Mon Feb 15

6am Starting the Week off with a Smile folk

Two hours of songs and tunes designed to bring a smile to your face as we kick off a great week of folk, roots, and world music to help keep WTJU on the air!

8am Moon Tunes folk

Earth's astronomical companion, the Moon, has inspired songs of love, longing, loneliness, and wonder for millennia. But this show is only 2 hours, so the focus will be on Moon tunes from the past 50 years or so. Tune in and be a lunatic!

10am Evolution of Western Swing folk

The western swing subgenre emerged as a popular form of country music in the 1930's and dominated the country airwaves through the mid-1940's. It faded in popularity after that though was never out of existence, and has recently enjoyed a resurgence among young country artists. Join us as we look back to the golden era of western swing and forward to new artists picking up on an old country music style.

12pm The Soul of Country & Western Music folk

In the South, when many of the great Soul singers were coming up, there was little Black Music being aired on the radio. There was, however, a lot of Country & Western and those styles were certainly part of the evolution of Rhythm & Blues. In this show, The Rum Cove will focus on the Soul recording artists who cut in a straight C&W style. Featuring such artists as Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, Esther Phillips, Bobby Bland, Joe Simon, and Bobby Womack. Let's get Country Fried, Y'all!

2pm Lucinda's Jukebox folk

During the pandemic, Lucinda Williams and her band offered a series of 6 shows of covers that inspired her over the years. We’ll hear music of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones, along with 60’s Country Classics and Southern Soul.

4pm Rayna Gellert's Favorite Old-Time Musicians folk

One of WTJU’s favorite old-time musicians, Rayna Gellert, shares some of *her* favorite old-time musicians with us as she helps us raise money for our favorite radio station.

6pm Hot Tunes on Cold Wax folk

An all-vinyl celebration of folk musics — Old Time, Bluegrass, Blues, and much more — in a format without too many new additions. Many great recordings from the past have never been rereleased, so the only place to hear them is on vinyl. Tune in for some real rarities!

8pm Bob Girard & Charlie Pastorfield LIVE folk

If you look up “Charlottesville Music Royalty” in the dictionary, rumor is you will find a picture of these two gentlemen who have been playing together since time began. Tune in for a rare stripped-down acoustic session!

9pm Nick Drake, Beyond the Albums folk

The English singer-songwriter, who passed away tragically at the age of 26, never got significant recognition during his lifetime. He recorded three albums in five years--"Five Leaves Left," "Bryter Layter," and "Pink Moon"--all of which have gone on to achieve widespread appeal and enter the pantheon of great English folk recordings. In this show, "Point of Departure" DJ David Buie-Moltz explores the nearly equal treasure trove of posthumously released material and gets to thinking about what could have been.

11pm Rollin’ on Down the Line: Trucker Country Through the Years folk

Hot trucker tracks from the 50's that chug, ones from the 70's that twang and swing! Get your ears on and watch out for them bears as we explore long forgotten gems left at truck stops and along highways throughout the years.

Tue Feb 16

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Porching folk

Louise brings you two hours of porching songs. What is porching? Sitting on your front porch, watching the world go by, sipping a cold beverage. Or maybe you're playing music with some friends. Or waiting for some new friends to walk by. Or chilling on the back porch, watching nature and wildlife with your morning coffee. Tune in and celebrate porching and community.

8am Roots of Rock 'n' Roll in Black and White folk

The Professor offers a review of the styles and songs that eventually merged the blues and country music to create rock'n'roll. Join the Professor for "toe-tapping" or "cutting a rug" as part of the Folk marathon!

10am Evolution of Old-Time w/ Betse & Clarke folk

Betse Ellis and Clarke Wyatt, great old-time musicians out of Kansas City, Missouri, will take us for a tour of old-time around the United States and beyond, showing how it has evolved over the years and decades since its inception.

12pm Wondrous Women folk

Tune in for 2 hours of female-fronted tunes featuring women artists covering other women musicians. You will hear from women artists of all generations and genres cover the songs of other well-known female musicians. You can expect to hear music from Patti Smith, Bonnie Raitt, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Stevie Nicks, and many more famous names during this one-of-a-kind, female-featured show.

