Mon Jun 10

6am German Romanticism: Beethoven's Legacy classical

Many of the composers who followed Beethoven revered him and were inspired by his revolutionary works. They were the Romantic generation, and they all sought different paths, balancing classical forms and poetic innigkeit. Join us Monday morning from six to nine as we explore the music of Schumann, Brahms, Wagner and more.

9am The Best of Blue Note jazz

Join Larry as he takes us on a three-hour exploration of the best of the last 80 years of Blue Note recordings.

12pm Rum Cove & His 45s blues

The Rum Cove will provide the best of his R&B and soul 45 rpm collection.

2pm Downtown 81: Mutant Disco rock

After the first explosion of punk, everyone realized that EVERYTHING was fair game. Disco was no exception as people started thinking about just exactly what else could be done with a four on the floor beat and all the gear and weird instruments they found in an unlocked warehouse near Alphabet City. This is the real disco demolition, and artists like ESG, Was (Not Was), Kid Creole and Coati Mundi, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and yes, Madonna took disco apart and made house possible.

4pm Hot Tunes on Cold Wax folk

Three hours of all vinyl, never released on CD or Digitally

7pm The Early Music Show "Hupff Auff" classical

Though one may associate Early Music with the flowing counterpoint of the renaissance or with solemn, sacred music such as Gregorian Chant, the eras leading up to the end of the Baroque is rich with dance music, starting as early as the 13th century. Join Uncle Dave Lewis for 2 hours of music ranging from the genteel, courtly steps of the nobility to the rude Branles and Salterellos favored by peasants and other, more ordinary folk from  times past.

9pm The Experimental and Avant-Garde Side of Blue Note jazz

Some Notes but Not the Kind That Are Blue: On this special edition of Point of Departure, co-hosts Freddie Jin and David Moltz explore some of the more experimental and avant-garde recordings put out on Blue Note, a label typically associated with hard bop. Will the guys flip your lid? You'll have to tune in to find out! You may never listen to or look at Blue Note, which turns 80 years young this year, the same way again.

11pm SLEEPOVER! rock

From 1981- 1992, Arthur Russell ran Sleeping Bag records, an independent label full of fresh hip hop, freestyle, and dance acts. From 11 pm on June 10th to 1 am on June 11th, come to the totally coolest sleepover on the planet, featuring DJ Al, DJ Trey, and our homie Arthur! We'll pop some popcorn, talk about boys, and jam out to artists like Joyce Sims, Cash Money, and Mantronix. Bring your fav nail polish and your best gossip, and we'll bring the Sleeping Bags.

Tue Jun 11

1am Tar Heel Sludge Stomp rock

In the early 90’s a Sludge metal scene blossomed across North Carolina, accompanied by shows popping up in most of its major cities. Local artists created a distinct sound by melding together elements of doom metal and southern rock. Today, the muddy tradition is still carried on and continues to evolve with the times.

5am Classical Prelude classical

Classical Prelude wakes you gently with fine orchestral and choral music. Most of the featured works are over 50 minutes long, enveloping you in a world of sound. Awaken to music by classical and romantic composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner, Mozart, and Schubert.

6am Music of Nature classical

Spring is ending and Summer is starting! Composers have been inspired by the beauty of the natural world for centuries. Join us as we explore this vast repertoire which includes so much more than Vivaldi's Four Seasons. On Tuesday, June 11th, Andrew Morgan will present three hours of beautiful music inspired by nature and the changing of the seasons.

9am Charles Peale trips into Heptown blues

Taking over for The Professor, Charles will take a left turn at Palpitation Boulevard, stopping in at the Soul Saloon and stirring in a bit of romance and bit of rhythm into this three-hour extravaganza fundraiser. Jazz, soul, rhythm & blues and so much more.

12pm Eclectic Women's Names specialty

How many songs can you think of with female names in them? Thousands! Narrow it down to songs with female names sung by women. Half as many? How will Eileen and Rebecca narrow it down to just 2 hours of great, eclectic music? Tune in and find out!

2pm Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Candy rock

This show about songs sugary and sweet will give all you honey pies a cavity.

4pm Covered Every Which Way folk

Cameron brings you three hours of folk acts covering all sorts of tunes.

7pm The Opera Games classical

A battle royale between some of the world's best opera singers performing our favorite arias from the stage. Call in and cast your vote for the best!

