Mon Apr 13

7am Classitronic rock

Classical music with an electronic twist. (Think Max Richter, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Boulez...)

9am Tortoise rock

Tune in as we take a Left of Cool look at the Chicago-based post-rock collective known as Tortoise. Our journey will incorporate elements of krautrock, dub, minimal music, electronica, and jazz.

12pm The Rum Cove's Teenage 1979 New Wave/ Mod Revival Extravaganza rock

The year of 1979 was an exciting one for The Rum Cove. Having seen his first show (The Damned and The Dead Boys) in late '77, 1978 saw shows by The Clash and The Jam attended, but in 1979 the floodgates opened as his studies took a back seat and seeing live Punk, New Wave, Post Punk and Two Tone Ska bands took over his life as well as his continued love of seeing the London soccer team Arsenal play. Tune in as The Rum Cove visits the sounds of those great live acts he saw in 1979. The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, Gang of 4, The Damned, The Human League, XTC,The Undertones, The Specials, The Selector, Madness, The Jam, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks and The Members are just some of the great bands that he will revisit as part of The Rum Cove's 1979 Teenage New Wave and Punk Extravaganza!

2pm Lonely Is An Eyesore: A Tribute to 4AD records rock

Join DJLP and Ciclamino as they rummage around in the 4AD catalog. Home to Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Pixies, The Breeders, Modern English, This Mortal Coil, and many more!

4pm Jimi Hendrix COVERS! rock

Just in case you’re wondering who played the most noteworthy versions of Jimi’s songs, join the Professor for a survey. Some of the offerings include Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Living Color, Stevie Ray Vaughan, even Fiona Apple! And, of course, we’ll even play some by Jimi himself!!

7pm Making PROGress rock

Prog is an umbrella genre, a mixture of many genres with the binding point of odd meters and rhythmically experimental ideas at the center of its approach. From its psychedelic origins over a half-century ago, through concept albums and high art, and to modern formations like Math Rock, Prog has a rich history and many emotional facets. Come make musical progress with Ryan, Will, & WTJU!

9pm Coil rock

"A coil is a spiral and the spiral is a universal shape.” This is what John Balance said in 1983 of the name of his and Sleazy’s legendary Post-industrial duo, COIL. It came to him by ‘instinct’ and has left us intrigued. Recently, a series of COIL’s archival sessions were released, bringing us more insight into their influential, yet mysterious career. We have the Musick that will show you how to destroy angels.

11pm The Warehouse rock

The rattling, grinding, and throbbing inside of anonymous shipping containers and abandoned factories have been the site for some of the most progressive music we have seen in the last seventy years.  From the Velvet Underground and Throbbing Gristle to Chino Amobi and Lotic.  Within these walls has seen movements from industrial to techno and beyond

Tue Apr 14

1am 757 Hip hop rock

From the Atlantic coast to further inland, the hip hop scene of Hampton Roads is vibrant and artists abound. Tune in to hear what the 757 has to say!

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am New Age rock

Wake up and go to sleep at the same time. A history of “new age” music - sounds that ease and elevate. Serenity, bliss, and cosmic wonder drift on gentle winds. Inspiring synths, distant flutes, and probably an Enya song. 

9am Nerdcore Rising rock

As traditional geek hobbies and interest become more mainstream there has been an explosion Nerdcore, the genre of hip hop that embraces obscure computer games from the 80s, comics, movies, and even literature. Join Todd L as he explores this niche genre of rap, and artists such as Optimus Rhyme, MC Lars, Mega Ran, and more.

12pm Bad For You: Hard Country rock

Hand-picked, artisanal, half-spilled cold-beer-with-a-fly-in-it country music for your Tuesday afternoon. Throw some sawdust on the floor of your quarantine space of choice and boot scoot with your dog to these unheralded jams representing both kinds of music: country and western. We left all the songs with auto-tune and endorsement deals back at the office, and we aren't allowed back there for at least two more weeks, so WTJU is presenting two hours of gutbucket anthems from good ole boys and gals who may not all be outlaws, but at least have a few misdemeanors under their belts.

2pm YOTARS A-Z rock

Pledge / request your favorite band for each letter of the alphabet as Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show rolls through 26 high quality jams.  Top pledge wins the letter!  Possible band picks and room for suggestions to be made available in advance. 

