Mon Oct 4

7am Breakfast Blend jazz
Hosted by Louise Largiadèr

Louise starts your week and the Jazz Marathon with two hours chock full o' music about coffee, breakfast, and mornings. Enjoy with or without caffeine, your choice -- Breakfast Blend will be the best part of waking up!

9am Grant Green & Bobby Hutcherson jazz
Hosted by Larry Minnick

Tune in for aLeft of Coollook at two of the most vibrant and prolific artists in Blue Note Records history.

11am The Wide World of Stax LP Releases 1968-1974 jazz
Hosted by Rum Cove

As Stax Corporation in Memphis entered the latter part of 1968, it found itself without a back catalogue as the small print in its distribution deal with Atlantic Records reverted all releases to the New York operation. The label then changed its logo to the 'finger snap' design and launched an aggressive LP release program that ensured that there would be many, many deep cuts to be found in these records. Join The Rum Cove on Monday, October 4, as he brings the obscure tunes hidden in these LPs released between 1968 and 1974 featuring Issac Hayes, Johnnie Taylor, The Dramatics, The Soul Children, The Staple Singers, Rufus Thomas, The Mad Lads, and many more.

1pm From UVa to Caliente: The Music of Deborah Benner jazz
Hosted by Radio Stu with Deborah Benner

Jazz vocalist and UVa alumna Deborah Benner joins us live for a retrospective of her remarkable career, featuring music by her Latino/Bossa Nova band Trio Caliente, and their new album “Fly,” along with their earlier albums including "Baila Me." Join us as we also play her earlier solo work with music from her album “Flights of Passion” and more.

3pm Warmed Over Turkey with All the Fixins jazz
Hosted by Eric Brandt

After the thrill of the free jazz and fusion of the 60s and 70s, some musicians longed for more melodic, acoustically-based jazz. Then in 1976, bebop saxophonist Dexter Gordon returned to the US from an extended stay in Europe, and played a famous gig at the Village Vanguard with Woody Shaw, Ronnie Mathews, Stafford James and Louis Hayes that would be dubbed his “homecoming.” The sensation of Gordon’s return and the continued efforts of Art Blakey revived interest in the classic jazz sounds. “Neo-bop” was born. Miles Davis famously referred to this movement as "warmed over turkey," but it launched the careers of stars like Wynton Marsalis and “The Young Lions,” Terrence Blanchard, Sonny Fortune, Roy Hargrove, Joshua Redman, Christian McBride, and a number of alumni from the Jazz Messengers. This show will attempt to challenge Davis’s opinion and showcase these artists who celebrated a return to the core jazz elements of swing, blues, and acoustic sounds.

5pm The Rolling Stones Got the Blues, and Jazz jazz
Hosted by Alex Shoaibi

Okay, we know they’re the greatest rock ’n roll band on the planet, but how do the Stones fit into the Jazz Marathon? Pretty easily - remember, they did start as a blues rock combo. And not only did Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie, Bill, Mick, and Brian play their share of blues, plenty of blues artists have covered the Stones. Yes, we will throw in some jazz versions of Stones classics as well. So please allow Alex to introduce you to a gas, gas, gas!

7pm The Wavelength Quartet of Waverly Milor jazz
Hosted by Live Concert

Band consists of: Larry Bisgaier, guitar, vox; Bob Bowen, upright bass; David Drubin, drums; Waverly Milor, vox, harmonica. "Jazz bluesy, bluesy jazzy vibrations." (Live off-site due to UVA covid restrictions)

8pm Masters of Spiritual Jazz Part 1: Pharoah Sanders jazz
Hosted by Freddie Jin

Pharoah Sanders has been one of the most significant voices in the history of tenor sax. Having expanded the language of what we now call Spiritual Jazz, he continues to inspire generations of artists and listeners till this day with new collaborations and performances. Join yourPoint Of Departureduo Freddie and Dave for a celebration on Pharoah's still growing career, featuring music of love and wisdom from past and present.

