, wonderful African American folk musicians. We will hear from Lead Belly, Odetta, Elizabeth Cotten, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Earl White, Dom Flemons, Corey Harris, Jake Blount, and more.

12pm Catch That Train folk
Hosted by Mark Rough

Take a ride on the Panama Limited, hop the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe take it all the way to the end of the line. Celebrate our 2022 WTJU Folk Marathon with two hours of train songs from inside and outside the lines of the folk tradition.

2pm The Golden Age of Gospel Quartets folk
Hosted by Rus Perry

Between 1945 and 1965, groups of four to six singers, mostly male, recorded a body of spiritual work that added synchopation and passion to deep harmonies often featuring dual tenor leads. We will explore the remarkable legacy of these durable road warriors -The Swan Silvertones, The Soul Stirrers, The Blind Boys of Alabama and Mississippi, The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Pilgrim Travellers, and The Harmonizing Four.

4pm Steve Earle and his Outlaw Tendencies folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Outlaw country began before his career did, but he’s the one who carried it into the 21st Century and he’s influenced many of the artists performing today while remaining relevant. Join us for two hours of Steve Earle on Monday, February 7, from 4-6pm.

6pm Virginia Traditions folk
Hosted by Ryan Grant

“Few states in this country can boast of more diverse folkways than Virginia,” in the words of Smithsonian Folkways. And starting in the 1970s, the Blue Ridge Institute at Ferrum College released several fascinating collections of these traditions from the Old Dominion. We’ll play some of our favorite tracks from the Virginia Traditions albums, and Virginian recordings from other sources that still meet the mark. Expect fiddle tunes, blues guitar, work songs, hillbilly pianos, and everything in between.

8pm Barling & Collins LIVE folk
Hosted by Barling & Collins

Stephen Barling (guitar) and Brandon Collins (cello) are two rather reckless bastards who make ornery noise for the sheer jollies of it. They have not gotten a chance to do much of that in public since 2020, but they are resurfacing to support their favoite radio station in Central Virginia (and maybe beyond!).

9pm John Martyn folk
Hosted by David Buie-Moltz

The Scottish singer and guitarist emerged from the London folk scene of the mid-1960s with a crisp and distinctive guitar style. Martyn had his greatest impact in the ’70s with albums, whose gentle mix of folk and jazz and innovative electronic effects took that sound in new directions. Although his music never had a wide appeal, Martyn released more than 20 albums and has been emulated by generations of musicians as diverse as David Gilmour, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Sade, Beck, and Devendra Banhart. Join David Buie-Moltz, host of Point of Departure, as we celebrate this jazzy folk giant who left us 13 years ago.

11pm Electric Eden folk
Hosted by Mark Rough

In the 1960’s and 70’s, as the rest of the world was getting their rock and roll on, an intrepid group of musicians in and around the U.K. looked to their past for inspiration, the great British Folk Revival/Scare. Combining what they found with rock, they created something simultaneously old and new that has resonated throughout folk and rock, from the Beatles and Led Zeppelin to Kate Bush and Talk, Talk.

Tue Feb 8

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am 50 years of Peter, Paul & Mary folk
Hosted by Jay Jackson

Few folk groups captured national attention during the 60s as much as Peter, Paul & Mary. From covering early Dylan to lampooning rock-n-roll music, they played sold out shows all over the world and were as close to pop stars as anything produced by the folk movement. Listen in to a retrospective of their musical journey and be prepared to sing along, just like they would have wanted you to at their performances.

8am Outside the Lines: Woody Guthrie at 110 folk
Hosted by The Guthrie Acolytes

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was an American singer-songwriter and one of the most significant figures in American folk music. He definitely thought outside the lines and influenced his fair share of musicians along the way. We will hear some of the man himself and others who have covered his songs.

10am Who let the Chickens out of their Coop? folk
Hosted by Professor Bebop

Here’s a message from Professor Bebop for the FOLK Marathon on WTJU! You know foxes create a crazy stir in the barnyard, BUT folks who TRULY pay attention will tell you that chickens have some of the most dazzling tricks anywhere! Join the Professor for an in-depth lesson in the variety and acts of cunning that our cackling egg suppliers actually do possess! It’s all a part of the WTJU FOLK Marathon!!! That’s two hours you’ll never forget! Only on WTJU, 91.1 FM!