4pm 50 Songs for 50 States rock

Every state seems to get a song now... Life, Love, Doubt, Breakfast, Dinner all have named anthems, some more than one.  So what about the fifty odd occurring just south of the Forty Ninth? A survey here, with some standards and some non-standards, and perhaps some tasteful ditties composed just for the occasion. Get your Atlas and your Bingo Marker and tune in Bruce the K takes a road trip of sorts.

7pm 1966-1975: The Golden Age of the Double Album rock

Dylan started it with “Blonde on Blonde” and ended it with “The Basement Tapes.” In between, a handful of artists put out four sided masterpieces, then the only way to get an hour of new music to their fans. We’ll focus on the sides and songs you rarely played but should have.

9pm He Was Living in Cincinnati: The Underground World of Uncle Dave Lewis rock

We all know that our very own Uncle Dave Lewis, composer and host of "The Early Music Show," has uniquely rad taste in music. But did you know that the classical department DJ totally rocks, too? Back in the '70s, '80s, and beyond, Uncle Dave was in a slew of avant-garde punk and new wave bands, like Cincinnati's Qi-ZZ and 11,000 Switches; ran the Hospital Records label (home to Teddy and the Fratgirls and BPA, among others); served as a producer; co-hosted the "Art Damage" radio program, and so much more. Some of his recordings were included on the recent HoZac compilation "We Were Living in Cincinnati: Punk and Underground Sounds from Ohio's Queen City (1975-1982)," and in the liner notes, Peter Aaron of the Chrome Cranks writes that Uncle Dave is "one of the most important figures in all of Cincinnati underground music." But his influence doesn't end there. Need I say more? I didn't think so. Let's take a couple hours to spotlight the important contributions to rock music made by one of our own.

11pm The Kanye West Timeline rock

Join us on our deep dive into the individual storyline of the most revered artist of the 20th Century.

Wed Apr 15

1am Don Diablo vs Tchami: Titans of Future House rock

A dedicated exploration into music from two of the biggest names in the House subgenre known as Future House.

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am Your Morning Shag rock

We're talking about dancing, of course. Dancing to classic Carolina beach music. Relive memories with Bill Deal and the Rhondels, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, the Tams, the Chairmen of the Board, the Band from Oz and all your favorites.

9am The C&O Special - Cheese And Onions rock

Your favorite C&O ratfinks return with melty hearts, stanky breath, and a frying pan full of hot tracks. Tune in for Cheese and Onions, pledge for C&O gift certificates, and don’t forget to take your lactaid. 

12pm Band of Blues Brothers rock

We're on a mission from God (to raise funds for the Rock Marathon), so redeem yourselves and throw some money in the collection plate!  You'll get two hours of the Blues Brothers -- music from their albums, the movies, and individual members' main gigs and solo projects.  It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

2pm A tribute to the band Rush: 3 Is indeed a Magic Number rock

Ok, this really is a tribute to “The Professor," Neil Peart, the high school drop out who was solely responsible for making this band too bookish to have a chance at being cool.  However, Rush was great due to the sum of its few parts, its unique creative process, and the humble but ambitious vision they lived by.  Geddy, Alex and Neil are all masters of their craft. Their chemistry allowed them all to shine in ways they never would have without each other. Is it a gene? a Nerd test? What is it that separates those who 'hate his voice,' those who like them ok, and those who see them as so much more than a band? Rush has touched so many for so long. It is hard to find an artist, band, power trio who were so singular in their body of work or approach…for 4 decades! Neil’s creed as a master musician, remarkable lyricist/writer and an infinitely curious human permeated through a generation (in fact generations) of teenage outcasts, square pegs and nerds. He was a beacon of hope and inspiration, a reluctant role model and hero - far more than a drummer whom we lost too soon. Rush was just 3 dudes, but for so many, was so much more than a band. The most powerful power trio.

4pm Awesome Cover Toonz rock

Mostly familiar songs creatively covered by often lesser-known musicians.

7pm The Sophisti-Pop of Prefab Sprout rock

Singer-songwriter Paddy McAloon's band was one of the most critically acclaimed British acts of the 1980s. Its unique sound, deemed "sophisti-pop" by reviewers, made extensive use of electric keyboards, synthesizers, and polished arrangements. McAloon, a notorious perfectionist in the studio, only made ten albums with the group. "Point of Departure" DJ David Moltz will explore them all and make a case for why McAloon deserves to be regarded as one of the great songwriters of his era.

9pm John Medeski rock

Spend two hours with Matthew and DJ Funemployed as they provide an all-encompassing deep dive into the catalog and career of Professor Nohair, renowned keyboardist extraordinaire John Medeski.

