Mon Feb 4

6am Classical Sunrise folk
Hosted by Johann and Wolfgang

Start the day right with WTJU! Classical Sunrise offers two hours of classical music performed by some of the finest Folk and Classical musicians to help ease you through your busy morning. We may even share a few modern compositions along the way.

8am Brothers Will Be Brothers folk
Hosted by Jeff Vogelgesang

Jeff Vogelgesang reunites some of his favorite Brother duos, including the Delmores, Stanleys, and Monroes. He might even invite other family members to do their part as you do yours to help WTJU stay on the air. 434-924-3959, and on-line at

10am Evolution: Bluegrass folk
Hosted by Bill, Lester, Ralph, Sam and Bela

While Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys were around before Earl Scruggs joined the band in 1945, it was at that point when Bluegrass music as we first knew it began. Until around 1971, traditional bluegrass was the standard. While bands such as The Dillards and The Country Gentlemen deviated from that traditional sound before then, The New Grass Revival were the first to really break down the wall and change Bluegrass forever. Join us as we show the evolution of Bluegrass from its inception all the way to today and beyond as part of the 2019 Folk Marathon.

12pm Unreconcilable Influences - Tom Waits folk
Hosted by Professor Bebop

He began at “Closing Time” and took the long journey around to arrive at the conclusion that at least some of us are “Bad As Me.” The Tom Waits story in all of its glitter and doom and mostly in response to its constantly “unreconcilable influences.”

2pm Cryin' Time folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Feelin’ bad because someone done you wrong is a frequent theme of country music (as well as other genres). Tune in for two hours of classic and not-so-classic songs about being on the losing end of romance.

4pm Field Recordings folk
Hosted by Ryan

Some of the best music ever laid to record was live and informal, from the Lomaxs’ and Seegers’ explorations of American folkways to David Fanshawe’s ventures into Africa and the Polynesia. Listen to great musicians playing in their living rooms, churches, or by the back of a truck where the mammoth recording machines rode.

7pm Silo LIVE at Studio IX folk
Hosted by Silo

Silo is Fiona Balestrieri and Seth Swingle, two musicians entwined in the True Vine of traditional music from England, Ireland, West Africa and Appalachia. Come on out to Studio IX (969 2nd St SE, Charlottesville), and join them in kicking off seven days of great live music as part of this year's Folk Marathon!

8pm Woodstock Reaches Middle Age folk
Hosted by Jackson Boylan

It is amazing how many people claim to have been at Woodstock back in 1969. Whether or not you were there a half century ago, Jackson Boylan is going to do his part to look back at some of the acts from those three days of Peace and Music as you call in your pledges of support at 434-924-3959, or on-line at

10pm The Trapeze Swinger folk
Hosted by Erin O and DJ Walt

Two hours of Iron & Wine, with Sam Beam’s solo material, full band stuff, and his duets, too...

Tue Feb 5

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am Resonating on the Dobro folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Two hours of resonator guitar, commonly known as the Dobro, to wake you up on the second morning of the Folk Marathon...

8am Squeezin' Out Some Accordion folk
Hosted by Pete

Pete brings us two hours of almost everyone's favorite instrument, or at least it should be by the end of the program.

10am Evolution: "Revel"ing in the Red Stick Ramblers folk
Hosted by Baton Rouge Boys

The Red Stick Ramblers got their start in Baton Rouge (Red Stick) back in 1999 while some of the members were studying at Louisiana State University (LSU). The band blended Cajun and Western Swing to great international acclaim for many years before evolving into the Grammy nominated Revelers in late 2013. We will start at the beginning and follow the journeys the various band members have taken since the last millennium. Rumor is we might even debut some tracks from an upcoming Revelers album...

12pm Ani DiFranco folk
Hosted by Righteous Babe and Professor Bebop

The Professor brings us two hours of the "Righteous Babe"...

2pm Jeff Tweedy folk
Hosted by Jedd Ferris

Jeff Tweedy has had quite the musical evolution, so tune is we look at his days with Uncle Tupelo, to front man of Wilco, to his father/son duo Tweedy, as well as his solo work throughout.

4pm Beatles Mania folk
Hosted by Cameron

The Beatles made their American television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show back on February 9, 1964. That's over 20,000 days since they made that appearance, and there have been at least 20,000 folk artists who have covered them since that time. Tune in and see which ones Cameron feels worthy of airplay. Have a favorite of your own? Call it in with your pledge! 434-924-3959 or on-line at

7pm Duo Boheme LIVE at Studio IX folk
Hosted by Duo Boheme

Violin and guitar duo Anna and Dave Hennessy, specializing in Gypsy Jazz and Country Waltzes, will perform on the second night of LIVE music from Studio IX as part of this year's Folk Marathon. Come on out to Studio IX (969 2nd St SE, Charlottesville) and add your applause to the broadcast!