12pm Eva Cassidy Lives On folk
Hosted by Rebecca and Eileen

Eva Cassidy died at age 33, never knowing that her music would be heard and loved all over the world, with fans including Paul McCartney, Adele and Paul Simon. Her expressive voice and simple arrangements brought out the best in every folk, jazz, soul, gospel and pop song she touched. Over the Rainbow, Fields of Gold, Stormy Monday, Imagine, Wade in the Water, Fever and Early Morning Rain are just a few of the songs we’ll feature.

2pm Natalie Merchant: A Kind and Generous Voice folk
Hosted by DJ Zostress

She was once lead singer of 10,000 Maniacs, now soloist and sometimes collaborator. We'll explore the musical landscape of singer-songwriter, Natalie Merchant. We'll pull some deep cuts from her early days with the Maniacs, some known and lesser known solo recordings, some surprising cover songs, and a few collaborations with Michael Stipe, Billy Bragg, Wilco, Kronos Quartet, Dan Zanes, and others. Settle in and enjoy the sweet vocals.

4pm Tom T. Hall Tribute folk
Hosted by Thomm Jutz, Peter Cooper, and Eric Brace

Country Music Hall of Fame artist Tom T. Hall, dubbed “The Storyteller” by Tex Ritter, passed away in August of 2021. Three of his friends and long time admirers down in Nashville will join us to share memories and relections as we listen to some of the songs he wrote and recorded.

6pm Rise Up Singing and Rise Again folk
Hosted by Sumner Brown

Sing and play along with Sumner's annual show based on the two Folk Music “Bibles.” This show guarantees to be loaded with favorites. And be sure and call with requests!

8pm John Kelly LIVE folk
Hosted by John Kelly

John has been part of the Central Virginia singer-songwriter circuit for many years. As a special treat, he will come in out of the cold this February night to perform for us all in support of WTJU.

9pm Danny Gatton's Mighty Guitar folk
Hosted by Charlie Pastorfield, Ian Gilliam, and Friends

Danny Gatton was an American guitarist who combined blues, rockabilly, jazz, and country to create a musical style he called "redneck jazz." Charlie Pastorfield and Ian Gilliam, two of Central Virginia's finest guitarists, dig into Danny's library for a special musical tour. Rumor is we might even get a few members of Danny's band to stop by to share a few memories of the man himself.

11pm Afropop Party folk
Hosted by Ryan Grant

Some highly underappreciated music comes from the continent of Africa, and we’re going to listen to it on WTJU. All the deep cuts you can’t hear anywhere else. Thomas Mapfumo, Dur-Dur Band, Hailu Mergia, Cheb Khaled, Jean-Bosco Mwenda... what’s not to love?

Wed Feb 9

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Reader's Digest Grand Old Country folk
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Ralph found a Reader’s Digest collection of country music at his parent’s home recently. How good could it possibly be? As it turns out, very good. Tune it to hear what Reader’s Digest considered the essential country classics in 1974. All vinyl!

8am Outside the Lines: The Carter Family folk
Hosted by Rebecca

They were the first vocal group to become Country Music stars, with one hit record after another when making records was a brand-new idea. The Carter Family had the magical combination of beautiful three-part harmonies, compelling guitar work by Maybelle, and an extensive repertoire of old-time, gospel and blues songs collected by A.P. and his friend Lesley Riddle on song-catching trips all over southwestern Virginia. The Carter family’s influence can be heard in all the bluegrass, country, southern gospel, and folk music that followed.

10am Fiddle & Voice: Stringband Music and Group Singing from Around the World folk
Hosted by Andy McLeod

A celebration of domestic and international stringband music and vocal harmonies, from mostly vinyl sources and innovative musicians.

12pm Celtic Fiddlers Unite! folk
Hosted by Maura Shawn Scanlin

Maura Scanlin is a world champion Scottish fiddler, but her talents lie far beyond just that of Scotland. She will take us on a fiddling tour of the British Isles, Ireland, and Scandinavia.

2pm Piano in Irish and Scottish Music folk
Hosted by Craig DuBose

Craig DuBose takes us on a tour of Scottish and Irish piano.

4pm Emmylou Harris folk
Hosted by Emily and Lisa

Like Punxatawny Phil, Emily and Lisa come out of their hole once a year. Unike the groundhog who only cares about when winter will end, Emily and Lisa emerge to share music from some of their favorite artists. This year it's Emmylou Harris! Have a request? Get it in with your pledge at 434-924-3959 or online at

6pm Joe Boyd’s Musical Journey folk
Hosted by Steve Kindig

Starting with his rediscovery of guitarist Lonnie Johnson, through his roles as promoter, record producer, and founder of music labels Witchseason and Hannibal, Joe Boyd was in the right place at the right time, with a rare ear for talent. An American, he made his biggest contribution as a midwife to the birth of British folk and folk rock. He produced records for Fairport Convention, Richard and Linda Thompson, Nick Drake, John Martyn, etc.