10pm Masters of Spiritual Jazz Part 2: Black Fire Records jazz
Hosted by David Buie-Moltz

A pioneer in spiritual jazz and conscious soul from 1975 to 1993 and founded by DJ and record producer Jimmy Gray in Richmond, Virginia, Black Fire Records followed in the footsteps of other influential black-owned independent labels such as Strata-East and Tribe. JoinPoint of DepartureDJs David Buie-Moltz and Freddie Jin as they play selections from the label's unique catalog, which is currently being reissued more widely by UK-based Strut Records.

Tue Oct 5

12am Class of ‘21 - Jon Hendricks & Chico O’Farrill jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

Celebrating the prolific lyricist/singer, founder of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross and king of Vocalese and the great Afro-Cuban composer and founder of a musical dynasty in their centennial year

7am But Is It Jazz? jazz
Hosted by Peter Jones

Jazz means different things to different people. We will explore some of those acts that sometimes fall under more than one genre. Fleck, Frisell, Grappelli, Grisman, Reinhardt, and more.

9am New Orleans and the Birth of Rock'n'Roll jazz
Hosted by Professor Bebop

New Orleans supported jazz and blues for many years; the 50s saw the evolution of a new style, with a sharper sound inflected by the blues of Fats Domino and Huey Smith and the Clowns. The producers on the left coast sought to move beyond gospel; Little Richard, whose blend of gospel and hard blues was strong enough to flip the lids off anyone, caught the New Orleans fever and emerged as a musical force TWO YEARS before Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis burst onto the scene. Professor Bebop will help you to get the heebie jeebies so strong you're bound to shake, rattle and roll and you just can't quit!

11am Billie Holiday jazz
Hosted by The Eclectic Women

Lady Day! What more need we say?

1pm Quincy Jones jazz
Hosted by Eric Angevine

70 years in the music business. 80 Grammy nominations with 28 wins. Countless unfiltered opinions and stories about the legends he's worked with. Quincy Jones is perhaps the ultimate hyphenate, with credits as a record producer, musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, and film and television producer. Tune in for two hours of Mr. Jones's well-known TV and film scores, plus jazz and soul compositions that should be heard more often.

3pm Walk Tall: A Tribute to Cannonball Adderley jazz
Hosted by Shea Butter

True to his name, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was a force in the world of jazz for decades. From his appearance on Miles Davis's albumKind of Blueto his legendary performances as a band leader, this show will be a tribute to the great career of Cannonball.

5pm Them Early Minglewood Blues jazz
Hosted by John and Jessica

Lo-fi 1966 electric blues from San Francisco's number one blues band, the Grateful Dead

7pm John D'earth and Friends jazz
Hosted by Live Concert

8pm Beyond the Pink Panther: The Music of Henry Mancini jazz
Hosted by Barrington Wilson

Due to his composing for film and television, many are familiar with the work of Henry Mancini. And although he worked with a variety of musicians across different musical genres, Mancini maintained a distinct and recognizable style. Mancini had a gift for composing distinctive melodies. His composing of music devoted to the jazz genre, for the television series Peter Gunn (between 1958 and 1961), provided that show with a very unique feel. And one cannot help but smile when hearing the Pink Panther theme! But Mancini’s composing for other TV shows and films has provided much material for jazz arrangers and improvisers. Hence, a presentation of Mancini’s music, covered by a wide range of jazz artists, seems appropriate.

10pm Amply Sampled: David Axelrod's influence on Hip-Hop jazz
Hosted by Erin O

By the mid-1960s, David Axelrod had earned a reputation in the jazz and soul worlds for his work as a producer and for his recording techniques. He worked with Lou Rawls, Cannonball Adderley, and a number of other artists (including Carol Kaye). Some also claim that Axelrod's ownSongs of Innocencealbum led a critic to coin the term "jazz fusion" in 1968, and that same album at least partly prompted Miles Davis to come up withBitches Brew. But by the 1980s, Axelrod's avant-garde work fell out of style...until hip-hop artists and producers picked up on what he'd put down. His work has been sampled hundreds of times, and on some of the genre's classic tracks. Throughout the show, we'll listen to an Axelrod composition followed by a song (or two) that sampled it, and so on.