8pm Rise Up Singing! folk
Hosted by Sumner Brown

Get out your instruments and your voices and play and sing along with the great American Folk Music “Bible” – Rise Up Singing.

10pm Prying into Prine folk
Hosted by Mike Barton

What hasn't John Prine done? Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actor... you can check all those boxes and more. Tune in for two hours of nothing but Prine...

Wed Feb 6

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am Chillin' with Cello folk
Hosted by Rushad, Yo-Yo, Natalie and Leyla

Two hours of cello, and sometimes even celli, to start off your Wednesday morning as part of this year's Folk Marathon. We will hear from Yo-Yo Ma, Natalie Haas, Rushad Eggleston, Leyla McCalla, Mike Block, and more before 8 a.m. rolls around...

8am Riding the Rails folk
Hosted by Casey Jones

Two hours of railroad tunes to get you to your destination. You can get your ticket to join us by calling 434-924-3959, or going on-line to

10am Evolution: David Grisman Quintet folk
Hosted by Pete

Since the David Grisman Quintet got its start in 1975, there have been a number of great artists who have joined Dawg along the way. Pete will explore the evolution of both the DGQ and its members, including but not limited to Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Tony Rice, Todd Phillips, Mark O'Connor, and Joe Craven.

12pm 20 Years of Afropop Gold – 1979-1999 folk
Hosted by Jim Ralston and Steve Kindig

African pop music encompasses dozens of styles and countless artists, recordings, and languages. It’s still going strong today, but for many African music fans, the explosion of Afropop bands from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s holds a special place. Tune in for classic tracks from the likes of Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, Youssou N’Dour, Kanda Bongo Man, and much more.

2pm Two Sides of the Louisiana Coin folk
Hosted by Susanna Rosen and Peter

Down in the Bayou state, they like to say Louisiana is actually made up of three different states. But when it comes to music, there are really only two sides. Susanna Rosen (Zuzu's Hot 5) typically leans more towards the sounds of New Orleans, while Peter likes to spend most of his time around Lafayette and the rest of Acadiana. Which side of the coin will get you to pledge?

4pm Seegers Celebrate Sibling's Centennial folk
Hosted by Emily

It's not every day a sibling turns 100, so the entire Seeger Family has decided to surprise Pete a few months early by serenading him for three hours as part of this year's Folk Marathon. If we are lucky, Pete might even join in the revelry. And we all know he loved a good singalong, so join us as we celebrate Pete Seeger's centennial!

7pm The Weedeaters LIVE at Studio IX folk
Hosted by The Weedeaters

The Weedeaters are a three part string band who've played all over the country, including the main stage at the John Hartford Memorial Festival. Come on out to Studio IX (969 2nd St SE, Charlottesville) on the third night of this year's Folk Marathon for a great concert!

8pm Red's Favorites folk
Hosted by Erik "Red" Knierim

We all know and love Eric Knierim and his band, Red & The Romantics. But ever wonder what Red listens to when he's not out performing? Tune in Wednesday night, February 6, from 8-10 and find out!

10pm The Incredible String Band folk
Hosted by David Moltz

One of the most eccentric, unique, and influential groups to emerge from the 1960s, the band’s sound consisted mostly of evocative Celtic folk melodies augmented by a variety of Middle Eastern and Asian instruments. After the psychedelic folk group disbanded in 1974, founding members Mike Heron and Robin Williamson went on to prolific solo careers, the former more rock-oriented and the latter more focused on Celtic music.

Thu Feb 7

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am Sons of the Pioneers folk
Hosted by Terry

The Sons of the Pioneers are one of the earliest Western singing groups. While members have changed, they have been active for over 70 years. The group was known for their vocal performances, their musicianship, and their songwriting. They released hundreds of songs and have appeared in dozens of movies. During the 2019 Folk Marathon we will revisit some of their favorites from from the 1930's & '40's. So tune in and sing along with Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, and others.

8am Who Needs Sylvia? Ian Tyson Rules the World folk
Hosted by Louise Largiadèr

Louise shows there is a lot more to Ian Tyson than his time with Sylvia Fricker...

10am Evolution: Lucinda Williams's Rocky Road folk
Hosted by Rebecca

The daughter of a poet and a piano player, Lucinda Williams was writing songs at the age of six. Her first record was acoustic blues and folk songs. She next moved into a Country/Cajun sound with some wonderful story songs. As her sound got closer to rock, she pared the lyrics down to pure poetry. Roads, actual and figurative, have shown up over and over in her songs and album titles. People and places are loved and lost along the soulful rocky road of Lucinda Williams.

12pm Truckin' folk
Hosted by Lonesome George

Trucking songs have been a staple of country music for decades. Tune in for two hours of songs about the trucking life, old and new, with Lonesome George at the wheel.