11pm Cocteau Twins rock

Two hours of shimmering dream-pop from the masters, complete with soaring vocals and transcendent sonic textures.

Thu Apr 16

1am Rule Brittania rock

From The Streets to Mura Musa, discover the artists that shaped the modern UK hip-hop scene. Sit back in yer throne, turn off yer phone, 'cause this is our zone!

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am Aliens Ate My Radio rock

Songs about Outer Space, the Human Soul, and Other Unexplored Worlds

9am The Abbreviated History of Polishing The Ivories rock

Join the Professor for an introduction to or reminder of the greatest pianists in the history of rock and blues! Nothing before the 19th Century but you can expect Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elton John among others. Call in a pledge and demand your own choices as well!! Whop-bop-alooma-a wop-bam-boom!!!! ln the words of James Brown himself: Please! Please! Please!

12pm George – from the Beatles to Brainwashed rock

The music and influence of George Harrison from his work with the Beatles, his solo recordings, his film music, right through to Brainwashed, his final album.

2pm The Return of the Guilty Pleasures rock

It's okay to begrudgingly join the Thursday afternoon Rock DJs who bring you Carry the Zero for the Return of Guilty Pleasures. This is no excuse for us to play "terrible" music as you'll be taken to the place in your brain where you feel sublime as you can't help but to sing along and dance to those tracks you KNOW you love. The lightbulb will go off when we open this can of worms on the air. This is a safe space for your admiration of Britney, REO Speedwagon, or the Love Boat Theme. YOU can help us absolve your guilt by supporting the station by donating while we play the songs you might be too shy to admit you love.

4pm Fake Bands, Reel Music rock

Movies, TV shows, cartoons, and ads. Fake bands can be found in all these. Yet sometimes the music they make is really, really, good. We'll showcase Spinal Tap and the Rutles;  the Monkees and the Partridge Family; Josie and the Pussycats; Dewey Cox, the Commitments -- and many, many more!

7pm '60s Rock Stars Try '80s Synths rock

According to classic rock mythology, the '60s were the golden years, a time when artists like Neil Young, Eric Clapton, John Fogerty and Pete Townshend hammered authentic tunes on electric guitars. The 1980s, on the other hand, were a rock bottom of pop stars and synthesized fluff. Tonight, we shine a light on some of the music this story leaves out, bringing you synthesized glory produced by the titans of classic rock themselves, Young, Clapton, Fogerty and Townshend all among them. Dance the magic dance to two hours of the freakiest tracks that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame doesn't want you to hear.

9pm The Songwriting of Bert Berns rock

The Juddermeister curates an exploration of popular songs written by Bertrand Russell Berns (November 8, 1929 – December 30, 1967). He was an American songwriter and record producer of the 1960s. Berns's songwriting credits include "Twist and Shout," "Piece of My Heart," "Here Comes the Night," "Hang on Sloopy," and "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" performed by artists such as the Isley Brothers, the Drifters, Solomon Burke, Van Morrison, and the Beatles.

11pm Crass Records rock

Crass Records is one of the earliest examples of an underground, independent record label, and one of the most iconic and greatest of all time, too. Founded by the infamous UK punk band of the same name, the label’s releases combined radical politics with a sharp visual aesthetic and an eclectic mix of punk music ranging from raging hardcore, to proto goth rock, to experimental art rock and everything in between.

Fri Apr 17

1am Detroit House rock

Although House music has had a variety of forms and sounds since its inception in Chicago, Detroit House has always had its own unique and soulful flavor. Check out a selection of timeless house records from Detroit artists.

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am Soft and Warm: Quiet Storm rock

Let it pour and never stop.

9am Animals That Rock! rock

Why are there so many songs about animals? And why oh why are there so many bands named for animals? Have those musical questions answered as you listen and pledge to Animals That Rock! If you love animals, or rock, or WTJU, or all three, then you will not be disappointed. Of course I will feature some likely suspects such as The Byrds, The Turtles and T Rex. And the obligatory dog throwdown sub-set (Walkin' The Dog, Atomic Dog, Now I Wanna Be Your Dog, Hey Bulldog, Old King). On top of all that, I promise you some profound animal delving into unlikely living organisms.

12pm Peace, Love and Radio rock

Rock and pop music from 1962 - 1972.  Those wonderfully exciting days loosely referred to as the 1960’s, featuring artists like The Airplane, The Beatles, The Stones, The Experience, The Hollies, John Mayall, Fat Mattress, Motown, etc.  Headline acts and one-hit wonders; Big Hits and deep album cuts.  Bring your granny glasses and paisley shirts as we revisit the grooviest songs ever.