2pm The Sounds of Tim Hardin, David Blue, Tim Rose, and Dion folk

If you’re looking for something lost among Folk/Rock artists of the late 60’s and early 70’s, then this show is for you! Two hours of the music of Tim Rose, Tim Hardin, David Blue, and Dion.

4pm Missy Raines' Favorite Love Songs folk

Join 2020 Bluegrass Album of the Year Grammy nominee, 9-time IBMA bass player of the year, and long time WTJU favorite, Missy Raines for a post-Valentine's Day airing of a cross-genre selection of Missy's go-to love songs, and help her raise funds for your favorite radio station, WTJU!

6pm Rise Up Singing and Rise Again folk

Sing and play along with my annual show based on the two Folk Music “Bibles.” This show guarantees to be loaded with favorites. And be sure and call with requests!

8pm Chamomile & Whiskey Duo LIVE folk

Koda Kerl and Marie Borgman are the heart and soul of Chamomile and Whiskey, a band which has a long history at WTJU. Tune in for an hour of great LIVE music!

9pm House of the Rising Sun folk

Most people know "House of the Rising Sun" as the 1964 hit by The Animals, a rock ballad about a place in New Orleans that's been the ruin of many a poor boy. But few songs have traveled a journey as complex as "House of the Rising Sun." From Alan Lomax's original field recording in 1937 to scores of interpretations in the folk canon and modern-day artists. This show explores the history of that song -- where it came from, if there ever was such a place, and why it looms large in the musical imagination of America.

11pm Anything But Bluegrass folk

Inspired by California’s "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" festival, an eclectic artist list using fiddle, mandolin or banjo in non- traditional forms.

Wed Feb 17

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Who Let the Dawg Out? folk

Two hours of David “Dawg” Grisman and other members of his pack to kick off your Wednesday morning...

8am Piedmont Blues folk

Piedmont blues is a guitar style characterized by fingerpicking that alternates the thumb on the bass string supporting a syncopated melody using the treble strings. It is based on parlor guitar techniques, early banjo playing, string band and rag time, and was popular among African Americans in the eastern US from the mid-20's through the mid-40's, and is still played today. Join us for 2 hours of this vintage American music.

10am Evolution of John Prine folk

The legendary John Prine got his start back in 1969, and kept at it right up until his death in 2020 from Covid. We will explore John's evolution over his more than half-century of making music. Have a favorite of his? Call it in (434-924-3959) with your pledge!

12pm Where in the World is Casey Driessen? folk

Casey Driessen has never taken the standard path in his music career. Described by Zac Brown as “a mad scientist with a five-string fiddle,” the GRAMMY-nominated fiddle player loves to experiment, collaborate, teach, travel, and push the boundaries of not only his instrument, but of what it means to be an independent working musician in the modern music industry. Currently, that means pouring himself into Otherlands: A Global Music Exploration. With this new music/video/photography project, Driessen has traveled the world with his family, exploring regional traditions through musical collaborations with local musicians as well as delving into the food, art, and architecture of each host country. Tune in as Casey takes us on his own musical exploration.

2pm The Carrying Stream: Traditional Music from Scotland folk

Scottish traditional music covers a wide landscape of instrumental and vocal styles. From ancient bagpipe traditions to Gaelic vocal music from the Western Isles, the Scandinavian fiddle traditions of Shetland and the Orkney Islands to the accordion based dance music of the Scottish celidh bands and the virtuosic fiddle compositions of Gow and Skinner, there is a huge range on offer. This show will present a taste of the rich traditions that comprise Scottish music, from revered masters of the past to the exceptional young players that carry the tradition today. Craig DuBose has spent the past 25+ years immersed in the music of Caledonia in his yearly travels throughout Scotland, listening, learning and meeting many of the musicians who follow the carrying stream today.

4pm It's Dolly Parton's World... folk

All Dolly Parton, all the time (or at least for these two hours)

6pm Second City Folk folk

A show spotlighting folks singers from or associated with Chicago. John Prine, Stephen Wade, Steve Goodman, Bonnie Koloc, Big Bill Broonzy, among others.