9pm Affinity for Guitar jazz

Here on Loose Threads, you may have noticed Gerald's affinity for guitarists. And keeping with that affinity he'll be bringing you two hours of almost non-stop guitarists. Pat, Bill, Charlie, Nels to name a few. Tune in and donate as part of WTJU's Capital Campaign for the new digs. Join Gerald on Tuesday, June 11th from 9-11pm... turn on and tune in.

11pm Songs from Miami Vice rock

Songs from the acclaimed 80s TV series

Wed Jun 12

1am House Music 101 rock

Take a brief journey with us to explore the different subgenres of House music, from Future House to Afro House, that together make up the music that's pumping through speakers at clubs and massive music festivals across the world.

6am A Few of My Favorite Things (Part 1) classical

Join Ralph Graves for Part I of the performance of his favorite pieces, which run the gamut from the Renaissance to the present. Parts I and II will include selections by Dowland, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Ravel, Vaughan Williams, Bax, Hovhaness, and Reich.

9am Rejuvenation Blues! jazz

Exult in the power of the groove. Tune in as Masters of the Blues lay it down the proper way for your education and enjoyment. PS - Bring your dancing shoes and a sweat rag.

12pm Analog Africa world

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the Analog Africa label has reissued a treasure trove of mostly-forgotten Afrobeat, Highlife, and Psychedelic sounds from the 70s and 80s.

2pm 1972 Hard Rock Shredders rock

The best (relatively) unknown hard rock jams from 1972, according to Wicked Sharkie.

4pm Gone Too Soon…Or Did They Wait Too Long? folk

Emily will delve into the music of acts who've gone their separate ways, and will try to determine if they made a mistake, or perhaps even waited too long to do the deed.

7pm Horn of Plenty classical

There is a lot of emotionally potent, expressively nuanced classical music being written these days. We'll listen to a veritable cornucopia of captivating recent pieces. Don't miss the overwhelming sense of wonder that permeates John Luther Adams' Canticles of the Sky, or Kevin Volans' shimmering, kaleidoscopic string quartet White Man Sleeps. We'll also listen to works by Julia Wolfe, David Lang, Missy Mazzoli, Judd Greenstein, and Merrill Garbus. If you've never listened to modern classical music, or if you have and didn't like what you heard, tune in and see if this music changes your mind!

9pm The World's Best Jazz Clubs jazz

Gary and Steve will put you at the best tables in some of the world's greatest jazz clubs, as we play tracks from the most thrilling live jazz albums of all time, Living Time-style. And we'll have contributions from local musicians Greg Weaver and Brandon Walsh as well, to make sure we get a well rounded selection. Listen for music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Keith Jarrett, Charles Mingus, Joshua Redman, Art Blakey and more.

11pm Bjork rock

The enigmatic artiste made her own sound over and over again. A retrospective of her career featuring some of the hits as well as lesser known b-side gems.

Thu Jun 13

1am From Your Stereo to the Screen...Back to Your Stereo rock

Selections from classic concert films

6am Four Film Composers In Three Hours classical

From the Golden Age of Hollywood through modern classics, film music has emotion and depth to our favorite cinematic moments. Classical Sunrise host Ken Nail will examine the music of four of his favorite film composers - Max Steiner, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, and John Williams - in this special program.

9am The Piano Trio jazz

The Piano Trio. The piano - bass - drums format is one of the leanest and most durable in jazz. Rus Perry will be joined by composer, tenor saxophonist and pianist Charles Owens to explore some favorite examples of this versatile ensemble throughout jazz history.

11am Home jazz

The Wild Women love their new studio home, and Sandy and Louise will bring you an hour of music celebrating what "home" means. They encourage you to support the station during this special week and donate toward the expenses associated with its relocation.

12pm Rockabilly – Then & Now folk

Lonesome George jumps back and forth between Rockabilly of the 50s and today. See if you can figure out which is which!

2pm Belle & Sebastian rock

Two hours of tasty tunes by the Scottish indie rock band that's coming to Charlottesville for the first time this summer!

4pm Crooked Still & The Extended Offshoots folk

Join us as we explore the sounds of Crooked Still and its many offshoots. From the early days with Rushad Eggleston, to the later ones with the original Aoife O'Donovan, Greg Liszt, and Corey DiMario being joined by Brittany Haas and Tristan Clarridge, we will explore both the band's many sounds as well as that which the various members have been a part of before, during, and to this very day.