8pm Tara Millls Band LIVE folk
Hosted by Tara Mills Band

The Tara Mills Band bring their sweet acoustic sound to the Stage in support of WTJU!

9pm 50 Ways to Cleave Your Lover folk
Hosted by Nathan and Kristen

Two hours of songs about love gone wrong...very wrong.

11pm Beyond the Blue Ridge: Folk from America’s Heartland folk
Hosted by Paul Cederoth and Olivia Sahid

A review of modern folk artists hailing from (or based in) the Midwest and Great Plains.

Thu Feb 10

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Jimmy Driftwood folk
Hosted by Terry Carpenter

One of my favorite songs is "Tennessee Stud" performed by Doc Watson. The song was written by James Corbitt Morris, an Arkansas schoolteacher who performed under the name of Jimmy Driftwood. He originally started writing songs as a way of helping his students learn about history. He would eventually compose over 5,000 songs, of which more than 300 were recorded by various Pop, Folk, and Country musicians. His most famous was the Grammy winning "Battle of New Orleans," recorded by Johnny Horton. Along with that one, five other songs he had written were on 1959 Country Music Charts. Tune in and hear some of Jimmy Driftwood's best.

8am Outside the Lines: Our Native Daughters folk
Hosted by Steve Harris

We’ll hear from the musical collaboration of Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Allison Russell, and Leyla McCally along with their various other projects.

10am Roger Miller and His Acolytes folk
Hosted by Pete

Roger Miller, the honky tonk singer, multi-instrumentalist, Broadway composer, and TV star, wrote some of the most quirky, witty songs of all time. Tune in to hear two hours of his best work, sung both by him and some of his many admirers.

12pm God Bless the Drinking Songs folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Songs about drinking, from enjoyment to regret, has always been a staple of country music. Grab your favorite beverage and join us for two hours of WTJU’s finest spirits.

2pm Covering Bob Dylan folk
Hosted by Stevik and Rocker Panels

We’ll play a wide variety of artists covering songs written by this American icon of songwriters.

4pm Aoife O'Donovan from Then to Now folk
Hosted by Waverly Milor

Grammy award-winning songwriter and musician Aoife O'Donovan is one of the most sought-after singers and songwriters of her generation. She has released 3 critically-acclaimed solo albums; is co-founder of the bands I’m With Her and Crooked Still; is the featured vocalist on The Goat Rodeo Sessions with Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, and Chris Thile; and spent a decade contributing to the radio variety shows "Live From Here” and “A Prairie Home Companion.” Waverly Milor takes us on a journey through her music.

6pm Terri's Americana Playlist folk
Hosted by Terri Allard

Join Terri Allard as she plays a mix of her all-time favorite Americana tunes.

8pm Matty Metcalfe & David Kulund LIVE folk
Hosted by Matty Metcalfe & David Kulund

Matty Metcalfe, no stranger to WTJU, and first-time guest David Kulund stop by The Stage for an hour of songs in support of WTJU.

9pm The Brothers Alvin folk
Hosted by The Juddermeister and Jay Hertel

An exploration of the musical highlights of brothers Dave and Phil Alvin, which will include solo works and joint ventures such as The Blasters and their last two recordings together.

11pm A Throat Singing World Tour folk
Hosted by Brendan O'Donnell

Two of the most isolated regions of the world – Tuva, in southern Siberia, and the Inuit communities of the Arctic – share at least one thing in common: a celebrated tradition of throat singing. Throat singing uses the natural resonances of the human body to produce multiple tones simultaneously. From the long, harmonious lines of the Tuvan form to the rhythmic, playful Inuit sounds, we’ll explore these two strands of throat singing and how their meanings and uses continue to expand.

Fri Feb 11

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Swingin' for the Weekend folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Lonesome George gets us ready for the weekend with the sounds of Western Swing: Bob Wills, Spade Cooley, Milton Brown, Katie Glassman, Miss Tess, and more.

8am Outside the Lines: Richard Thompson folk
Hosted by Terry Carpenter

Richard Thompson, is he the ultimate singer/songwriter or just another limey with a guitar? You decide when you tune in and hear fan club releases, live recordings, alternative takes, record company promos, and all the stuff you won't find in your local record store.