8pm Michael Clem & Rusty Speidel LIVE folk

Michael Clem and Rusty Speidel bring their talents to the Stage at WTJU to help keep the station on the air. Tune in and see why they just can't quit one another.

9pm All About the Banjo & Bass folk

Andrew Green and Craig Akin recently released an album of banjo and bass, so will dig into their own libraries to share some of the banjo and bass players who have influenced them over the years.

11pm Those Young Folk folk

A tour of the modern Americana Folk genre, exploring new artists like Caamp, Mandolin Orange, Jamestown Revival, and more.

Thu Feb 18

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Accordion Delight folk

Some prefer an afternoon delight, but for us it is all about squeezing the accordion in the early hours.

8am Donovan in the Sixties folk

The Scottish singer-songwriter turns 75 on May 10, 2021. We will take a look back at Donovan’s early career in the 1960s, when he was well-known for his iconic blend of folk, pop and psychedelic music.

10am Evolution of Rhiannon Giddens folk

Everything Rhiannon Giddens touches with her beautiful voice turns to gold. She first came to our attention with the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an old-time string band of young African Americans, who joyfully picked up acoustic instruments, learning the traditional music that connects the Black and White roots of American music. Subsequent projects have showcased her talent with gospel, jazz, soul and folk classics. And let’s not forget her own powerful songwriting.

12pm Dead Flowers folk

Gram Parsons himself said Mick Jagger knew a lot about country music. Join us for 2 hours of Country/Americana covers of Stones songs that prove his point.

2pm Merle Travis folk

The Juddermeister and Steve Dressel take a musical look at the singer-songwriter, Merle Travis. They’ll explore his songwriting and performance and the many artists that covered his songs, including James & Bobby Purify, Bob Dylan, Wayne Hancock, John Prine, and many others.

4pm Gratefully Alive folk

The folk and bluegrass music of Jerry Garcia and friends

6pm Women in American Roots Music folk

A'yen Tran, (Ginny's Kitchen, Traditional Music Today), and Joe “JoeBass” DeJarnette (Studio 808A, The Bucking Mules) present music by inspiring women from the last 100 years of American sound recordings.

8pm Earlysville Bluegrass Boys LIVE folk

The Heetderks boys love to pick and sing traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel as well as some original tunes. David (16) on banjo & dobro, John (14) on mandolin & fiddle, and Daniel (12) on guitar & bass will bring their love of bluegrass to the Stage at WTJU for one night only.

9pm Classic Rock Songbook: Zydeco Style folk

Louisiana’s zydeco bands always keep the dance floors full and sometimes that means playing covers. This show will feature the songs of classic rock staples like The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Doors interpreted by some of zydeco’s finest performers. Accordions required.

11pm Folk and Fingerstyle Influences of Anthony Pirog folk

Calling him “one of the younger modern guitar maestros” in their feature on him just last month, Guitar Moderne described Anthony Pirog as "knowing nothing of stylistic limitations—his music is beyond category, embracing not only jazz, but avant-garde and indie rock, free improvisation, electronic sound, and ambient soundscapes.” Anthony will sit down with WTJU’s Alex Shoaibi to talk about folk influences in his playing, share the music of his favorite fingerstyle guitarists, and play songs from his new album Pocket Poem, plus some from his longstanding duo with his wife Janel Leppin. Who knows, if we’re lucky, Anthony might even pick up his guitar! 

Fri Feb 19

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am I'll Hammer (Dulcimer) in the Morning... folk

What's in a name? The hammer dulcimer is also commonly called the Hammered, Appalachian, and Mountain dulcimer.

8am Gypsy Jazz Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow folk

Reinhardt, Grappelli, Stephane, Joschko, Bergara, Wrembel, Jorgenson, Olivarez, and more

10am Evolution of Taj Mahal folk

Taj Mahal (b. Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, 1942) is enjoying his sixth decade as a recording star, producer of music and film soundtracks, and touring musician. His styles and interests have ranged from blues to jazz to R&B to reggae to world music, and his recording career as a leader and/or sideman is a virtual Who’s Who of contemporary music and musicians. How will we possibly cover the depth, diversity and evolution of Taj Mahal? With some radio magic, combined with your pledge of support, that’s how! Don’t miss "The Evolution of Taj Mahal" with Brian Keena, weekly host of "The Jazz Messenger," right here on WTJU.