7pm Carlos Chávez and Mexican composers classical

This edition of Piano Forte will feature the keyboard works of Mexican composers on the 120th birth anniversary of Carlos Chávez (13 June 1899 - 2 August 1978), who founded and directed the Mexican Symphonic Orchestra-- the second-oldest symphony orchestra in the Americas. This show will feature Chávez's Piano Concerto and one of his six Piano Sonatas, in addition to keyboard works by JoséPablo Moncayo, Manuel Ponce and Silvestre Revueltas. Join host Matt Fritts for this celebration of Mexican nationalism in classical art music!

9pm Jon Spear Band Delve into Offbeat Roadhouse and Central Virginia Blues Society Blues Festival jazz

The Juddermeister will be joined by Andy Burdetsky and Jon Spear of the Central Virginia Blues Society to prep you for their upcoming Offbeat Roadhouse concert on June 21st, as well as at the blues festival June 22nd at the Rockfish Valley Community Center in Afton, VA.  We will feature artists playing the festival such as Eli Cook, Jon Spear Band, Billy Price and the Charm City Band, and the Nighthawks, plus outstanding French-Canadian blues guitarist Mike Goudreau. Tune in to support your favorite radio station as we expose you to the blues coming to central Virginia.

11pm Atypical Girls rock

Black Circle Revolution explores Atypical Girls.

Fri Jun 14

1am The Rock Roots of Disco rock

Disco may have grown mostly from R&B, but its early sound also grabbed a few tricks from electronic rock's grab-bag of beats and bloops. Tonight we'll prove once -- though, let's be honest, probably not for all -- that rock and disco aren't mutually exclusive.

3am WTJU Overnight Mix free form

An assortment of tunes curated from WTJU's digital database.

6am A Few of My Favorite Things (Part 2) classical

Join us for Part II of Ralph's Favorite Things, which run the gamut from the Renaissance to the present. Parts I and II will include selections by Dowland, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Ravel, Vaughan Williams, Bax, Hovhaness, and Reich.

9am Battle of the Vinyl jazz

Brian will be joined by friend David Hamilton for an all-vinyl "battle of the vinyl" with compare/contrast, deep cuts, etc.

12pm A World of Ecstasy: Music of the Sufis world

Music of the Sufis

2pm Magnetic Attraction rock

Magnet store magnates Baby Shampoo and Ronnie Burzofski bring you an afternoon of music created by...magnetic attraction. Featuring unlikely collaborators, undeniable chemistry, and music too. Hard-pressed pledges rewarded with Limited Edition Deadbeat Club magnets. Offer available while supplies last (and magnets must be picked up at WTJU). Ridiculous sales jargon may apply.

4pm New Grass Revival & Extended Offshoots folk

Pete will delve into the New Grass Revival and the different members' other projects over the decades.

6pm Razzle Dazzle classical

A look at the work from the past 50 years of one of Broadway's greatest duos, Kander and Ebb

8pm Red Sammy at Offbeat Roadhouse specialty

Come on out for WTJU's weekly Offbeat Roadhouse series, and be part of the studio audience for the Americana sounds of Red Sammy straight out of Charm City!

9pm The Influence of Little Richard blues

We will focus on Little Richard's influences, some lesser-known songs, and artists influenced by his style.

11pm Keeping the Traditions Alive blues

Dave will explore new soul stars keeping the tradition alive and adding their own touch to the grene. Tune in and find out who makes the list.

Sat Jun 15

1am John Dwyer rock

The expansive discography of the Oh Sees and its various other iterations (Thee Oh Sees, OCS, etc...), Coachwhips, Damaged Bug, and many other Dwyer projects have been an inspiration to many. This list includes most notably King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ty Segall, and a number of other San Francisco and L.A. garage/ psych rock groups. This show will present the work of Castle Face co-founder John Dwyer and also explore the history of the man himself. Let's dig in!

3am WTJU Overnight Mix free form

An assortment of tunes curated from WTJU's digital database.

6:30am Moving North: Songs from the Great Migration folk

Resulting from the millions of black Americans that were forced from their homes due to economic hardships and segregation laws, jazz and blues music in the northern cities flourished from the 1920s through 1970s. From Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver to Leroy Carr and Muddy Waters, we'll capture a small portion of their stories.

8am Headin' Home folk

WTJU has found its new home, so Terry brings us two hours of his favorite songs about being home.

10am Folk Rock folk

Let's explore the line between the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and England, and rock and roll, from Fairport Convention, to the Pogues, to Black 47 and Flogging Molly.