10am A Wolff in Lion's Clothing folk
Hosted by Brian Keena

Jazz and blues artists have always borrowed from composers of all walks of life and all genres, particularly from the deep well of folk compositions. Spend two hours with Brian Keena, your weekly host of Friday morning's The Jazz Messenger show, as we examine beautiful renditions of folk standards as translated by giants of jazz and blues such as Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Harold Land, Esther Phillips, Ray Charles, and more! You won't want to miss this exciting specialty show, part of the 2022 WTJU Folk Marathon.

12pm Country Music Rock Operas? folk
Hosted by John Bates and the Crew

There’s Tommy and Quadrophenia, concept albums in rock music, but country music has them as well. Join us as we check out country concept albums from Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Marty Stuart, and Johnny Cash.

2pm Bert Jansch and John Renbourn - British Folk Fusionists folk
Hosted by Steve Dressel

Join Steve and David to explore the intertwining careers of John Renbourn and Bert Jansch as they fuse traditional British with jazz, blues, rock, and classical -- together, solo, and in the pioneering folk-rock group Pentangle.

4pm Joachim Cooder's Back Catalog folk
Hosted by Joachim Cooder and Pete

Joachim Cooder, percussionist on the legendary ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ album and movie, and son of Ry, joins Pete to review some favorites of his many recording sessions and back catalog. Expect loads of fly-on-the-wall insider insights and outside-the-lines music.

6pm No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure folk
Hosted by Louise and Emily

Louise sets out to prove there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure when it comes to music. Whether you sing along from the confines of your own home or out on the street is up to you!

8pm Charlottesville Old Time Buskers Collective LIVE folk
Hosted by Charlottesville Old Time Buskers Collective

Various members and alumni of local bands Ragged Mountain String Band, Mando Mafia, Bayou Faux Pas, and Zuzu’s Hot Five (including a couple of WTJU DJs) have been getting together to busk on the weekend on Charlottesville’s downtown mall, playing old-time fiddle tunes for charity and beer money over the last few years whenever time and weather allow. Now they’re going to play to raise money for WTJU. Get ready to stomp your feet!

9pm Gordon Lightfoot: The Voice of the North folk
Hosted by Michael Mabry

Canadian folksinger Gordon Lightfoot has provided the soundtrack to my summers in Northern Michigan for more than 50 years. At 83, Gord continues to tour regularly, releasing his latest album, Solo, in 2020 with all new material accompanied only by his guitar. This show will dig deep into Gord’s catalog for rare gems highlighting his masterful songwriting and steady acoustic guitar work, plus unreleased tracks and covers by some of the many artists he has influenced.

11pm Billy Bragg – a Lone Voice in the Wilderness folk
Hosted by Dave Donahue

Since the 1980’s, self-confessed political musician Billy Bragg has spoken truth to power, armed with his guitar and his heartfelt melodies. An unabashed Englishman known for his blend of folk, punk rock and protest music, he’s also a witty romantic with a deep well of compassion. Check out this unique artist on the 2022 WTJU Folk Marathon.

Sat Feb 12

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Whiskey, Churches, and Singing on the Porch folk
Hosted by Paul Josey

Charlottesville was not a boom town at the dawn of country and blues recordings in the 1920s and 30s, but thanks to a few recordings, unexpected breakdowns, and curious British researchers, we can piece together a musical history of change and development. Bela Lam of Greene County, typical songs of the region, musicians such as the Carter Family passing through, and the research of Cecil Sharp will reveal a portrait of central Virginia during a transformative chapter of American recorded music.

8am Cover to Cover folk
Hosted by Steve and Steve

Music from songwriters who have covered others and had their own songs covered. We’ll connect the dots with artists like Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Richard Thompson, Cyndi Lauper, Rosanne Cash, and Steve Earle.

10am BRIMS LIVE folk
Hosted by Blue Ridge Irish Music School

Members of the Blue Ridge Irish Music School (BRIMS) gather for some live tunes and reflections about their favorite radio station, WTJU.