12pm Songs of the People folk

Songs that represent the passion and the power of lyrics and music to move and motivate people. Songs that have challenged norms, that move the spirit as well as the mind and the heart. Anthems from around the world to show the power of music and culture in our everyday lives. Music to stir the soul and to make the world a better place for all.

2pm Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipes and All Their Cousins folk

Let's take a deep breath and make beautiful music from drones, chanters and the myriad of related instruments from Scotland, Ireland, England, and all around Europe and a little further afield.

4pm Mozaik folk

Music by the international acoustic supergroup and by its individual members- Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Nikola Parov, Rens Van De Zalm, Bruce Molsky, and occasional member Tony McManus.

6pm Paul Simon turns 80! folk

This show marks Paul Simon’s 80th birthday, one of America’s pre-eminent singer-songwriters. We will trace Simon’s evolution from his start in “Tom & Jerry” emulating the Everly Brothers, to commercial success with Simon & Garfunkel, to the launching of his solo career, to the world music-flavored Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints.

8pm Beleza LIVE folk

No strangers to WTJU listeners, Berto and Madeline Sales bring their wonderful talents to the Stage at WTJU as part of this year's Folk Marathon.

9pm The Truth About Cats & Dogs . . . folk

Dogs and cats first began domesticating humans more than 10,000 years ago. Humans are easy to teach, respond to voice commands, and give good ear-scratches and tummy-rubs. Plus they make nice radio stations like WTJU, enjoyed by cool cats and discriminating dogs the wide world over. So be kind to your human companions and tune in for a 2-hour show all about cats and dogs, part of the 2021 WTJU Folk Marathon. And if they pledge, be sure to give them a yummy treat. Woofn’t that be purrfect?

11pm Judee Sill folk

The first artist on Asylum records, Judee Sill was a singer/songwriter with a Laurel Canyon sound, influenced by Bach's suites, while drawing lyrically on Christian themes of rapture and redemption. Her talent, although almost overshadowed by her genuinely turbulent life, shines through in her music. Judee Sill, Friday night at 11:00 as part of the 2021 WTJU Folk Marathon. 

Sat Feb 20

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am The Heat of the Melting Pot folk

American music is famous for its blending of genres, race, influences and its subsequent rebranding during the 1920s and '30s which is no different than the '50s or '60s or today. Popular acts like Jimmie Rodgers were famous for being joined by jazz ensembles or Hawaiian musicians. Black string bands in Atlanta were joined by white string bands. White jazz guitarists like Eddie Lang teamed up with black jazz guitarists like Lonnie Johnson. While societal exclusions of minorities have made for a grossly cruel and unfair system, the music itself has often been remarkable.

8am Blue Skies folk

2020 was a horrible year, but with the election behind us and a vaccine on the way, we’ll feature folk songs of hope, survival and revival.

10am Sliabh Luachra Redeux Redeux folk

A showcase of the musical magic that originates in the shadow of the Paps, a triangle of Counties Kerry, Cork, and Limerick, where polkas and slides reign, but jigs and reels are never neglected.

12pm Evolution of Reggae folk

Reggae "evolved" from mento music, nightclub calypsos, Nyabinghi groundations in the hills, the gospels in church, the songs of their homes in Africa...and the funkified static from the New Orleans radio stations across the Gulf of Mexico. With independence from Britain in 1962, they lit the fuse in Jamaica. Stirring it up with jazz, Memphis Soul, and bass-heavy funk... that's what Reggae "evolved" from. Where else will you hear this? Ken Burns isn't down with it... yet. World music unites us. It has a home at WTJU. Pledge to continue this little radio station that roars, through thick or thin. Globally.

2pm Alligator Retrospective folk

Longtime Sunshine Daydream host Bill Tetzeli digs through the many years of archives with members of Charlottesville's favorite Dead band, Alligator.

