Mon Apr 19

7am Aliens Ate My Radio 2: The Airwaves Strike Back rock

Join your guide, Captain Kirk Skywalker, for two more hours of Interstellar Sounds from the Outer Rim.

9am Broken Social Scene rock

Broken Social Scene is a Canadian musical collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members, formed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Most of its members play in various other groups and solo projects, mainly in Toronto, including Metric, Stars, Feist and Do Make Say Think.

12pm Dave’s Soul Revue A-Go-Go rock

Dave of Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show brings his best soul tunes with a side order of go-go to blow up your mind for a pledge of support in the Rock Marathon lunchtime.

2pm Vintage Industrial Dance Music: White Guys Yelling About Meat rock

Front 242, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Die Warzau, KMFDM, Alec Empire... they’re all here, white and heavy and incredibly dumb.

4pm More Awesome Covers rock

For our fourth year, we'll bring you a variety of well-known tunes covered by less-familiar musicians.

6pm 1951 rock

There may not have been an expression for "Rock" music in 1951, but the foundation of the music was shaking the country! Join Professor Bebop for beats, bops and blasts provided by Fats Domino, Muddy Waters, Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown, Big Joe Turner and many others who shook the rafters from coast to coast! Get hip to the jive with the beats and blasts of the proto-ROCK of 1951!

7pm Old Fogeys Do the Rock rock

When the 1990s came it became clear in the country music field that the old names that had decorated the charts for decades were no longer going to hang on; however, with the 1960s the stars of jazz and mainstream pop weren't quite ready to give up the gavel just yet. Listen as Uncle Dave reveals the stunning and sometimes downright unbelievable contributions made in rock by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington and other established figures in entertainment.

9pm Alex Chilton vs. Jonathan Richman rock

These two gifted eccentrics founded iconic bands — the power-pop Big Star by Chilton, and proto-punk The Modern Lovers by Richman — before venturing into even further uncharted territory as quirky solo artists. Who's better? Join "Point of Departure" DJ David Buie-Moltz for a great musical debate!

11pm Odd Future rock

Tyler, The Creator; Hodgy Beats; Earl Sweatshirt and more - enjoy two hours of the endlessly interesting LA hip hop collective known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Tue Apr 20

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am Gentle Prog rock

The 1970s progressive rock scene was known primarily for its epic bombast: shredding guitar and synth solos that seemed to last an eternity, concept albums based on ancient myths and legends, and Spinal Tap levels of ridiculous stage antics. Still, on almost every prog album there would appear at least one track where the electric guitars and synths were briefly powered down and a more gentle, pastoral air would enter the studio. This show aims to celebrate these brief moments of gentle prog, when the mood of the proceedings leaned closer to the valleys of Rivendell than the peaks of Mt. Doom. Tune in and get gentle with us!

9am Steve Cropper rock

Down in Memphis, Steve Cropper offered laid back guitar intensity that set Memphis and ultimately the world on fire! Stax-Volt house guitarist Cropper composed and performed with Wilson Pickett, The Blues Brothers, Booker T & The MGs, William Bell, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas and many others. Positively guaranteed to put a dip in your hip and a glide in your slide! Join the Professor with some of the hippest tunes ever heard on the planet! Laid back soul - a hipster's rock'n'roll!

12pm Stevie “Guitar” Miller rock

Before "The Joker" came to dominate the pop charts in the 70’s, Steve Miller was another white boy with a yen for the blues and an open mind, who went west and had his mind expanded, coming up with some of the most interesting sounds to come out of the Peace and Love era. His early works still sound great - check them out on a very special Kitchen Sink during WTJU’s 2021 Rock Marathon.

2pm The Mother(sbaugh)lode rock

We feel it's our duty now for the future to explore the career of Mark Mothersbaugh. From Devo to Musik for Insomniaks, from video game music and original scores for the Rugrats cartoon, the LEGO movies, Wes Anderson films, he's done it all. He's even rearranged Devo songs for easy listening (not that they're hard to listen to in their original form). Mothersbaugh's endless creativity and innovation have delighted listeners of all ages and inspired countless bands to keep the new wave moving. Don your energy domes, spuds, and prepare give in to this uncontrollable urge, satisfaction guaranteed.