12pm Easy Star Records folk
Hosted by Goldfinger and Lem Oppenheimer

In the time-honored tradition of Jamaica’s foremost studios, for more than twenty-five years, Easy Star Records has been presenting phenomenal reggae music, from established roots artists and the newest talent from all over the world. In addition to supporting these talents, their top-notch in-house riddim unit, the Easy Star All-Stars, has created notable original music, as well as critically-acclaimed dub-styled adaptations of the music of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Michael Jackson… and, the Beatles. Join your host, Goldfinger the Selector, and Easy Star co-founder Lem Oppenheimer as we explore their efforts from the earliest tracks from the mighty Meditations to the newest sensations, including Jesse Royal and JonQuan. It’s the kind of focus and labor of love that you’ll only find in community radio… where the music matters most.

2pm Mama Tried LIVE folk
Hosted by Mama Tried

Charlie Pastorfield, Susan Munson, Stuart Holme, Kent Raine, and Sam Johnston bring us two hours of the Grateful Dead and associated vibes!

4pm Dylan's Bootleg Series folk
Hosted by David Soyka

Bob Dylan is so far outside the lines, there are no lines. In fact, he creates his own lines. And sometimes doesn’t even use them on his “official” record releases... until The Bootleg Series came along to acknowledge what collectors and fans knew all along: even when the lines are hard to follow, it is still pretty interesting. We take a listen to the demos, the outtakes, and the live performances collected in The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-16.

6pm Joni and Neil 50 Years Later folk
Hosted by John and Jessica

Harvest and For The Roses mash-up

8pm Neil Young, Folk Singer folk
Hosted by Jay Hertel

Neil Young once said,"'Heart of Gold' put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch." This show will feature musical shapeshifter Neil Young’s folk singer persona. Mostly acoustic, often dark, definitely outside the lines and in the ditch.

10pm Alternative Folk folk
Hosted by Alex Shoaibi and Paul

Plenty of rock artists dabble in folk, and occasionally they succeed. Alex and Paul will mine their respective vinyl vaults and spin the best of the bunch, Alex focusing on the last millennium while Paul digs for newer musicians who expand the boundaries of folk.

Sun Feb 13

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Open Your Books To... folk
Hosted by The Stage Singers

We start off this final day of the marathon with songs you might hear in church or at your favorite festival on a Sunday morning.

8am Live Gospel folk
Hosted by Rebecca

Something we’ve missed during the pandemic is live music performances. Let’s celebrate some of the wonderful live recordings of beloved gospel music by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, Mahalia Jackson, Brother Joe May, and local favorites, The Gospel IV.

10am Trad Jazz: Coloring Outside the Lines of Traditional Irish Music folk
Hosted by Alex Davis

Traditional Irish Music has in recent years integrated American jazz into the repertoire, breaking expectations and coloring outside the lines of the tradition. Musicians steeped in the Irish tradition have brought in rhythms, melodies, and vocal techniques from across the pond. Irish traditional bands have created a fascinating and lively new sub-genre of traditional music. This show explores the music of Beoga, Steph Geremia, Alan Kelly, Martin Hayes, Cuar, and other musicians who are bringing new possibilities to traditional music.

12pm Murder Ballads folk
Hosted by Cameron Polson

Just to clarify, these are songs about outlaws and not bad fiddle playing.

2pm Townes and Texas folk
Hosted by Jamie Dyer

The music of Townes van Zandt and the music of Texas that informed his musical world

4pm Beyond Nashville folk
Hosted by Oliver the Kid

Oliver the Kid will explore the outer realms of country music past and present, including the outlaw movement of the 1970s as well as the current artists who defy the trends of Nashville.

6pm Nanci Griffith Tribute folk
Hosted by Sumner Brown

2021 was an especially cruel year in the way it took so many wonderful musicians from us, and Nanci Griffith was no exception. Sumner shares some of her favorite songs from this legend. Have a request? Get it in with your pledge.

8pm Jug Band Jubilee folk
Hosted by Alice Clair

Grab yer jugs, let’s dance! Don’t miss the Jug Band Jubilee, a variety show of jug bands from around the country and across time. From its beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky, jug band music has influenced countless genres of music and generations of musicians. Tune in to learn about what constitutes a jug band, hear some famous jug bands you may know, and many jug bands you may not.

10pm Papa Nez: A Loose Salute to Mike Nesmith folk
Hosted by Don and Rick

Radio Wowsville's tribute to the late, great Mike Nesmith, country-rock pioneer, Cosmic American songwriter, First National Bandleader, music video trailblazer, movie and TV producer, Liquid Paper heir, creative gadfly and, oh yeah, the coolest member of the Monkees. Don and Rick will present three hours of the best of Papa Nez to help close out the big Folk marathon.

Mon Feb 14

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.