Wed Oct 6

12am Class of ‘21 - Chico Hamilton & Astor Piazzolla jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

Celebrating the west-coast band leader/drummer who brought us Eric Dolphy, Charles Lloyd, and Larry Cornell and the influential Argentine composer, bandoneon player and Nuevo tango pioneer

7am Someone Else’s Blues jazz
Hosted by Michael Pillow

Explore acoustic-oriented blues songs primarily where blues intersects with folk music, intended to uplift listeners in some way. Featuring such diverse musicians as David Bromberg (of course), Anders Osborne, Taj Mahal, Jimbo Mathus, Corey Harris, Ry Cooder, and Doc Watson.

9am Guitar/Harmonica Partnerships of the Blues jazz
Hosted by Johnny B Goode and The Juddermeister

Think Muddy Waters and Little Walter, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, Kim Wilson and Jimmie Vaughan. And more! That’s what we’ll be enjoying on this show. Guaranteed fun for all!

11am Attitude - Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln jazz
Hosted by Rus and Louise

Throughout their careers, singers Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln insisted on control of their own repertoire and used their art to protest racial and gender inequity, with plenty of attitude.

1pm Grady Tate jazz
Hosted by The Juddermeister and Steve Dressel

Grady Tate, renowned session drummer extraordinaire, was an expert in the use of the rim shot for syncopating purposes, and prized for his driving, pushing, or subtle coaxing of the beat. Join Steve Dressel and the Juddermeister for a two-hour exploration of his artwork. And his artwork included session drumming for some of the best jazz, funk, and soul artists including Quincy Jones, Wes Montgomery, and Jimmy Smith, but also as a band-leader, composer, and vocalist.

3pm The Sweet Sweep & Pluck of Jazz Harp jazz
Hosted by DJ Zostress

Jazz harp (the stringed instrument, not the harmonica) is your Wednesday afternoon working, driving and cooking accompaniment. We’ll be hearing from queens of jazz harp of the past and present–– Alice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby, and Brandee Younger, of course. But we’ll also hear from lesser-known jazz harpists like Marcus Printup who worked with Wynton Marsalis, Travis Biggs who worked with Isaac Hayes, and Columbian harpist Edmar Castaneda who has an album with Japanese jazz pianist, Hiromi Uehara. Catch jazz numbers that have harp accompaniment and harp songs that push genre boundaries. Drop your donations to the sweet sweep and pluck of harp strings while DJ Zostress lets you know who and what you’re listening to.

5pm Kings of the Cocktail Hour jazz
Hosted by Uncle Dave Lewis

Beginning in the 1930s, the fancier hotels in Manhattan began to host classically-trained super-virtuosos to play pop music during happy hour, and thus ushered in the era of the Cocktail Pianist. Uncle Dave Lewis will present an appreciation of this most under-appreciated genre and feature pianists such as Jan August, Pauline Alpert, Cy Walter, and Carmen Cavallero in addition to classical pianists that took up jazz, such as Alexis Weissenberg and composer Nikolai Kapustin.

8pm The Marvelous Charles Lloyd jazz
Hosted by Gary and Steve

Multi-instrumentalist Charles Lloyd’s playing and recording career spans 60 years. Best known as a sax and flute player, “Tone Poems” is the latest release with his band “The Marvels” which includes Bill Frisell. This show will focus on albums of Lloyd and “The Marvels” but will include samplings from his earlier bands that have included John Abercrombie, Jason Moran, Geri Allen, Brad Mehldau, and Keith Jarrett. Join Gary and Steve for a couple of hours of the engaging, pleasant, and intelligent tunes of Charles Lloyd.

10pm Planetary Harmolodics jazz
Hosted by Brendan O'Donnell

Ornette Coleman changed the world with a white plastic alto sax. His theory of harmolodics established a new form, a new mode of jazz composition that even unsteadied Charles Mingus for a minute.Planetary Harmolodicstraces the shape of Coleman’s sound as it continues to influence avant-garde musicians over the decades and across the globe.