4pm LA PSYCH! rock

While San Francisco is known for its classic psychedelic bands, Los Angeles was able to hold its own with the likes of Love, The Doors, Spirit and many more.

6pm 1961 rock

Had you asked the staff of Rolling Stone in 1980 about 1961, they would've told you it was the worst year in rock history; a dreary year of teen balladeers, with Buddy Holly dead and The Beatles yet to come. Uncle Dave Lewis was born in 1961 and has had, since childhood, a special interest in the pop of music of that year. He is planning to prove that there was a lot more to 1961 than "Tossin' and Turnin'"; 1961 was a year that looked forward to the future, in step with the spirit and enthusiasm of President Kennedy, while carrying forward good influences from the past and luxuriating in a glorious present.

7pm The Cocteau Twins rock

Songs from the Cocteau Twins.

9pm 25 Years of DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing" rock

The songs behind the songs, with your favorite DJ savior. Nobody really remembers why hip hop supposedly sucked in '96, but "it's the money" that makes things happen at WTJU, so tune in and pledge.

11pm Royal Trux rock

Blowing out of the maelstrom of the 1980s DC Punk scene, Royal Trux influenced The White Stripes and many others. RTX once played a WTJU benefit show, and they’re still making music. Tune in to hear the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band you may have never heard.

Wed Apr 21

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am TSOP rock

The Sound of Philadelphia ruled the airways from 1968-1975. Ralph Graves journeys back to the sound shaped by Bunny Sigler, Kenny Gamble, and Leon Huff. You'll hear the Three Degrees, the Spinners, McFadden and Whitehead, Lou Rawls, and other greats from Philadelphia International Records. And (of course) more than a few deep cuts as well! Wake up Wednesday to a return to good times and funk with a bow tie!

9am From Laurel Canyon to Liverpool - Byrds, Beach Boys and Beatles '64 -'66 rock

From Mr. Tambourine Man to Rubber Soul, Pet Sounds to Sergeant Pepper's, these iconic bands listened intensely to each other and incorporated new ideas back and forth, respectfully but deeply competitive. Join us as we track the trans-Atlantic flow of musical ideas.


Assalamu Aleikum ya shabaab! Join DJ Al and Habibi Jack for two hours of psychedelic sounds from Arabic-speaking and Islamic countries. From North Africa (the rockin' Moroccan Fadoul), to the Levant (the sweet Palestinian sounds of Al Bara'em), to the Gulf (Bahraini groove masters Shark's Band), to the new jams of the diaspora, and beyond (maybe even to our neighbors in Iran and Turkey). This Ramadan, keep your radio tuned (at a respectful level) to WTJU.

2pm Unsung Heroes of the Acid Underground rock

From Europe to the United States, many bands that defined the psychedelic era of the 60’s have fallen into obscurity. We’ll bring you some lesser heard tunes from bands that populated stages from the UFO Club in London to the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. Enjoy high tea on a Wednesday afternoon with the likes of Dantalion’s Chariot, The Deviants, Caravan, Kak, Fifty Foot Hose, and many more.

4pm 70’s Space Rock rock

Music from Hawkwind, Gong, Amon Duul II, Nektar and more.

6pm 1971 rock

1971. It is the year many Boomers say is the greatest in music history. Stairway. What's Going On. Joni Mitchell's Blue. Maggot Brain. Fela and Ginger. There's a case to be made. But how can that be true when that's also when they canceled Hee Haw? WTJU will spend an hour rejecting categorical declarations and taking a dive deep into the dusty, half-century-old archives of the year in music you love to love. There's layers to it, y'all.

7pm A Decade of Unknown Mortal Orchestra! rock

Join Dave from Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show to celebrate the entire catalog of the strange New Zealand band with the weirdly inverted / subverted pop sensibility... glittering tunes from society’s decline, all for your pledge of support to freeform community radio.

