Mon Dec 4

7am | If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Play It | classical
Hosted by Jay Jackson

An overview of the Baroque era, from the obvious (Bach, Handel) to the less well-known (Bortniansky, Locatelli). From great organ works to concerto grossi.

9am | Great Pianists Play Chopin | classical
Hosted by Tim Snider

Chopin’s music is fundamental to the core repertoire of the greatest pianists. We will entertain you with superb recorded performances by some of the greats of the keyboard: Friedman, Rubinstein, Gulda, Wild, Rachmaninoff, Hofmann, and many more. You will hear a recording said by many critics to be the greatest Chopin recorded performance of them all. While enjoying the finest performances of Chopin you have ever heard, call with a pledge of support.

11am | Going For Baroque | classical
Hosted by Brendan O'Donnell

The show highlights the extreme arias from Baroque opera.

1pm | DomWinYann | classical
Hosted by Steve Harris

An exploration of the cinematic, lush and mesmerizing sounds of Brazilian/French cellist and vocalist Dom La Nena, Flemish Belgian composer, countertenor vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and musicologist Wim Mertens, and French Breton musician and composer Yann Tiersen.

3pm | Radiohead Re-Done Classically | classical
Hosted by ANDROID

Radiohead is a rock band that has inspired many classical musicians to cover their work using instruments like the piano, cello, and voice, fitting their music into the classical genre. If you want to request your favorite song (while making a pledge of support!), we’ll do our best to find a classical cover of it and play it for you.

5pm | Bohemian Rhapsodies | classical
Hosted by Michael Pillow

The Bohemian region, comprising the majority of the Czech Republic, has a rich musical heritage. Bohemia spawned early composers Zelenka, Benda, and Stamitz, along with later, more well known composers such as Smetana and Dvorak. Although similar to and influenced by their German counterparts, Bohemian/Czech music evolved to be distinctive. Tune in and hear for yourself! With all due respect to Queen, this show is not linked to either rhapsodies or the more modern notion of Bohemians.

7pm | Silence and Light: New Music of the Baltic | classical
Hosted by Brian Simalchik

Some of the most remarkable, deeply felt music written in recent decades has emerged from a group of composers born in the Baltic states. Estonian Arvo Part is the most famous, but we'll also listen to works by fellow Estonians Tonu Korvits and Veiji Tormis, as well as Georgs Pelecis, Peteris Vasks and Erik Esenvalds (Latvia); and Zibuokle Martinaityte (Lithuania).

9pm | Evening Serenade | classical
Hosted by Andrew Morgan

As the day ends join Andrew Morgan for an evening filled with soothing classical compositions, including favorites such as the orchestrations of Debussy's Clair de Lune and the enchanting Gymnopédies Erik Satie. We'll create a serene atmosphere as you unwind and find solace in the world of classical music.

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Tue Dec 5

7am | Copland Goes Hollywood | classical
Hosted by Ken Nail

Aaron Copland's works are an integral part of the American classical music repertoire. But you may be surprised to hear how much music he composed for the silver screen. Join Ken Nail as he presents music intended for the movies by (and inspired by) Aaron Copland.

9am | Jazz-Influenced Classical Music | classical
Hosted by Louise Largiader

Classical music has often incorporated elements or material from popular music of the composer's time. Explore jazz-inspired favorites from the Roaring 20s and beyond with Louise.

11am | Meetings and Farewells | classical
Hosted by Miriam Gordon-Stewart

Miriam Gordon- Stewart, co-Founder and Artistic Director of Victory Hall Opera brings us the moments in opera and song cycles where two characters meet for the first time, paired with their partings.

1pm | Celebrating Emahoy | classical
Hosted by Nathan Moore

The music of the pianist Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guèbrou seemed to reflect every area of her extraordinary life. She was immersed in Ethiopian traditional music, then trained in classical violin and piano, embraced early jazz, and later became an Orthodox nun. She passed away earlier this year at age 99, leaving behind canon of solo piano works that stands apart from any other composer.

3pm | The Heifetz On Air Holiday Preview | classical
Hosted by Ben Roe

Join Heifetz President & Heifetz On Air host Benjamin K. Roe for a preview of the Heifetz Institute's annual Holiday Tour, featuring the brilliant young alumni of the world-renowned Heifetz International Music Institute. Ben will share some "Notes of Christmas Past," with some Heifetz-flavored seasonal favorites, including glittering solo works, Baroque gems, chamber masterworks, and some special Yuletide treats for listeners of all faiths. Hallelujah!