2pm Low Watt Shock Jocks rock

Baby Shampoo and Ronnie Burzofski get your motor running. For a slow ride. Take it easy. It’s a long way back from Hell. Expect plenty of gags and Deadbeat swag along the way.

4pm Fripp and Friends rock

Guitarist Robert Fripp is the leader of the seminal British progressive band King Crimson, who just celebrated their 50th anniversary.   Besides some Crimson classics, we’ll focus on Fripp as a sideman and producer lending his distinctive guitar sounds to works from David Bowie, Brian Eno, David Sylvian, No Man, the Roches, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, Andy Summers, Daryl Hall, Van der Graaf Generator, and more.

7pm Rock Against Racism: 1976-1981 rock

Brother Jimmy brings you the Punk aggro and homegrown Reggae that took on the rise of the National Front and neo-Nazism in the UK.

9pm Hip Hop Production rock

From funk and disco break beats, to looped snippets of catchy soul grooves, to the new reality of compositions cooked up with synthesizers and drum machines, Shea Butter and a few very special guests will steer you through the evolution of the Hip Hop sound.

11pm Deceit: The Music of This Heat rock

Post-punk? Avant prog?  Who cares what you call them, This Heat were one of the most potent and influential bands of the British experimental music landscape in the late 70s and early 80s.  Join Jordan for a deep dive into the band's small, but 'hot,' catalog.

Sat Apr 18

1am Sub Pop Records Rumble! rock

Mudhoney, Nirvana, Dickless and Tad. Oh my!

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am Levee Breakers rock

Early rock inspirations from the 1920 and 30s. From Cannon's Jug Stompers to Big Joe Williams to Memphis Minnie, we'll be diggin through the crates to dust off a few gems, starting your Saturday off right.

9am Late-Sixties British Psych rock

Mellotrons, Spaced-Out Guitars, Wymsical Lyrics and more add up to create this era of fantastic experimental music.

12pm UK Reggae rock

"With no opportunities in post-independence Jamaica, ex patriates fled to England for jobs.
They brought with them, a steady stream of new music from home.
It found new ears that had never heard such a thing.
And, kept the diaspora connected.
Bob Marley and The Wailers found a home there, for a brief time, in their lean days.
From it, came Blue Beat.
The second generation of ska.
Jackie Edwards.
The Clash.
The Specials. The Selector. Bad Manners.
Steel Pulse.
On-U and Pressure Sounds.
LKJ and Dennis Bovell.
John “Rotten” Lydon traveled to JA, and “discovered” Big Youth.
Mad Professor and Ariwa.
And, so much more.

Music finds a way.
In all weather.
And, comes to conquer.

It’s part of the 2020 WTJU Rock Marathon.
Forwarding the Word, Sound and Power.
Contribute, if you can.
The Music and the Message perseveres."

2pm Arthur Lee And His Psychedelic Band: Love rock

Led by brooding visionary Arthur Lee, Love was the most absorbing and versatile band to come out of ‘60s Los Angeles. From proto-punk to elegant psychedelia, Love eschewed dippy platitudes to assay the dark side not only of American society but of the counterculture itself. You probably know the celebrated classic Forever Changes; now join your Radio Freedonia hosts and fall deeper into Love.

4pm Pub rock rock

In the early 1970’s, a determined group of British rockers turned away from the extravagant and highly produced “rock” of the era, and returned to a more basic version of real rock n’ roll. Played in pubs across Britain, this became known as Pub Rock, and it helped spawn Stiff Records, Punk, and New Wave. Join us for a roaring good time with the likes of Dr. Feelgood, Ducks Deluxe, Killburn and the High Roads, The Tyla Gang, Brinsley Schwartz, the Solid Senders, and a bunch of others.  Remember, if it ain’t Stiff, it ain’t worth...

6pm I Know You Rider: A Survey rock

DJ Baconfat goes deep in the vaults to explore the ins and outs of "I Know You Rider" (aka "Woman Blue"), a traditional number that blossomed with the 60s folk revival but also has roots in the early blues. Of course we'll hear well-known versions from the Grateful Dead and Joan Baez, but we'll also get down with musical and lyrical cousins, some of which may surprise you.