Thu Oct 7

12am Class of ‘21 - Jimmy Giuffre & Tal Farlow jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

Overnight broadcasting with the clarinetist/arranger whose long-standing work with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow defined the possibilities of an improvisational trio and the guitarist nicknamed Octopus for his tremendous reach, both physically and musically

7am Backlash Blues jazz
Hosted by Mary Garner McGehee and Nathan Moore

A show looking at the careers and political music of Black female jazz singers, particularly Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, and contemporary musicians who have sampled them. We’ll play the songs that made them famous and their influences(I Loves you Porgy, Summertime, Lil Liza Jane) and examine the challenges of building a musical career as a black woman. In the middle of the show we’ll play their most political music and give context on the moments they were reflecting and responding to (Strange Fruit, Mississippi Goddamn, Young Gifted and Black, MLK Suite, etc.). In the final segment, we’ll share some contemporary music that was influenced by and samples these Jazz icons.

9am A Tonal Atonal Jubilation jazz
Hosted by Dan Chaldekas

Forget what Ken Burns said about free jazz; here are covers of compositions by free jazz masters –Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Eric Dolphy and others – done in a tonal or almost tonal way.

11am What’s The Weather Like Today? jazz
Hosted by Rebecca

Blues and jazz songs about the weather. Stormy weather, of course. A little bit of rain. Sunny side of the street.

1pm Swingin' In The Depression jazz
Hosted by Lonesome George

One of the most difficult times in the country's history produced some of its most memorable music, sometimes lively and joyous, sometimes mournful and sad. Join us as we crank up the wayback jukebox for two whole hours of tunes from one of the nation's most colorful periods.

3pm The Center of All Evil in the Known Universe jazz
Hosted by Kerry Moynihan

Memphis, the musical melting pot on the Mississippi: Sun Studio Blues, R&B, Rockabilly, Stax Soul and more

5pm Tom Morgan Tribute jazz
Hosted by The Juddermeister

We lost a good one this past June, one of the Juddermeister's musical mentors: The Bartender, Tom Morgan, who passed from liver cancer. We will attempt to recreate the music that Tom would bring to his Monday afternoon radio show,Bartenders Bop,that featured soul, blues, rhythm & blues and lots of music from New Orleans. Tom left WTJU in 2000 to join WWOZ in the Crescent City, where he did a weekly show for many years. Join us for this tribute and help keep this station's musical broadcasting and history alive.

8pm Kings of the Blues jazz
Hosted by Jay Hertel

Focusing on three legendary bluesmen who were each the King of the Blues in their own right, this show will highlight the musical legacies of blues legends BB King, Freddie King, and Albert King.

10pm The Many Grooves of Dennis Chambers jazz
Hosted by Darby

From the simple phat grooves, to the intricate lighter rhythms, to the mind blowing solos that Dennis seems to somehow keep inside of the music, we will explore the life works of Dennis Chambers. He started gigging in Baltimore at age 6, so sit back and don't get too comfortable in that pocket!

Fri Oct 8

12am Class of ‘21 - Candido Camero & Buddy Collette jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

Tune in for the prolific conguero whose power and command of the congas propelled countless bands such as those of Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, and Wes Montgomery and the classic west-coast multi-reed collaborator who got his start with Charles Mingus and Chico Hamilton.

7am The Orrin Keepnews Legacy jazz
Hosted by Jennifer

Orrin Keepnews (1923-2015) produced some of the greatest jazz recordings of the 20th century as the founder of Riverside Records. In the label’s short history (1953-1964), his landmark recordings for Riverside included “Everyone Digs Bill Evans” and “Waltz for Debby” by Bill Evans, “The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery” by Wes Montgomery, “The Unique Thelonious Monk” and “Brilliant Corners” by Thelonious Monk, “Jazz a la Bohemia” by Randy Weston, “Freedom Suite” by Sonny Rollins, “Kelly Blue” by Wynton Kelly, and “Abbey is Blue” by Abbey Lincoln, amongst others. After Riverside went bankrupt, Keepnews found his second act in Milestone Records, signing and recording 1970s classics by McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson, Lee Konitz, Flora Purim and Gary Bartz. This show will delve deeply into the Keepnews legacy and explore the discography of this jazz visionary.