2pm Willie Nelson folk
Hosted by Tim Shea

What more needs to be said than two hours of Willie Nelson...

4pm Darrell Scott's 60th Revolution Around the Sun folk
Hosted by Peter

Since he was born in 1959, we thought we would celebrate Darrell Scott’s 60th birthday with three hours of his incredible music. Rumor is Darrell might even have something to say about the program, so tune in and help us wish him a Happy Birthday!

7pm Take Two LIVE at Studio IX folk
Hosted by Take Two

Clifftop Neo Trad-winning Take Two string band will put on the fourth night of live music over at Studio IX (969 2nd St SE, Charlottesville) as part of this year's Folk Marathon. Come on out and add your applause to the broadcast!

8pm Skip Castro Band 40th Anniversary Retrospective folk
Hosted by Charlie Pastorfield

What better way to celebrate the Skip Castro Band's 40th anniversary than have Charlie Pastorfield and friends share some of the band's music (including some rare and never before heard archived material)? Tune in for a look back at four incredible decades, and maybe even a look at where the band is heading next!

10pm Music Across the Border folk
Hosted by Nick Murray

Is anybody goin' to San Antone? This show features two hours of the music that developed across, around, and in spite of the border between Texas and Mexico. Hear how the region's sound evolved from Narciso Martinez's conjunto accordion playing in the 1930s through Little Joe's tejano R&B and the country-rock of Doug Sahm and the Texas Tornadoes.

Fri Feb 8

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am Piloting Through the Rivers and Aereo-Plains of John Hartford folk
Hosted by Riverboat Pilot

Two hours of John Hartford

8am Get Your Brass In Gear! folk
Hosted by The Untold Heroes

Like studio musicians down in Nashville, the brass players in Folk don't ever get their due. We will do our best to remedy that for at least these two hours.

10am Evolution: Country & Western Guitar folk
Hosted by Brian Keena

“Country music,” also known at one time as Country & Western or Hillbilly music, derives its genre from both folk and blues music. The guitar has always played a large part in the delivery of this sound, and the advent of the electric guitar in the 1930s was a major turning point, markedly changing, influencing and fostering not just C&W but jazz, blues, and of course, rock and roll. We will delve deeply into some of the shining stars of country electric guitar, including but not limited to Chet Atkins, Glen Campbell, Merle Travis, Scotty Moore, Roy Clark, Jerry Reed, Danny Gatton, Luther Perkins, Les Paul, and Mary Ford.

12pm Africa: A Rainbow of Music folk
Hosted by Ron, John and Jordan

54 countries on the continent provide endless exploration into the rich diversity and musical flavors of this broad palette of sounds. Come on this journey with us. You will discover many untold treasures which await.

2pm Rockbridge Guitar 'Round The World! folk
Hosted by Jake Hopping

Jake Hopping shares some of his favorite acts playing Rockbridge guitars, a business Brian Calhoun and Randall Ray co-founded in 2002. The guitars are still made by hand right here in Charlottesville, and played by acts such as Larry Keel, Rhonda Vincent, Jim Hurst, Eli West, Jason Mraz, Richie Sambora, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dave Matthews, Landon Fishburne, Warren Haynes, and Vusi Mahlasela, as well as lots of local musicians including Brennan Gilmore, Jesse Harper, Tara Mills, Peyton Tochterman, and Michael Coleman. Rumor is Brian might even bring along some of his popular board game, Chickapig, to offer as premiums!

4pm The Bothy Band and the Ripples It Started folk
Hosted by Pete

An exploration of the music of The Bothy Band, its various members, and its huge influence on traditional Irish music performers.

7pm Buzzard Hollow Boys LIVE at Studio IX folk
Hosted by Buzzard Hollow Boys

The Buzzard Hollow Boys return for some electrified folk, roots and swing. Come on out to Studio IX (969 2nd St SE, Charlottesville) and kick off the weekend with some great live music!

8pm Songs About Horses folk
Hosted by Michael Mabry

Horses are courageous, gentle and loyal. Except when they’re not, and then they’re mischievous, stubborn and spooky. Dogs may be man’s best friend but there are way more songs about horses. We’ll travel through time and around the world, from the Plains of Kildare to the Tennessee Stud, and maybe even catch that Chestnut Mare on the Wings of Horses. And while you’re listening, don’t forget to pony up for WTJU! Hay, we’re not horsing around!

10pm Townes Van Zandt folk
Hosted by Dave Donahue

Two hours of Townes Van Zandt's great music

Sat Feb 9

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am Swan Songs folk
Hosted by Paul Josey

After the hillbilly and blues recording boom of the late 1920s, thousands of musicians returned to their homes during the Depression and WWII, never to record again. But this is a show for curtain calls, those artists that were rediscovered during the '60s folk music revival to give a final performance. Join us as artists like Skip James, Jimmie Tarlton, Clarence Ashley, John Hurt and others will present the musical evolution in their lives.