9pm Nels Cline, Guitar Explorer rock

Guitarist, composer and band leader Nels Cline seems to have reached that rare stratum for a boundary busting musician. Even before his star turn with Wilco, he was releasing one wildly eclectic album after another. But now, with a new well-received recording on Blue Note, and having appeared on various Rolling Stone "greatest guitarist..." lists, he has achieved widespread acceptance as a major modern talent. Tune in for a showcase of gems from Nels's early experimental work on the Cryptogrammophone and Atavistic labels, through his Wilco recordings, to his current rock informed jazz projects. Pledge for your favorites.

11pm Electronic Music is Rock Music rock

Here at WTJU, electronic music fits squarely into the purview of the Rock Department.  That also makes sense because rock musicians love experimenting with alternative means of producing sounds and they often put down the guitars to play with synthesizers, computers, etc.  We'll make the case that electronic music belongs on the airwaves and is an important member of the WTJU Rock family.

Thu Apr 22

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am Tangerines on Film rock

One of the most prolific forces in electronic music from the '70s until now, Tangerine Dream have scored over 50 films and released countless albums.  This is an exploration into some of the many lovely movie scores done by Tangerine Dream.

9am The Wonder of Stevie rock

Stevie Wonder (b. 1950) is one of the most prolific musicians and songwriters working in American music today. Singer, songwriter, player of multiple instruments, arranger, producer, award winner, electronic music pioneer, Wonder has done it all. A star from the age of 11, his Motown recordings in the 1970s pushed R&B in new directions and helped drive the genre into the LP album era. He has used both his music and his celebrity to draw attention to civil rights issues and lead the call for social change. Join us for three hours of the wonder of Stevie.

12pm Bad For You - Hard Country Music rock

WTJU cuts out of work on a Thursday afternoon, puts on all denim, and rolls up to the studio with a 30 rack of mass market domestics to bring you and yours two hours of unheralded, high-time, hard-rolling country anthems. These are the sounds of the spiritual descendants of Waylon, Loretta, and Dwight who are kicking in Nashville's radar without being precious about it. We'll call it an annual tradition, and if you aren't getting kicked out of an Applebee's for trying to smoke inside afterwards, we left too much in the tank.

2pm Hey! rock

The hosts from your beloved Carry the Zero show, who have brought you such joy with previous marathon shows like Guilty Pleasures and a show with songs only focusing on the number 7, are back with a truly fun two hours of programming. This is a show where all the songs played will contain one of the best exclamations that has no trouble in getting your attention: Hey! In true WTJU style, we'll shy away from the obvious titles (sorry Pink Floyd & The Beatles) but every song will be an adventure until we're all saying "Hey! I love this radio station!" It's going to be a LOT of fun -- we'll probably play Outkast. . . . 

4pm Peace, Love, and Radio rock

Rock and pop music from 1962 - 1972.  Those wonderfully exciting days loosely referred to as the 1960’s, featuring artists like The Airplane, The Beatles, The Stones, The Experience, The Easybeats, The Sonics, Motown etc.  Headline acts and one-hit wonders; Big Hits and deep album cuts.  Bring your granny glasses and paisley shirts as we revisit the grooviest songs ever.

6pm 1981 rock

Hip hop and synth pop burst from the underground into the limelight, rubbing shoulders with arena rock, post-disco, and treacly ballads. Meantime, independent bands, clubs and labels and cultivated a vital underground. Join Poubelle and friends for an hour of the glorious mess that was 1981.

7pm Practically Perfect Piano rock

There were many keyboard players who were members of the band, such as Freddie Mercury and Ray Manzarek, but there were also many session musicians whose names we don’t always know, but who made many a rock song spectacular. Practically Perfect Piano will name those names and play those songs as we celebrate the wizards of the keyboard.

9pm Tom Waits rock

The Juddermeister tackles a song playlist for one of the most wonderful songwriters of all time. While Tom’s singing and showmanship cannot be replaced, there have been many artists who have performed his songs. We will curate our favorites by such artists as Dave Alvin, John Hammond, Jr, The Holmes Brothers, Southside Johnny, Warren Haynes & Gov’t Mule, plus others, along with the man himself. 

11pm Punk Rock in the Carolinas rock

A history of punk music in North and South Carolina.