5pm | Flute Family Music | classical
Hosted by Thann Ward & Penelope Ward

The flute family consists of more than just the flute and the piccolo. While we will hear works for those instruments, we will also explore the sounds of other members like the ocarina and the shakuhaci.

7pm | A Sound Approach to Happiness | classical
Hosted by Lama Tashi & Matt Fritts

Lama Tashi, who was the first Buddhist monk in solo performance to be nominated for a Grammy award for his 2006 album "Tibetan Master Chants," will be live in the WTJU studios to share his powerful multi-phonic chanting as a way to access innate qualities of wisdom, compassion, empowerment, healing, and protection. Lama Tashi was the Principal Chant Master of Drepung Loseling Monastery, one of the largest monasteries of H.H. the Dalai Lama. In addition to his musical talents, he holds the Geshe Lharampa degree - a degree equivalent to a Ph.D. in modern academia—and for 15 years he served as the Principal and Director of the Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies, where he taught Buddhist Philosophy at University level students.

9pm | Not Quite Mozart | classical
Hosted by Ken Nail

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart exemplifies the elegance and cosmopolitan sound of the Classical Period. But he wasn't alone. Join us as we explore some of the lesser-known artists of this influential period in Western music.

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Wed Dec 6

7am | All In The Family | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves and Shari Barbour

Sometimes talent in inherited. Join Ralph and Shari as they showcase some musical dynasties – the Mozarts (three generations), the Bachs (multiple generations), the Mendelssohns (siblings), the Strausses (two generations), the Scarlattis (two generations) and more!

9am | Ben Rous's Symphonic Favorites | classical
Hosted by Ben Rous

Associate Professor of Music (Conducting) and Music Director of the Charlottesville Symphony at the University of Virginia, Benjamin Rous shares with us some of his symphonic favorites.

11am | On Stage | classical
Hosted by Shari Barbour and Ralph Graves

From curtain-raising overtures to show-stopping ballets, Shari and Ralph will be sharing some of the most thrilling classical works to hit the stage. Operas, ballets, singspiels, masques – it’s all fair game! You might be surprised at how many of these classics you already know!

1pm | Works Without Opus | classical
Hosted by Andrew Morgan

Join Andrew Morgan for a unique musical journey into the lesser-known treasures of renowned composers. While composers like Beethoven are celebrated for their opus-numbered masterpieces, they also left behind hidden gems that remained unnumbered. In this show, we'll unearth these captivating compositions, shedding light on the often-overlooked works that offer a different perspective on their genius.

3pm | Arnold Popkin Profile | classical
Hosted by John Fisher

We look at the career of pianist Arnold Popkin.

5pm | Mandolin in the Classical World | classical
Hosted by George Dayton

Most music lovers know about classical guitar, but not as many are aware that the mandolin is also widely used in classical music, either solo, in combination with other mandolins or accompanied by small ensembles or orchestras. Join us as we feature some of the best mandolin players in the world perform classical music.

7pm | Banging the Drum for Female Composers | classical
Hosted by I-Jen Fang

Associate Professor in Percussion at the University of Virginia, Principal Timpanist and Percussionist for Charlottesville Symphony, and Director of Percussion Ensemble, I-Jen Fang shares some of her favorite female composers.

9pm | Bela Nature | classical
Hosted by Brendan O'Donnell

The show is about how nature inspired Bartók’s compositions, and how his love for Bohemian folk music drove his belief in the relationship, rather than the opposition, between nature and culture.

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Thu Dec 7

7am | Remembering André Watts | classical
Hosted by Matt Fritts

For six decades, the legendary Black American pianist André Watts awed audiences with his mighty technique and magnetic charm. He performed as soloist with most of the world's finest orchestras, and his accolades include a Grammy Award for Best New Classical Artist in 1964, the Avery Fisher Prize in 1988, and the National Medal of Arts in 2011. In the wake of his death earlier this year, we’ll revisit some of Watts’ most virtuosic recordings of Liszt (his idol), Chopin, Gershwin, and more!

9am | The Misnamed Operas of Verdi | classical
Hosted by Leanne Clement

Giuseppe Verdi wrote some of the greatest vocal roles for women in all of opera. However, he rarely titled his operas after them, even when they were the central figure. Dr. Leanne Clement, General Director of Charlottesville Opera, presents an array of Verdi's heroines and discusses the composer's varied presentation of women throughout his operas. Opera selections will include Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, Aida, Falstaff, La Traviata, and more. 