8pm Time Flowing Backwards: The New Zealand Sound rock

Ranging from a flurry of post-punk-inspired labels forming in NZ in the early 1980s, like Auckland’s Propeller Records, to an effort to capture original music in Christchurch in the mid-80’s via Flying Nun Records, to championing the emerging music of Dunedin in the 90’s by Xpressway Records, to labels that continued, followed (Arch Hill, Fishrider), and even reissued (e.g., Captured Tracks, Dais, Ally Records) to the present, tune in to "Time Flying Backwards" for some of the best bands NZ has produced over the years – The Pin Group, The Clean, The Chills, Toy Love, Nocturnal Projections, This Kind of Punishment, The Cakekitchen, The Bats, and more. NZ Music Hall of Fame inductee and member of The Clean and The Bats, Robert Scott, designed this year’s stellar Rock Marathon t-shirt, 30 years after his first t-shirt design for WTJU. There will be some special premiums available as well!

11pm Queercore rock

In a time where the Reagan administration, the mainstream gay community, and consumer culture acted to further marginalize queer people, Queercore delivered the anti-assimilationist backhand that challenged everyone. Regardless of sexuality, gender, and cultural lines, Queercore sought to expose conformity and reclaim punk and queer ethos that was being bought and sold by corporate America. Bruce LaBruce, Queercore figurehead and architect of foundational Queercore zine, J.D.s (Juvenile Delinquents), said it best; it was about putting “the gay back in punk and the punk back in gay” (Jones and LaBruce, 1989: 30). This show will display bands such as Nervous Gender, Longstocking, Fifth Column, Tribe 8, Dicks, The Apostles, Anti-Scrunti Faction, and many more that could be described as “Queercore.” Not confined to any time period, I seek to share the ideas and music of Queercore with the world.

Sun Apr 19

1am Magnolia House Rock rock

Magnolia House has been bringing intimate house concerts to Charlottesville for over a decade. From standout touring bands to notable local bands, the roster boasts all genres of music including electronic, rap, pop, punk, metal, folk, free jazz, and primitive guitar. Join Zostress and Sam (man behind the Mag House bookings) as they share selections (and maybe a few stories) from the long list of awesome Magnolia House artists.

3am Rock Through the Night rock

Programming for insomniacs

7am Poets Rock, Vol. 4 rock

Two hours of specially curated poetry and spoken word designed to make you reevaluate the potential of audio as a medium for conveying ideas.

9am Spirit in the Sky rock

Ontological Rock that Goes Beyond Sex and Drugs (okay, maybe some sex and drugs are involved) 

12pm Paul Revere and the Raiders rock

From their seminal first recording of "Louie Louie" to their heyday as patriot-garbed hit makers ("Good Thing," "Kicks," "Hungry") to their current Quentin Tarantino-fueled revival, Goldfinger and Don explore the deep catalog of one of the most underrated groups in rock 'n' roll. This is where the action is!

2pm Marshall Tucker rock

Tune in for two hours of classic South Carolinian country jazz. It’s sure to keep your boots scootin’ and toe tappin’.

4pm Joy Division > New Order rock

The death of Ian Curtis was the end of Joy Division and the beginning of New Order, two celebrated British bands whose influence spans goth-rock to electronic dance music.  DJs Ciclamino and ANDROID will expound on why these bands have made such a lasting impression while playing their favorite tracks.  If you want to hear your favorite song, let us know as you make a donation!

7pm The Late Great Daniel Johnston rock

A tribute to outsider musician and visual artist, Daniel Johnston. Rest in peace.

9pm The Back Alley rock

For every "London Calling" and "Heart of Glass" that emerged in the prime period of punk and new wave there were dozens of thrilling, dynamic and groundbreaking efforts that sank without a trace. Uncle Dave Lewis has a long memory for such things, having spent those years playing in underground bands and working in record stores. Named after a 1980s radio program hosted by Dee DeVoe which showcased such music, "The Back Alley" will expose the backrooms and byways of the rock underground before it became a mere 'alternative.'

11pm Product Placement rock

We're not selling out, we're buying in. Don and Rick of Radio Wowsville interrupt this marathon for two hours of the finest audio product placement in rock, from The Drifters hawking Calamine Lotion to the Beach Boys spilling Coke all over your blouse. We'll also feature rare jingles, radio commercial spots, and maybe even a word or two about Bo Diddley's favorite bail bondsman. Order now!!

Mon Apr 20

1am Flex Your Head rock

DC calling! Join Ciclamino for 2 hours of music out of DC.