Fri Apr 23

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am On the Street Corner: The Doo Wop Sound rock

Travel back in time and sing along to the finger-snapping, toe-tapping tunes of the doo wop groups of the 1950s. Enjoy favorites like the Five Satins, the Ink Spots, the Platters, the Diamonds, the Crests, the Coasters, the Cadillacs, the Orioles, the Moonglows, Dion & the Belmonts, Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, and more.

9am Trampled Under Covers rock

On Friday morning catch WTJU's soon-to-be-infamously dangerous combustible duo of rock and jazz disc jockeys Don Paul Jones and Bonzo Keena as we sample offbeat and obscure covers of the band you know you hate to love, Led Zeppelin. Featuring musical oddities by The Dickies, Killdozer, The Nowtet, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Vitamin String Quartet, Ike & Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, AND MORE, you can tune in and witness the heavenly sonic ascent preceding our ultimate burning in a plume of flaming hydrogen. Oh, the humanity!

12pm Vivian, Neil, and Spike rock

A journey through popular music's answer to cinema's "screwball comedy." Join Vivian Stanshall (Bonzo Band, Rawlinson End), Neil Innes (Bonzo Band, The Rutles, GRIMMS, Monty Python) and Spike Jones (The City Slickers) as they bash their way through the established musical lexicon whilst joining virtuosity with humor.

2pm Negi Vibes Only rock

Live, Laugh, and Loathe with Baby Shampoo and Nick as they air it all out on “Negi Vibes Only.” Misery loves community radio, so fill your cup with blue cheer and stuff your sad sack with Deadbeat swag by pledging to the show. Do your worst.

4pm Virgin Records: The Inside Story with Johnny Fewings and Jon Webster rock

Sunset Road’s regular host Pete is joined by Jon Webster (former head of Virgin Records UK, the label) and Johnny Fewings (former head of Virgin Records, retail) on an insider’s trip down Virgin’s memory lane.

6pm 1991 rock

If phrases like “a roller skating jam called good morning captain” fire your imagination, jump on this bandwagonesque decade show with the other teenage fans DJLP and Dave for a slowdive into the low end theory that was 1991...sure to be a steady diet of Something, but it won’t be loveless.

7pm Blame it on Johnny Castro rock

He said he was a Casual Wheat Thing that went by the name of Hank. He was pondering the Motive behind his Hammond Eggs, while listening to the Deadly Acoustic Act. His buddy Dave was taking his Gladstones to Shenandoah to see an Offended Bluebird. There are eleven local bands mentioned in the above sentences and they all turned me on to music and artists that shaped my musical taste. Tune in on April 23rd at 7pm and hear what I learned in bars as part of the WTJU Rock Marathon. May even hear from some of the artists.

9pm Covid Relief Dance Party with Phil Free and Melody Supreme rock

Turn on your Friday night with Indie-Electro, Disco, Dance-Rock, and more.

11pm Backwoods Flow w/ The Boomin’ Bumpkins: Southern Rap rock

Kick back while we spin classic and new Rap tracks from the Dirty South with modern pioneers in the genre plus special guests, the Boomin’ Bumpkins. You won’t regret staying up late with us as we throw it down on Friday night!

Sat Apr 24

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am Some Strings and a Box: Recent Dispatches From the Outer Edges of the Plucked String rock

Join Jordan for two hours of exploration and experimentation, primarily through the medium of guitar, with a focus on recordings produced during the COVID-19 era from some of the foremost outsidery guitar wranglers at work today.

9am The Motown Hook rock

Baby Shampoo and Brian Keena shine their irreverent reverence on the legendary Motown bassist James Jamerson for “The Motown Hook,” a three-hour extravaganza of funky hits with some signature grooves and groans guaranteed...