11am | A Little Something for Everyone Else | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves and Shari Barbour

Each Friday morning at 9 am Shari Barbour hosts “A Little Something for Everyone.” Heard exclusively on, it’s a light and breezy take on the classics. Ralph and Shari will be presenting a special fund-raising edition of this popular program, simulcast on and, for the first time, WTJU!

1pm | Schubert the Melodist | classical
Hosted by Tim Snider

Even though he never composed a successful opera, Schubert’s music is saturated with melody. His lieder are among the finest in the genre and are sung by the most noteworthy exponents of the art song. His piano music is as tuneful as Chopin’s, and his chamber music remains a favorite among listeners and performers alike. Join us as we sample some of the music of one of the great melodists of the 19th Century.

3pm | Sacred Singing | classical
Hosted by Michael Slon

Michael Slon, Professor and Director of Choral Music at the University of Virgini, brings us two hours of Sacred Singing.

5pm | Holiday at the Symphony | classical
Hosted by Allen Hench

Join Allen Hench for Holidays at Symphony Hall. While Bach and George Frederick are well-beloved for Christmas music, we will explore works, primarily orchestral. We will hear composers like Finzi, Rimsky-Korsadov, plus works by Vitezslava Kapralova, Vicotr Hely-Hutchinson, Corelli, and others.

Be surprised by Duke Ellington’s arrangement of a Christmas classic. In addition, Symphonic conductor Kate Tamarkin will chime in during our program as we revisit an interview where she describes her love of a Christmas classic, by Carlo Menotti.

Join us: Thursday, December 7, at 5:00 p.m.

7pm | No-Vocal Music Inspired by Folk Song | classical
Hosted by Penelope Ward

Folk songs can be portrayed in many ways. Oftentimes, we hear them as songs but every so often, composers feel the need to have instruments sing the words. Join us as we listen to both familiar and unfamiliar interpretations of folk songs.

9pm | An Evening with the Boston Pops | classical
Hosted by Ken Nail

For over 100 years, The Boston Pops have delighted concert goers with their blend of light classical and popular music arrangements. Enjoy two hours of great pops programming, conducted by Arthur Fiedler, John Williams, and Keith Lockhart. 

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Fri Dec 8

7am | Latino, Ladino | classical
Hosted by Liesbeth

Sephardic, Hanukkah, and Christmas music

9am | Baroque Music of Advent and Christmas | classical
Hosted by Fiona Hughes

Artistic Director of Three Notch'd Road, the Virginia Baroque Ensemble, Fiona Hughes will share some of her favoritesfrom the German Baroque (Praetorius and Bach) as well as England and early America. Ensembles will include Three Notch'd Road in addition to the Boston Camerata, The Waverly Consort, and The Handel + Haydn Society. Performers will include the best early music specialists on both sides of the Atlantic.

11am | Choral Harmonies: Ancient to Modern | classical
Hosted by Duffy Dillinger

A Chronology of Choral Works: Selections of master choral works throughout the ages, from Tallis to Whitacre. Sacred music and madrigals plus other gorgeous blends of harmony from the best choirs in the world.

1pm | String Arrangements of Bjork | classical
Hosted by Tracey Crehan Gerlach

Classically-trained musician Bjork uses gorgeous string quartets, the harp, and entire orchestras in her music. We will explore these compositions, the creative ways she weaves classical music into her unique sound, as well as the composers and contemporaries who influenced her.

3pm | Classical Guitar Music Around the World | classical
Hosted by Don Melcher and Michael Pillow

We often associate classical guitar music with Spain and Latin America, for good reason. This show will take a look at classical guitar music and musicians from all over the world.

5pm | Women Composers: Past and Present | classical
Hosted by Jay Jackson

Women composers were openly discriminated against through much of music history. Nevertheless, there are a few women who went against the tide in every musical era. This will be an overview of female composers from Hildegard von Bingen to Jennifer Higdon.

7pm | On With The Show: Orchestral Broadway | classical
Hosted by James Scales

On a special Classical Marathon episode, On With the Show presents a collection of overtures and instrumental arrangements from the world of musical theatre. From the Carousel ballet to West Side Story’s Dance at the Gym, enjoy two hours of symphonic show tunes!