9am 1961: The Year In Jazz jazz
Hosted by Brian Keena

The year 1961 was one marked with social and political changes. The Cold War was heating up, JFK was sworn in as US President, the US Freedom Riders began their interstate bus rides, the Mercury space program produced the first American astronaut in space, and Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hits his 61st home run in the last game of the season, against the Boston Red Sox, setting a new record for the longer baseball season. This was a fertile time for jazz recordings. Join Brian Keena, weekly host of "The Jazz Messenger," as we enjoy stellar releases by Art Blakey, Count Basie, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and more! Tune in and pledge for your jazz sound choice, WTJU.

11am New Orleans Puts the FUNK In Your Junk jazz
Hosted by Professor Bebop

By the time the 60s rolled around, FUNKY SOUL was reaching all over NOLA and beyond, thanks to Jesse Hill, Lee Dorsey, The Meters, Dr. John, and Allen Toussaint. Check it out and see if these cats don't put a dip in your hip and a glide in your slide! Only on WTJU with the Professor at the wheel!

1pm Essential 1971 jazz
Hosted by Steve Harris

3pm Keely Smith: With and Without Louis Prima jazz
Hosted by Brian Keena and Don Harrison

When Norfolk, Virginia's Keely Smith linked with husband and duet partner, Louis Prima, it was a beautiful meeting of sinewy Cherokee/Irish pasta and fiery Sicilian meatballs. On this special show, Brian "The Jazz Messenger" Keena and Don "Radio Wowsville" Harrison will serve up a two hour plate of delicious K&L duets and also sample from Keely's formidable solo career, which started at age 11 on a Norfolk radio show called "Joe Brown's Radio Gang" and included stints on the Vegas strip with Frank, Dean, Sammy and the Rat Pack. Tune in at 3pm Friday for a side of Keely Smith you may never have heard.

5pm Joni Sings the Blues (and Jazz, Too) jazz
Hosted by Pete and Steve

An in-depth look at Joni Mitchell's jazz stylings, with Jaco, Mingus, Metheny, and others.

8pm Stevie Ray Vaughan jazz
Hosted by Peter Welch

Stevie Ray Vaughan was only 35 when he tragically died in a helicopter accident in 1990, but he left behind a brilliant legacy of superb guitar and vocal performances with his great band Double Trouble. SRV was the real deal and we'll listen to why.

10pm Van Morrison - Mystical Crank jazz
Hosted by Dave Donahue

From the beginning, Caledonian soul man Van Morrison has had a prickly approach to the world. Famously fulfilling his first contract with 36 separate, minute-long gibberish tunes, this “beautiful poet" has long traumatized journalists for sport, and confounded his fans with the dichotomy between the music and the man. His newest album has riled nearly everyone, documenting what the L.A. Times calls his “fall from eccentric genius to conspiracy theorist.” Tune in and decide if you can separate the artist from the art of Van Morrison.

Sat Oct 9

12am Class of ‘21 - Herb Ellis & Ernie Royal jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

Join us for a deep dive into the extensive discography of the guitarist whose work with Oscar Peterson and Ray Bryant put him in the rhythm section on uncountable sessions for Verve records and the LA trumpeter who anchored the brass sections for Woody Herman, George Russell, Gil Evans, and many others.