12pm Sounds and Pressure: the Smash Hits of the Rocksteady Era world

A Train to Soulsville, Jamaican-style

2pm Tropicalia and the Continuing Revolution of 70s Brazilian Psychedelia rock

Tropicalia was a movement forged in the conflict with the military dictatorship in Brazil but it was a tree that bore fruit throughout the 70s from Sao Paolo to Recife's Abracadabra collective. We will hit the jams from Caetano and Gilberto to Gal Costa to the mind melters of Satwa and Paebiru.

4pm Songs to Get You Hoppin' on the Mattress folk

Springing into the June fund drive, we'll be playing music about jumping, beds and any combination thereof. Join us for some exceptional pillow talk. We promise not to put you to sleep as we jump right in and ask that you stay awake to WTJU's need for your continued generous support -- it would be a nightmare without it.

6pm The Good Ole Grateful Dead folk

Two hours of the Dead covering country hits of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and more

8pm Gather 'Round for Gillian Welch & David Rawlings folk

We dig into the Prism Coffeehouse archives to bring us an early concert with Gillian & Dave!

9pm The Funkiest Honky Tonk in Charlottesville jazz

Country-fried funk and soul music slathered in grooves with a side of twang and a biscuit. Get you a serving of the baddest backbeats from the 60s and 70s spiced with heavy doses of fiddle and pedal steel, sourced direct from the coal mines of Harlan County to the Very Extremely Dangerous blend of country and R&B out of Muscle Shoals and cooked up by the likes of Jim Ford, Eric Mercury, Eddie Hinton, and Bobbie Gentry.

11pm Menopause Rock rock

Music to celebrate the most wonderful time of our lives.

Sun Jun 16

1am One Blue Marble rock

Highlighting conservation issues or success stories within countries that have used music to either bemoan or celebrate the environment. Bonus points for finding music across the world that has been used in environmental or conservation causes. 

3am WTJU Overnight Mix free form

An assortment of tunes curated from WTJU's digital database.

6am Pieces from the Southern Hemisphere classical

Paula will select some of her favorite pieces from around the Southern Hemisphere.

9am Virginia Hometown Gospel blues

Virginia Homegrown Gospel -- Some of the earliest and best gospel recordings were from the Tidewater region of Virginia: the Golden Gate Quartet, the Silver Leaf Quartet and the Norfolk Jubilee Quartet.  Spirituals and gospel songs were also recorded by Piedmont Blues musicians like John Jackson and John Cephas.  Other gospel greats from Virginia include the Harmonizing Four, the Holmes Brothers, Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes, and let's not forget Charlottesville's own Gospel IV.

10am Tenor Madness jazz

Great tracks from Saxophones Colossi, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Joshua Redman... With Aaron the Jazz Czar.

12pm Tell Us A Tale LIVE specialty

Back in the early part of the 2000s for almost six years, Tell Us A Tale used to do a monthly program over at The Prism Coffeehouse, where there would be a live performance in front of a studio audience. Well, it's time for another one, and we are going LIVE this time on WTJU! There will be stories from Peter & Jennifer, and music from Stephen Dogless, Jeff Vogelgesang & Tom Proutt, and other great acts around the area.

2pm Beethoven's Fidelio classical

Join us for a classic performance of Fidelio, Beethoven's only opera. A story of struggle, heroism, and triumph and composed over a period of nearly 10 years, it is a musical masterpiece, praised by later composers for its brilliant orchestration and incredible drama.

6pm The King's 26th Anniversary and 1226th Show! classical

Showy and dazzling organ pyrotechnics commemorate two milestones during one auspicious show -- The King of Instruments celebration of 26 years on the air and, coincidentally, show number 1,226. Tune in for rowdy, rambunctious and virtuosic playing!

7pm Music for the Harp classical

On this special edition of Just a Few Friends, we will listen to music featuring the harp, from a solo instrument to part of a larger ensemble.

9pm Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me: A Rosetta Records Retrospective blues

In the 1980s, Rosetta Records was the only label in the United States that specialized exclusively on women's blues and jazz music. Sticking mostly to recordings made by black women and entirely to artists who came to fame in the pre-1950s era, the label released nineteen incredible LPs with bright collages and extensive liners. Tonight, we listen in -- to the stories in this staggering array of songs, and to the storyteller, the fascinating and elusive Rosetta Reitz.

11pm The Radio Wowsville Flashback rock

My Flower is Drippy With the Dew of Your Mind.