12pm Top Ranking with Joe Strummer rock

The main reason that I have been presenting reggae music for almost thirty years, is because of the Clash. After attending Root Boy Slim's "Punk Prom" at the Warrenton Armory, I wound up with all of the hard-heads at a house-sit ... they were all acting stupid in the kitchen. I was in the living room. Somebody putBlack Market Clashon the turntable. Side One blew your head off with the intensity...Side Two was straight-up roots reggae. A Brand New Beat. It inoculated me. Gateway drug into Culture. Joe Strummer. And, Paul Simonon, too... who grew up in Brixton. They opened the door to the Caribbean. For two hours, we discover how skinny pale boys from London helped wake the world to the reggae beat. All of the rock marathon shows... that same passion runs through. We have to share it. That's what community radio is all about. That's why it's worth supporting. Your next favorite song awaits.

2pm Cool Town: Athens Inside/Out with special guest Grace Hale rock

Radio Freedonia welcomes author and UVa Professor Grace Hale, author of Cool Town, a chronicle of this seminal independent music scene. From the late 70s to the late 90s, Athens produced a vibrant and eclectic range of acts, from global superstars like R.E.M. and the B-52s to much-loved but lesser known bands like Love Tractor, Method Actors, Pylon and Oh-Ok. Tune in for stories and tunes!

4pm Flying Saucers Rock n’ Roll rock

From Telstar to Hijacked Starships, explore the final frontier and travel the spaceways 2,000 light years from home with Spot and her guests.  Are those Little Green Men doing the Bop, or the Moon Twist?  And what exactly are Spock’s Vulcan Thoughts?  Blast Off on Rocket # 91.1 and find out with us!

6pm 2001 rock

iTunes rears its monstrous head for the first time. Limp Bizkit was still a thing. And then there was September... In spite of all that, 2001 was a great year for music. We'll find out by diving deep into some of the best music of the year: Radiohead, Atmosphere, The Strokes, Daft Punk, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Ozma, and a whole bunch more.

7pm Third Man rock

The musical eccentricity of Jack White...White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, the Upholsters…vinyl acolyte.

9pm Curtis Mayfield rock

A survey and celebration of Curtis Mayfield’s early career, including his years with the Impressions.

11pm Fractured Sound rock

Accessible expression bending expectation.

Sun Apr 25

1am WTJU Rock in the Wee Hours rock

Lovingly-curated overnight programming

7am Andrea Gibson and Friends rock

Have you ever watched a dandelion lose its mind in the wind? Hit rock bottom only to find that it starts hitting you back? Or just struggled to find the right words? Join Reaux for two hours and try to find those words. Let your mouth be a fire escape; the words coming out won’t care if they are naked.

9am Freak Out! - the Music of Zappa rock

Join the Jazz Czar for a chronological survey of his favorite FZ tracks.

12pm Zodiac Rock rock

“Hey there, what’s your sign?" Two Virgos lead a Rock ‘n’ Roll journey around the zodiac wheel, with tunes for each sign and some planets that rule. 

2pm Adventures in Utopia rock

So much more than a Todd Rundgren side band, Utopia was born from '70s prog rock and grew to be one of the best power-pop bands of the '80s. Goldfinger and Don will provide two hours of prime melodic bliss culled from the quartet's criminally-underrated LPs, rare live tracks and solo projects.  

4pm Sunday Sing-along with the Wild Women rock

Two hours of hit music from (mostly) the '60s and '70s, written by women. Grab your hairbrush microphone, tune in, and SING!

6pm 2011 rock

Join us for a deep dive into what was happening in 2011 besides Justin Bieber's "Under the Mistletoe."

7pm NYC Indie Rock In the '90s rock

Jump on the train and take a tour of NYC bands of the 1990s. Hop on for The Swans and Le Tigre then jump off with Galaxie 500, Blonde Redhead, and more. Enjoy your ride!

9pm Alabama Getaway rock

They got a name for the winners in the world. They call Alabama the Crimson Tide. Be a winner, and listen to two hours of rock and soul from the great state of Alabama.

11pm Tower of Clower rock

The bone-shaking horn funk of Tower of Power juxtaposed with the Southern Baptist cornpone humor of comedian Jerry Clower. It's the kind of seemingly incongruous sonic pairing you'll only find on WTJU. And then we proceed to Lewis Grizzard and the Lizard Wizard (and did we mention Homer and Jethro Tull?) Why? Because it's Radio Wowsville...because it's the WTJU Rock Marathon.... and because we can.