7am Where The Wind Blows jazz
Hosted by Peter Jones

We will explore the different instruments in Jazz for which you "just put your lips together and blow." Trumpet, clarinet, sax, euphonium, harmonica, harmonium, and maybe even bagpipe for the right pledge to WTJU…

9am Soul Goes Country jazz
Hosted by Terry

All your favorite Country Music songs (real country, not bad rock wearing a big hat and boots). You know, songs like Hank Williams,Cold Cold Heart; Hank Cochran,Don't Touch Me; Mel Street,Hell Yes I Cheated; Johnny Paycheck,Touch My Heartand other great Soul songs. That's right, Soul Songs. While these songs were hits on the Country Music Chart, they also made an appearance on the Soul Chart when performed by artists like Johnny Adams, Bettye Swann, Solomon Burke, and Mavis Staples. A good song is good song as long as it's performed by a great singer. So tune in when Soul goes Country.

11am Ska-Ra-Van! jazz
Hosted by Your Selector, Goldfinger

Birthed from Jamaican Mento, radio broadcasts of New Orleans Jazz, the Alpha Boys School and independence from England, Ska became the musical Voice of Young Jamaica. Brass-driven, syncopated, became the foundation of the Rocksteady and Reggae eras that followed it. It didn't just fade into obscurity... it revived in the punk 2-Tone days, and globally, twenty years later (even Queen Elizabeth II is a ska fan). The 2021 WTJU Jazz marathon gives us the opportunity to share this, as only progressive, community radio can.

1pm The Soul-Jazz Sources of Consciousness Rap jazz
Hosted by Poubelle and Sister Pirate Jenny

As hip-hop sought new and innovative forms in the 90s, nothing from A Tribe Called Quest to J Dilla signified the sound of conscious rap like a deftly chosen and deployed blue note jazz riff or a Galt Macdermot breakdown or that classic sounds that sounds don't stop, just loop it. We will explore two hours of the canonical samples and sources that made the most historically oriented strand of hip-hop as part of the 2021 Jazz Marathon...

3pm Cape Town Flowers: A Birthday Celebration for Abdullah Ibrahim jazz
Hosted by Steve Harris

We celebrate the 87th birthday of legendary South African pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand. Ibrahim's effervescent sound is immediately recognizable. It is steeped in the folk traditions of his homeland, from township folk and A.M.E. gospel to Indian raga, joined with the orchestral sound of Duke Ellington, quirky harmony and rhythm learned from Thelonious Monk, and classical technical proficiency. Beginning his career with Cape Town's "The Jazz Epistles" in 1960, Ibrahim has continually explored new ground while affirming jazz tradition in his imaginative playing and writing. The show will span his career from South Africa to his solo work, duo with Carlos Ward and his longtime ensemble Ekaya. Wish him a happy birthday by Dialing for Dollar with your pledge.

5pm Blues Jubilation - the Gospel Roots of the Blues Where the Sacred Meets the Profane jazz
Hosted by David Soyka

Robert Johnson may have made a deal with the Devil, but many blues artists preached a vision of the lord. The Saturday night juke joint and the Sunday church share the same roots and experiences. Join us into a study of the many blues artists who “atone for their sins” with spirituals, and practice the two together, including Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Son House, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Charlie Patton, not to mention more contemporary artists such as Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke and a guy who recorded a gospel-blues tune on his first album, Bob Dylan.

7pm Art Wheeler Goes Track by Track jazz
Hosted by Art Wheeler

Art Wheeler presents "The Etymology of Trivia LIVE" in two hours.

9pm Science Funktion jazz
Hosted by Mark Rough

Ride the cosmic rays of funk and fusion from close orbit to the farthest planetary shores across deep space.

11pm Timbales, Bongos and Congas: Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz jazz
Hosted by Jennifer

By the 1940s, the stage was set for the birth of a new kind of jazz. In the US, big band orchestras were including Latin rhythms in their jazz tunes, as well as rumbas and congas, and Cuban musicians were traveling regularly between Havana, New Orleans and New York. This new style consisted of jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms including the clave, the basis for almost all Cuban music. Latin elements and African percussion instruments such as timbales, bongos and congas were part of the mix. Explore the rich traditions of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz in this show featuring Mario Bauza, Cachao, Machito, Chano Pozo, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Chucho Valdes, Irakere, Mongo Santamaria, Chico O’Farrill, and others.

Sun Oct 10

1am Class of ‘21 - Julius Watkins & Harry Babasin jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

On what would be his 100th birthday, we celebrate the amazingly versatile french horn player who collaborated with Monk, Trane, and Mingus and the west-coast bassist who helped shape the cool sound out of bebop.

7am The Four Seasons of Jazz jazz
Hosted by Dusty Garwood

Join Dusty Garwood for two hours of songs named for the seasons - or sometimes for the months - of the year. Of course, there will beSummertimeandAutumn Leaves, just to name a couple. Plus so much more. Please tune in and enjoy!!

9am Harmonizing Four jazz
Hosted by Terry

The Harmonizing Four was a Gospel Quartet organized in 1927 that reached their greatest popularity in the 1940's & 50's. After recording eight sides for Decca Records in 1943, they began singing Sunday mornings on WRNL in Richmond. This show lasted almost two decades. So join Terry this Jazz Marathon Sunday and he will squeeze two decades into two hours of great quartet singing.

11am Remembering Chick Corea jazz
Hosted by Aaron The Jazz Czar

One of the great keyboardists of modern jazz, we lost Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea on February 9, 2021, near age 80. However, our remembrance will check out a loose chronology of Chick's career from his acoustic playing to work with Miles, Return to Forever, the Electric Band, etc.

1pm Our Favorite Wild Women jazz
Hosted by Sandy

I welcome this opportunity to share with you my favorite songs from our regular show, “Wild Women and Friends.” The show is named after the Ida Cox song from 1923, “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues,” and we’ll do our best to prove that to you!

3pm I Love Paris: French Songs in Review jazz
Hosted by Mara and Daniel

I Love Paris: French Jazz Chansons features a brief overview of such well-known early French and French/ American jazz/ chansons artists as Django Reinhardt, Joseph Reinhardt, Josephine Baker, Stephane Grapelli,Quintette du Hot Club de France, Louis Vola, and Rina Ketty, among others, intermingled with a review of recent French Jazz and jazz/ chansons performances by Michel Benita, Benois Delbecq, Laika Fatien, Richard Galliano, Christian Jacob, Bernard Lubat, Ibrahim Maalouf, Cyrille Aimée, Dimie Cat, Anne Ducros, Tatiana Eva-Marie, Elisabeth Kontomanou, Christine Ott, and Caroline Nin among others.

5pm Gospel With Groove jazz
Hosted by Don Harrison and Brother Breakdown

The heavy, dance floor-oriented rhythms of funk and disco molded the sound of Gospel in the 1970s and 1980s, just as Gospel had molded the sound of popular music in the 1950s and 1960s. While traditional Gospel waned in popularity, artists across a wide spectrum of age and notoriety updated their sound to reflect modern tastes - often with incredible results. Join Radio Wowsville’s Don and Colin for a journey intoGospel with Groove:heavenly disco, funk, soul, and beyond.

7pm Early ZZ Top jazz
Hosted by Dave Shreve

9pm Danny Gatton: Hot Rod Guitar jazz
Hosted by Bill Adams

An artist who can’t be pigeon-holed into jazz, blues, country, or rockabilly, but often employs all these elements at once. Danny and those artists close to him have done something unique in American music.

11pm The Marvelous Musical Machinations of Mr. Madlib! jazz
Hosted by Don Harrison, Rick Clark, and Superfan Paul

Join Radio Wowsville's Don Harrison and Rick Clark, joined by Superfan Paul, as they explore the width, depth and heights of Madlib's work, from his early days as Quasimoto, through the jazz-infused stylings ofYesterdays Universeand his multitudinous collaborations with some of the most creative minds in hip hop, up to the present with his most recent release,Sound Ancestors, and beyond. Come for the beats, stay for the jazz.

Mon Oct 11

1am Class of ‘21 - Erroll Garner & Wardell Gray jazz
Hosted by Rus Perry

We will listen overnight to the self-taught pianist who defined his own idiosyncratic and wildly popular path in mostly trios and the tenor player who grew up musically with Dexter Gordon and flamed brightly, if briefly, at the dawn of bebop.