4pm Evolution of Bob Dylan folk

Protest Singer. Singer-Songwriter. Rock Song-Poet. Country Singer. Born Again Gospel Preacher. Roots Stylist. American Songbook Crooner. This is the evolution of the Nobel Prize laureate, what Stephen Scobie terms "the masks of Bob Dylan." Join us as we unmask the many interlinked phases of Bob Dylan.

6pm John Jackson Tribute folk

The Perdue family has a long history with Piedmont Blues guitar legend John Jackson, so we thought we would welcome brothers Martin and Marc to the WTJU stage to share some memories and a few of their favorite John Jackson recordings.

8pm The Full Send Blend folk

Full Send (/fo͝ol/ /send/) verb: Doing something full throttle, and with 100% commitment. During The Full Send Blend, we will be exploring the many full sends over the years of folk music with a focus on the unavoidable and all-encompassing blend of bluegrass, folk, and rock that has emerged in the modern age of the jam. The jam lives freely within us all, but will truly be let off the leash for all to hear during this 2020 Folk Marathon show. Tune in, buckle up, and let’s send it!

10pm Philly Folks folk

Guitarist Steve Gunn, vocalist Meg Baird, and harpist Mary Lattimore spent formative musical years in Philadelphia building their individual careers and eventually becoming collaborators. Tuck in to a show where the lines between folk, rock, and experimental music blur, and beautiful voices and instrumentations emerge. We’ll focus on each as a solo artist, in collaboration with each other, and in collaboration with others.

Sun Feb 21

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.

6am Music Which “Resonates” folk

We invite the kings and queens of the the resonator guitar, aka the Dobro, to start off the final morning of this year's folk marathon.

8am Guitar Gospel folk

Rootsy and righteous, played by street corner evangelists like Blind Willie Johnson, blues heroes like Muddy Waters and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the guitar adds a strong voice to praise and prayers.

10am Freddy Koella folk

The Juddermeister explores the music of this under-appreciated guitarist that has played with some great bands and artists such as Bob Dylan, Willy DeVille, the Subdudes, Anders Osborne, and Zachary Richard.

12pm The American Western folk

Join us at the campfire, on the trails, or 'round the piano in the saloon as we unpack music from Ricky T. Nelson, Roy Rogers, and more. We might even get Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin to sing a tune.

2pm Children of Neil folk

As Neil Young celebrates his 75th birthday, we’ll look at a generation of artists influenced by him including Kathleen Edwards, My Morning Jacket, Uncle Tupelo, Ryan Adams, and much more.

4pm Out Behind the Barn folk

Oliver the Kid returns to explore the evolution of mountain music and bluegrass.

6pm Voices of Women and LGBTQ in Irish Trad folk

Can Irish traditional music evolve to showcase new voices? How are artists expanding the definition of traditional music to include those who have been traditionally marginalized? In this show we will explore the voices of women and LGBTQ people in the Irish traditional music world. Ethno-musicologist and published author Tes Slominski will co-host as we investigate the historic and contemporary sounds of artists who identify as other than white, male and Irish. We will listen to singers who challenge traditional gender roles, musicians who inhabit a range of identities, and everything in-between under the umbrella of traditional music. Join us on a musical odyssey!

8pm Oil Derek LIVE folk

Walkin’ Blues co-host Sophie Abramowitz is joined by the freewheeling and immensely talented country and folk songwriter and string player Derek Clatterbuck, alias Oil Derek. Tune in for an evening of live and recorded music and conversation.

10pm We Are The Roches folk

Sisters Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche rewrote the book on complex (often kooky) vocal harmony, and their idiosyncratic folk-based songs have inspired a generation of sardonic tunesmiths. Don, Rick, Olivia and the Damned Old Dogs of Radio Wowsville will close the marathon with a three-hour exploration of Park Ridge, New Jersey's finest. You'll hear classic tracks from the sisters' ten full-length albums, selected gems from their underrated solo projects, and a cherry-picked mix of collaborations with the likes of Paul Simon, Philip Glass, and Robert Fripp. Get Roche'd! 

Mon Feb 22

1am WTJU Archives Through The Night folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU.