Mon Feb 5

6am | Instruments of the Apocalypse | folk

Just as you should never say Beetlejuice three times, so too it is said that banjo, bagpipe, and accordion should not ever be played during the same program for fear of the apocalypse resulting. Well, what better way to kick off this year's Folk Marathon than just that?

8am | Island Songs | folk

You might expect a show called "island songs" to feature only Caribbean music, but we're looking at the bigger picture here. There are thousands of islands, large and small, scattered around the globe, and many have developed distinct music styles you might not be familiar with. Get ready for an earful of the sounds of Cyprus, Svalbard, Madagascar, and many more far-flung places.

10am | Virginia Folklore Society Recordings | folk

This show celebrates the work of the Virginia Folklore Society, founded in 1913, and all those who have contributed to its archive. Featuring ballad/folk song material recorded between 1932-36, music from Paul Clayton Worthington's UVA years, new tunes from Rappahannock county guitarist John Jackson, gospel from the 1973 documentary "Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday", and much more!

12pm | Cruising with Cayamo | folk

Bring your shades, shorts, sunscreen and an umbrella drink to Cruising with Cayamo as part of the WTJU Fund Drive Drive celebrating Folk and Roots Music from around the globe and Live Concerts. Cruising with Cayamo will sample 16 years of one of the first musical festivals held on a cruise ship. You will hear music from Cayamo stars Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Sara Jarosz, John Prine, Amy Helm, The Lone Bellow and many more. Join us for Cruising with Cayamo as part of the WTJU Folk Marathon.

2pm | The Gothic Folk of Charlotte Greig | folk

In the late 1990s, Welsh artist Charlotte Greig started composing music in the wee hours, after putting her four-year old son to bed. Using the nighttime – she created ghostly, ethereal, minimalist, gut-wrenchingly beautiful gothic folk music with the harmonium, melodica, dulcimer and the use of an analogue four-track cassette. We will explore her inspirations, collaborations, and those she influenced, as well.

4pm | Ladysmith Black Mambazo | folk

Sixty years of extraordinary music from South Africa’s treasure and one of the most recognizable vocal groups in the world.

6pm | Oh Mercy, Please Forgive Me | folk

Waverly Milor (Hard Swimmin' Fish, The Wavelength) brings us songs on forgiveness and mercy featuring Patty Griffin, John Prine, Chris Whitley, Grayson Capps and more.

8pm | Silo LIVE | folk

Silo is Fiona Balestrieri and Seth Swingle, two musicians entwined in the True Vine of traditional music from England, Ireland, West Africa and Appalachia. Curious and dedicated globally-minded musicians, they recombine the building blocks of these centuries-old musics in new ways, creating a sound that is both instantly recognizable and fresh to the ear. Influenced by everything from the Irish trad music explosion of the 1970’s to Malian kora music, solo ballads of the Ozarks to rollicking banjo showpieces, Silo has a unique take on the ongoing story of folk music. Fiddle, flute, banjo, voice and percussive dance combine for performances as wide as they are deep.

9pm | Remembering Nick Drake 50 Years On | folk

Join us for a special tribute hosted by David Buie-Moltz from “Point of Departure.” This show celebrates the 50th anniversary of the legendary singer-songwriter Nick Drake's passing, delving into his hauntingly beautiful music. We'll feature tracks from his seminal albums “Five Leaves Left,” “Bryter Layter,” and “Pink Moon,” along with various rarities. Explore Drake's enduring legacy, the profound impact of his work on contemporary music, and the stories behind his timeless songs. Rediscover the melancholic beauty of Drake's artistry, a legacy that continues to resonate even half a century later.

11pm | Pind Melodies of Panjab | folk

A journey through beautiful classics and flavorful new spins on the sounds of panjab, aka the land of the five rivers. Sonic spice for your audio plate that will leave you feeling the heat.

Tue Feb 6

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from The Deputies (2015), Erik "Red" Knierim (2015), Jason Ring & Chris Dammann (2015), Jolie Fille (2023), a member of SPICMACAY at UVA (2015), Lost Indian (2015), and Rising Appalachia (2015).

6am | Chillin' with the Cello | folk

Two hours of cello, and sometimes even celli, to start off your Tuesday morning as part of this year's Folk Marathon. We will hear from Yo-Yo Ma, Natalie Haas, Rushad Eggleston, Leyla McCalla, Kaitlyn Raitz, Mike Block, and more before 8 a.m. rolls around...

8am | Guys Named Hank | folk

In Traditional Country Music there has always been something magical about the name Hank. There was Hank Cochran, Hank Crow, Hank Davis, Hank Garland, Hank Harral, Hank Hill, Hank Locklin, Hank Penny, Hank Rector, Hank Smith, Hank Snow, Hank Thompson and of course, Hank Williams. So if you have a hankering for some good country music, join us for the 2024 Folk Hankathon and we can hank out together.

10am | Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music | folk

Released in 1952, the Anthology of American Folk Music jumpstarted the 60’s folk scene. Drawing from both the original recordings and subsequent recordings inspired by the Anthology, this program explores some of the most foundational music in American musical history.

12pm | The Indigo Girls | folk

Lifelong friends who have made memorable music together going on forty years, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers took the name Indigo because they thought it sounded cool. Blending their beautiful voices, writing heartfelt songs, engaging in social justice, gay rights and environmental activism, and selling out concerts wherever they go, these dynamic women have touched many lives. With around 20 studio and live albums, there are so many great songs to choose from! We hope the listeners will request their favorites.

2pm | The Far Side of Folk Music: Clever, Comical, and Wacky Songs | folk

We could all use a laugh. Craig has built a huge collection of humorous and wacky songs from the wild world of folk music.

4pm | John Prine In All His Glory | folk

Often called one of the most influential songwriters of his generation, John Prine led an active career from the 1970s right up until the day he passed away. He was known for his ability to make you think, make you cry, and perhaps most importantly, make you laugh. This talent for moving his listeners emotionally gave him the opportunity to comment on and even satirize the things he saw going on in the world around him. Join us as we discuss and look back on the career of John Prine.

6pm | Rise Up Singing and Rise Again | folk

Sing and play along with Sumner's annual show based on the two Folk Music “Bibles.” This show guarantees to be loaded with favorites. And be sure and call with requests!

8pm | Terri Allard Trio LIVE | folk

Terri Allard combines sultry sweetness and grit with an intimately personal writing style, lending a strong, authentic voice to the Americana music scene. Her co-writing credits include collaborating with five-time Grammy Award winner Mary Chapin Carpenter on the stirring ode Anna Carolyn. She will be joined by world champion harmonica player and longtime time collaborator Gary Green, as well as Sonny Layne on bass. Many Central Virginia folks remember Sonny Layne as the bass player for Johnny Sportcoat and the Casuals. He's played with Terri since '95 and is also the bass player for the Buzzard Hollow Boys who will be in Thursday night for the Folk Marathon!

9pm | Good and Greasy | folk

The whole world eats, and makes music about it. Food and farming pop up in songs across time and space, and we're going to have some fun hearing about it. Tune in for tunes on the lipid content of biscuits, chicken roosting altitudes, and unlikely peach provenience.

11pm | Murder Ballads | folk

"O come all ye hunters who follow the gun; beware of your shooting at the setting of the sun..." Before the days of true crime podcasts, folk ballads about grisly murders satiated the public’s fascination with bloodshed. We will explore these songs as they made their way from the British Isles to the New World, settling in the mountains and forests of Appalachia, where the darkness of the lonesome woods would inspire new songs, as well as variations on the old. Artists from many eras and folk traditions will make appearances to tantalize and terrorize, including The Tallest Man on Earth, Fairport Convention, Peggy Seeger, and Shirley Collins.

Wed Feb 7

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from Karen Jonas and her band (2023), Joe Newberry (2015), the Missy Raines Trio (2018), Wild Ponies (2018), Buck Stops Here (2015), Dustbowl Revival (2015), and the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz chatting with and performing for Professor Bebop (2015).

6am | Cowboys & Cowgirls on the Open Range | folk

Cowboy songs have been a staple of country music since it's beginning. Join us for two hours of cowboy (and cowgirl) songs from the early recordings to the present day.

8am | Valley Fever: Bakersfield and North | folk

Valley Fever - North from the Grapevine to Bakersfield and Beyond with Buck, Merle, Rose and Randy.

10am | Gram Parsons' Cosmic American Jamboree | folk

Fifty years since he passed away, Gram Parson’s groundbreaking music continues to resonate. Borrowing from such sources as R&B and folk, his songs straddled many musical worlds: too country for rock music, too rock for country, somehow traditional and modern at the same time. Gram was an influence on no less than the Rolling Stones’ whose “Wild Horses” he recorded before the Stones’ released their own version. Gram “discovered” Emmylou Harris in a small club in D.C. and paved the way for bands like the Eagles to enjoy great success mining similar territory only a few years later. Regardless, today his catalog—with the International Submarine Band, the Byrds “Sweethearts of the Rodeo,” the Flying Burrito Brothers, and two solo albums that featured duets with Harris and Linda Ronstadt—stands alone as a towering source of expertly crafted songs.

12pm | Kora! Kora! Kora! | folk

The Kora is a stringed instrument used extensively in West Africa. A kora typically has 21 strings, which are played by plucking with the fingers and it combines features of the lute and harp. We’ll hear from legends like Toumani Diabaté, Ballaké Sissoko and Sona Jobarteh to the current players keeping this tradition alive.

2pm | Sinead O'Connor Sings Traditional Songs | folk

Sean-Nós Nua is the sixth studio album by late Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor, released in 2002. It consists of traditional Irish songs, the title meaning "new old-style" and also referring to the popular style of traditional Irish music sean-nós. We will hear songs from this album, live tracks, and collaborations with acts such as The Chieftains, Afro Celt Sound system, and Terry Hall. We may fit in some covers of American artists as well, including Dolly Parton, Harry Nilsson, Bobby Gentry, Blind Willie Johnson, and Mahalia Jackson.

4pm | Women of Bluegrass | folk

Bill Monroe may be the Father of Bluegrass, and Jimmy Martin the King, but let us not forget the great women! From the pioneering Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard to Laurie Lewis, Claire Lynch, Alison Brown, Missy Raines, and Alison Kraus, to the young stars of today such as Sierra Hull and Molly Tuttle, these ladies can pick and sing with the best of them. So join us as we highlight the Women of Bluegrass as part of this year's Folk Marathon.

6pm | Notorious or Sweethearts: Flights with the Byrds | folk

The Byrds evolved to become country rock “pioneers.” The band members included Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, David Crosby, and Gram Parsons. Spin-offs from these folks included numerous solo albums along with groups such as Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Desert Rose Band. This show will focus on the Byrds but also delve into the these other great artists.

8pm | Uncle Henry's Favorites LIVE | folk

Uncle Henry's Favorites old-time string band hails from Albemarle County, Virginia, home of rolling hills, Jefferson cups, farms, Wahoos and Cavaliers, mountain streams, and an active and dedicated community of old-time country fiddlers, banjoists, mandolinists, Carter-family-style singing groups, guitar pickers, Cajun accordionists, square dancers, cloggers, bass fiddlers, and countless other homegrown-music enthusiasts. Pete and Ellen Vigour, of White Hall, Jim Childress, from Free Union, and Mark Beall from Stanardsville, formed Uncle Henry’s Favorites in 1985, and have since performed their own special version of old-time music at social occasions throughout their local area.

9pm | The Juddermeister Does Country | folk

The Juddermeister Does Country: Williams, Haggard, & Shaver Description: – The Juddermeister is joined by Michael Stock, in all their jazzy, bluey, funkiness they tackle a few classic songwriting artists such as Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, and Billy Joe Shaver as covered by the likes of such iconic artists as Dave Alvin, Dr. John, Delbert McClinton, Clifton Chenier among many others, including surprises. And remember, covers are the way we keep the music alive…

11pm | Folk Sounds of the Digital Multiverse | folk

Video games create digital universes in which, like our own world, each location traveled has a distinct feel—distinct characters, distinct visuals, and, of course, distinct music. Come enter the uncanny valley of video games, where musical traditions blend the familiar from our world with its own particular flavors.

Thu Feb 8

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from Alan Munde & Bill Evans (2024), Allison Shapira & Kipyn Martin (2015), Breabach (2023), Lua Project (2024), Soggy Po Boys (2018), a member of SPICMACAY at UVA (2015), and the East Pointers (2018).

6am | Bluegrass Covers | folk

How many times have bluegrass musicians crossed over and covered songs from other genres? Possibly more times than you know. Want to hear bluegrass covers of I’m on Fire? Stayin’ Alive? Tune in to hear versions of Dylan, Beatles, CSN, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Little Feat, and even the Bee Gees!

8am | Folky Stones | folk

Folk and roots covers of the Rolling Stones by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Cat Power, Shemekia Copeland, the Cowboy Junkies, Old and In the Way, Crooked Still and even Elton John.

10am | Johnny Cash: The American Years | folk

In 1959 J.C. left Sun Records and signed with Columbia Records. In 1986 after releasing 59 albums and selling millions upon millions of records for Columbia, they dropped him for being too old school (They also dropped jazz legend Miles Davis in 1986, go figure). After drifting for a few years, J.C. was approached by Rick Rubin, who was the original producer of the Beastie Boys and the co-founder of Def Jam Records. Asking what Rick expected of him, Rick replied, sit in front of microphone with his guitar and do whatever he felt like doing. In 1994 J.C. & Rick, his Producer, released the first album, American Recording. The Album had a raw, stripped-down sound that proved to be enormously successful with critics, real country traditionalists and young people who thought they didn't like country. In 1998 a second album won a Grammy for Best Country Album. So tune in to the Folk Marathon and hear what an old man can do.

12pm | Outlaw Country in the 21st Century | folk

Outlaw country originated in the 1970's as a reaction to the slick sounds of Nashville countrypolitan that dominated country music at that time. It has largely disappeared from the airwaves today, but is still going strong at festivals and small venues around the country. Join us for two hours of a new breed of outlaw country artists.

2pm | Various Folks Covering Rock Tunes | folk

During our regular Carry the Zero time slot, we'll play a fun variety of rock tunes covered by musicians of other musical genres including bluegrass, country, gospel and folk.

4pm | Daring Adventures: Richard Thompson in the 1980s | folk

Simon Tassano began working with Richard Thompson on the last Richard and Linda Thompson tour and continued to mix Richard’s live shows and produce several of his recordings over four decades. We’ll focus on Richard’s 1980’s output including classic releases like Shoot Out the Lights, Across a Crowded Room and Amnesia. Simon will also dig into his archives for some special live performances from the period.

6pm | Country Brothers | folk

Exploring the the brotherly harmonies of mid 20th century acts The Dixon Brothers ,The Blue Sky Boys , The Delmore Brothers , and The Louvin Brothers and maybe some Maddox and Everly Brothers too.

8pm | The Buzzard Hollow Boys LIVE | folk

The Buzzard Hollow Boys return for some electrified folk, roots and swing. The Buzzard Hollow Boys were formed in 2005 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Collectively these four members have been playing music together for some 25 plus years.

9pm | Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet | folk

Pioneers of alt-country, roots rock, cowpunk, or whatever you want to call it, Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet helped birth this genre and blazed its path. From the 1980’s Escovedo’s bands Rank & File and True Believers, and Prophet’s Green on Red though glorious solo & duo releases over the past 3 decades, these two indie lifers have kept the “alt” in alt-country, the “rock” in roots rock, and the “punk” in cowpunk. This will likely to be the loudest show of the Folk Marathon.

11pm | Remembering the Unforgettable Molly O'Day | folk

"Unforgettable" is how Molly O'Day was described on her only Columbia album, but these days most folks need a reminder. O'Day and her group The Cumberland Mountain Folks were among the traditional-styled groups that came along in the era of Honky Tonk, but after her friend Hank Williams died O'Day abruptly dropped out of country music. Re-emerging as a folk gospel artist around 1960, she left an additional legacy on small labels that still rings with the charm, individuality and power that typifies her smaller, secular output.

Fri Feb 9

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from John Doyle and Mick McAuley (2023), the Page Turners (2018), Jake Blount and Tatiana Hargreaves (2018), Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman (2015), Robin and Linda Williams (2024), Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (2018), Mary Bragg (2015), and the Maura Shawn Scanlin Band (2024).

6am | Mardi Gras from NOLA to Acadiana | folk

The argument over which Mardi Gras celebration is better is an argument as old as time itself. New Orleans Mardi Gras is like the big, fancy version of the festival that everyone's heard of. It's got these huge parades with fancy floats and people throwing beads, and it's all about partying and having a good time. It's like the Super Bowl of Mardi Gras, and it attracts a ton of tourists. Acadiana Mardi Gras, on the other hand, is like the down-home, community version of the festival. It's more about the people than the spectacle. They've got traditions like horseback riding, chicken chasing, and numerous forms of outdoor cooking, and it's all about celebrating Cajun culture. It's like the backyard barbecue of Mardi Gras, and it's mostly for locals. No matter which side you come down on, the music is great at both. Tune in on this first day of this year's Mardi Gras celebration for two great hours of music.

8am | With the Revolution, Everything | folk

“Within the Revolution, everything; against the Revolution, nothing.” This 1961 declaration by Fidel Castro had a distinct impact on art and music in Cuba. In this show, we’ll explore the artists of EGREM, Cuba’s national music label, to get an idea of what was considered “within”—that is, what one might consider the folk music of the Revolution.

10am | Iain Matthews: From Fairport To Woodstock | folk

Iain Matthews was an original member of Fairport Convention in 1968, appearing on two and a half albums (there's a story there). He then formed Matthews Southern Comfort in 1970 and had a #1 hit with Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock". A couple of solo albums later he formed Plainsong and recorded an album that was a tribute to Amelia Earhart. He has released over a dozen albums on various labels. Talented and critically acclaimed, Matthews deserves your generous contributions.

12pm | The Music of Steve Goodman | folk

Gone too soon, the legacy of this wonderful singer/songwriter/guitarist continues to inspire. Climb abord the City of New Orleans and join us for a deep dive into this brilliant performer and his collaborations with his best friend, John Prine and the legendary Jethro Burns among others.

2pm | Guy Clark is Out in the Parking Lot | folk

Guy Clark was truly “The King Of The Texas Troubadours”. Guy Clark was among many artists who altered the boundaries of country music and would influence generations of songwriters. He mentored many artists including Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell. He was a very close friend to Townes Van Zandt and to many.

4pm | The World of Squeezeboxes | folk

Sunset Road host Pete and friends explore the world of accordions, bandoneons, button boxes and concertinas. Rumor is there will be some live performances throughout the program...

6pm | Eddie from Ohio - Folkin' Excellent | folk

In 2022, Virginia band Eddie From Ohio announced they were stepping back from performing live indefinitely. We take a look back at their 31-year career together, plus hear a few selections from their solo projects.

8pm | Barling & Collins LIVE | folk

Come on out and prepare to have your mind blown by these extraordinarily unique and talented musical artists! Stephen Barling (guitar) and Brandon Collins (cello) are two rather reckless bastards who make ornery noise for the sheer jollies of it.

9pm | What a Disaster!! | folk

If there is one thing that folk music does better than any other genre, it is telling stories of when things go terribly, confoundingly wrong. This show will take a mostly humorous look at catastrophes big and small, from the inconvenient to the cataclysmic, both natural and man-made. And don’t worry, all you have to do to avert disaster is to send in your pledge to WTJU – what could possibly go wrong?

11pm | Dimming of the Day: Linda and Richard Thompson | folk

Whether together or apart, the Thompsons have released some of the most stirring folk-rock music of all time. Tune in to the WTJU Folk Marathon for a sample of artists "whose work burns with intelligence and dark emotion”

Sat Feb 10

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from Miss Tess (2015), Kristin Andreassen & Alec Spiegelman (2015), Stephane Wrembel Band (2015), Beppe Gambetta (2019), Michaela Anne (2019), Mike Compton and Joe Newberry (2019), The Get Rights (2015), Nordic Fiddlers Bloc (2018), and Webley Twizzle Project (2022).

6am | Peerless Ralph | folk

A look at the wide ranging interests and impact of Okeh and Victor A&R (Artist and Repertoire) director, Ralph Peer. From the first country recordings of Dock Boggs, the Carter Family, and Jimmie Rodgers to the early blues recordings of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Charley Patton, John Hurt to his jazz, Hawaiian, Cuban and Cajun recordings, he captured and shaped the diversity of early recorded American music. Tune in to hear the surprising legacy of Ralph Peer's innovative ear for talent.

8am | Killer Covers | folk

The best version of a song often isn't by the person who wrote it. John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" is a good example. Prine's version is fine but Bonnie Raitt OWNS that song, right? And sometimes the best covers aren't the most well known versions. Tune in and see if you agree.

10am | Celebrating Kevin Donleavy's 25 Years on WTJU | folk

Join us as we celebrate Kevin Donleavy's 25 years of bringing Irish Trad and Old-Time to the WTJU airwaves.

12pm | Warren Zevon, Wounded Warrior | folk

A poetic musical force in songwriting, folk rock, classic duets, psycho punk rock with a twang. An Influential Troubadour.

2pm | Mama Tried LIVE | folk

Mama Tried is a 5-piece band from Charlottesville, Va., with Susan Munson on guitar and vocals, Charlie Pastorfield on guitar and vocals, Stuart Holme on bass, Kent Raine on drums, and Sam Johnston on keys, vocals and harmonica. These five play high-energy versions of early Grateful Dead songs, plus their own impressive material, with a heavy accent on improvisation.

4pm | When Dylan Went Electric: The Invention of Folk-Rock | folk

Dylan actually went “electric” even before Newport and Pete Seeger threatened to cut power to the amps. We take a look at when Dylan added electric instruments to the mix (earlier than you might think), the “Judas” tour and how everyone else discovered folk-rock (the classic example being The Sounds of Silence).

6pm | Is Van Morrison Folk Music? | folk

Exploring the Van Morrison Mythos. All those mystic songs about Caledonia and such…

8pm | Erik "Red" Knierim LIVE | folk

Founder and lead singer of the seminal Central Virginia group, Red & The Romantics, Red will put on a rare solo concert for his favorite radio station around the globe. Come on out and be part of the studio audience!

9pm | Yalla! Stomping of the Feet | folk

Dabke, meaning “stamping of the feet” or “to make noise,” is an Arabic folk dance from the Levantine region, specifically Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. Originally practiced as a method of stamping in mud on roofs, dabke brought the community together beyond the structuring of a home to make the task in-sync and effective. Now, the dance can be seen at weddings, family parties, and even during protests. This show hopes to explore this culturally significant custom as it has evolved from being an efficient way to repair a roof to becoming a symbol of love, life, and struggle.

11pm | Desi Tadka: Indian Spice | folk

Indian food is not just curry! It comprises a myriad of dishes made from the finest of the spices found in the Indian subcontinent. Such is the case with Indian music, each Indian state provides its own identity, and each language has its own sweetness, and each instrument incorporates its richness, which is evident in this music. Welcome to "Desi Tadka: Indian Spice," the radio show that takes you on a flavourful journey through the rich tapestry of Indian culture, music, and traditions. Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Bollywood, classical, folk, and contemporary Indian music, curated to ignite your senses and transport you to the heart of India where we unravel the stories behind the music, sharing fascinating insights into the diverse regional styles and the artists who have shaped the Indian music landscape.

Sun Feb 11

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. Tonight we will hear from Kaira Ba (2024), Dig The Rigs (2015), Lord Nelson (2016), Weedeaters (2015), Band Concord (2015), Andrea Beaton Trio (2015), Lydia Sylvia (2015), and a song from David Wax and Suz Slezak (2014).

6am | Savia Andina & Sukay | folk

Savia Andina & Sukay were two Bolivian folk bands that revitalized traditional Andean folk music in the 1970's and their musicians continued to perform into the 21st century. Join us as we feature two hours of their classic Andean folk music.

8am | Gospel Sisters | folk

Good old-fashioned gospel music sung by sisters. It could be a singer known as Sister, like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, or it could be actual sisters, like the Davis Sisters, the McCrary Sisters or the Ingramettes. We might include a mother or two, like Mother McCollum singing “Jesus is My Air-O-Plane.”

10am | Melanie: Little Sister of the Sun | folk

Join us on a journey through singer-songwriter Melanie's discography and discover why she was awarded Top Female Vocalist by Billboard.

12pm | Folk at the Movies | folk

Grab your popcorn and sit back as we break out the soundtracks and roll out many of the great folk songs and scores from cinema history.

2pm | Good Buddy: The Buddy Miller Show | folk

Guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer Buddy Miller has had a powerful impact on Americana music for nearly three decades. We’ll sample his solo work, albums with his wife Julie Miller and the countless albums he’s produced for artists ranging from Richard Thompson and Soloman Burke to Patty Griffin and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

4pm | The Storytellers | folk

From Tom T. Hall and Nanci Griffith, to modern performers like Andy Shauf, Oliver the Kid plays a collection of his favorite storytelling songwriters.

6pm | Nanci Griffith Will Always Shine | folk

Sumner brings us two hours of Nanci Griffth. Have your own personal favorite from Nanci? If Sumner has it (and she almost certainly does), she will play it with your pledge of support!

8pm | The Webley Twizzle Project LIVE | folk

The Webley Twizzle Project is a bold effort to take acoustic music, from anywhere at all, and fashion a new sound for a unique blend of musical instruments. Come on out on the final night of the Folk Marathon to close out yet another great fund drive!

9pm | Music of the March on Washington | folk

On August 28th, 1963, more than 250,000 people from across the United States gathered in Washington DC to join in peaceful protest against racial segregation and demand equal rights legislation from Congress. Tune in to hear live recordings of the soundtrack of the day from Joan Baez, Odetta, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Marian Anderson, as well as other songs of the midcentury Black freedom struggle.

11pm | From Tuva to Iqaluit: A throat singing world tour | folk

From the forested mountains of Tuva to Nunavut's Arctic Archipelago, throat singing carries with it cultural meaning and stylistic tradition. But throat singing has also found its way into modern musical expressions, never losing connection to its roots. We'll trace the polyphonic melodies and breathless rhythms of contemporary indigenous singers from across the globe.

Mon Feb 12

1am | WTJU Archives Through The Night | folk

Each night of the Folk Marathon, we will share some of our favorite performances from past years at WTJU. On this final night we will hear from Danny Knicely (2015), Baseball Project (2015), Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill (2015), Bumper Jacksons (2015), Berto & Vincent (2022), Rachel Baiman (2020), John Doyle, Jeremy Kittel, and Josh Pinkham (2019), and Hawktail (2020).