9pm | What to Do With Four Hours of Daylight | classical
Hosted by Brendan O'Donnell

Taking its title from the amount of daylight on Iceland on the winter solstice, this show highlights music from the Arctic about winter.

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Sat Dec 9

7am | At the Ballet | classical
Hosted by Carl Hamilton

A chronological tour through ballet selections, from Lully and Gluck, to Stravinksy and Prokofiev.

9am | But is it Classical? | classical
Hosted by Peter Jones

WTJU's Folk Director sets about to see if he can prove to the listeners if what he will present is indeed Classical music. As a special challenge, he has only been given one hour to make his case.

10am | The Christmas Oratorio | classical
Hosted by Ann Shaffer

The Christmas Oratorio (Weihnachtsoratorium, BWV 248) of Johann Sebastian Bach was composed for the Festival of Christmas in 1734-35.  It tells the story of Christmas in six cantatas, each written to be performed on one of the six feast days of the season (December 25 - January 6).  It was first performed in St. Nicholas' Church, Leipzig, on that season's feast days, just as the composer intended.  Today it is almost always performed as a single work.

1pm | Michael Latsko's Musical Mashup LIVE from Arizona | classical
Hosted by Michael Latsko

Although he lives over 2000 miles away now, Michael Latsko returns to the air for 2 hours to mash up music he regularly played on WTJU for 30 years - organ music (The King of Instruments) and all manner of choral music (Evensong, The English Anthem).

3pm | John Williams: Classical Guitarist | classical
Hosted by Steve Dressel

A look at the career of award winning guitarist John Williams . He is a multi-faceted musician who arranged pieces from almost all eras of classical music both as a soloist and a member of ensembles , he was an avid collaborator. We'll also listen to some of his own compositions and music from other genres.

5pm | John Williams: Composer | classical
Hosted by Madeline Paczkowski

Film scores and original works from the 91 year young Oscar winning legend.

7pm | Together in Song | classical
Hosted by Patricia Smith

Discover the harmonious voices of local choirs and composers, and celebrate the profound musical legacy of Central Virginia's choral tradition.

9pm | The Lost World of Light Music | classical
Hosted by Uncle Dave Lewis

Starting in the 19th century "Light Music" was a term used to describe lighter, less serious classical music. It reached its peak of popularity during the Golden Age of Radio, where major radio networks had "directors of Light Music" that kept it in constant rotation. This program will take a fond look back at this hidden gem of classical music.

11pm | Classical Overnight | classical
Hosted by Ralph Graves

Join Ralph Graves as he wiles away the late evening and early morning hours with glorious music. He'll be featuring recent recordings and even some music of the season!

Sun Dec 10

7am | 4 Seasons/The Planets | classical
Hosted by Madeline Paczkowski

Though Holst's "The Planets" and Vivaldi's "4 Seasons" are two quite famous works and are often played in part over the radio and in media, they are rarely performed in these settings as whole works, as they are in concert. In this program, these two very different aspects of the natural world will be displayed in a joint performance, showcasing each in their entirety.

9am | Inspired by Shakespeare | classical
Hosted by Carl Hamilton

Music from overtures, intermezzos, and operas inspired by Shakespeare, stretching over 400 years

11am | High Mountains and Flowing Water: Music of East Asia | classical
Hosted by Patricia Smith

Delve into the works of notable composers like Isang Yun and Tōru Takemitsu, as well as traditional pieces that have transcended time. From the enchanting sounds of the erhu to the gentle plucking of the guqin, immerse yourself in a musical journey that transcends borders and celebrates the diversity of East Asian musical traditions.

1pm | A New Sound: Best of 2023 | classical
Hosted by Brian Simalchik

A celebaration and countdown of our favorite new music recordings released in 2023

3pm | Samson et Dalila | classical
Hosted by Ann Shaffer, Tim Snider, and Brendan O'Donnell

Your Sunday hosts bring you a Biblical epic saturated with Romantic sensibility. This most popular of the operas of Camille Saint-Saëns is a star vehicle for a dramatic tenor and a sultry mezzo-soprano. You will hear a complete performance of this colorful work along with more examples of late French Romantic opera during this special Marathon edition of the Sunday Opera Matinee.

7pm | Handel's Messiah | classical
Hosted by WTJU Classical Hosts

The yearly tradition returns! Join members of WTJU's Classical Department for the penultimate program of the marathon: a broadcast of the complete Messiah.

10pm | Country Strings | classical
Hosted by Radio Wowsville Gang

String arrangements in country and western music