8am He Said, She Said folk
Hosted by Steve, Sumner and Terry

There are two sides to every story, and that’s especially true when male and female viewpoints square off. The Atlantic Weekly Pt. 1 crew has assembled a collection of boy/girl duets that
range from weepy to witty. Think of it as a musical Point/Counterpoint. (And it won’t just be country songs, if that’s what you’re thinkin’.)

10am BRIMS LIVE at WTJU Studios folk
Hosted by Blue Ridge Irish Music School

Two hours of live performance from WTJU's Live Studio with members of the Blue Ridge Irish Music School (BRIMS)

12pm Reggae Vibrations' 40th Anniversary folk
Hosted by Goldfinger

Goldfinger celebrates Reggae Vibrations' 40th anniversary on WTJU...

2pm Alligator LIVE at Belmont Arts Collaborative folk
Hosted by Alligator

Charlottesville's favorite Grateful Dead cover band in the house! Come on out to Belmont Arts Collaborative (221 Carlton Rd, Charlottesvlle), and get into the groove of WTJU's Folk Marathon...

4pm Americana All Starts with The Band folk
Hosted by David Soyka

According to producer John Simon, “There was no Americana until The Band.” We’ll trace the evolution of Americana from The Band up to Uncle Tupelo (and offshoots Son Volt and Wilco), Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Drive-By-Truckers and Jason Isbell, as well as a host of others.

6pm Sliabh Luachra Redux folk
Hosted by Kevin and Mark

Loads of exciting sounds --- that's the music of the Sliabh Luachra area of Ireland, specifically Kerry, Limerick, and Cork. Plenty of fast tunes, reels and polkas and slides and jigs; and a boatload of songs, some comical, some serious. All to make listeners grin and do somersaults.

8pm Made In India folk
Hosted by Sravi

Sravi invites Indian artists from around the US and overseas to join her for two hours focusing on their music. In between the music, they will chat about their musical backgrounds and projects.

10pm Peace, Love and Radio folk
Hosted by Radio Stu

Exploring the evolution of folk music from 1962-1972 featuring Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, The Byrds, Melanie Safka, Gordon Lightfoot, The Mamas & the Papas, Judy Collins, Fred Neil, John Prine, and more...

Sun Feb 10

12am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch

6am First Citizens folk
Hosted by Bruce Koplin

The music of Australian aboriginals, Canadian First Nations, and North American Indians

8am Gospel from the Hills and Hollers folk
Hosted by Rebecca

Blue-eyed gospel with all the harmony and sincerity of the Carter Family, Hank Williams, the Stanley Brothers, Willie Nelson, the Whites and Gillian Welch.

10am The Soul of Black Country folk
Hosted by Juddermeister

The Juddermeister explores country music from the perspective of it being performed by black soul singers such as Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, Candi Staton among many others.

12pm Village Concerts folk
Hosted by Polly and Van

Some of the finest acts have found themselves in the village of Palmyra to be part of Polly and Van's house concert series. From its inception in 2008 with Wayne Henderson and Mike Seeger, to the Matt Flinner Trio, The Stray Birds, The Honey Dewdrops, Maeve Gilchrist, The Steel Wheels, Tony Furtado, Tony Trischka, Love Canon, Landon Fishburne, Michael Clem Trio, Smokey & The Mirror, Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin, and on and on, this village welcomed some of the finest acts touring around the United States. Tune in as Polly and Van pick out some of their favorites from the last 11 years in Palmyra, and perhaps even chat about its move this year to Lynchburg.

2pm Citizens of the Uke Unite LIVE at WTJU Studios folk
Hosted by Uku Lele

Members of Love Army Uke Brigade and other ukulele players from around the area perform at WTJU's Live Studio and show the complexity of the uke…

4pm Hey, Whatever Happened To...? folk
Hosted by Steve Kindig

How many times have you heard a song from 10, 20, 30 years ago or more, and wondered, “Whatever happened to _____?” So many artists experience a brief, shining moment of acclaim but are unable to maintain it, for a variety of reasons. It’s a shame, because most of these artists are still making great music. Of course, you could just Google these names, but why not tune in to this show and hear what they’ve been up to.

6pm Music for Pescatarians folk
Hosted by John Fisher & Jessica

Two hours of music about boats, oceans, and of course fish

8pm Meanest Jukebox In Town folk
Hosted by Sophie, Nick and Don

Two hours of hard hittin’, hard livin’, hardcore country music from the fifties through the early 2000s. Take a trip down whiskey river with the hard-hearted women and flat natural born good-timin’ men of outlaw country into the back roads and honky-tonks of the new millennium.

10pm For Those About to Strum, We Salute You folk
Hosted by Don Harrison and Rick Clark

Far from just going "unplugged," musicians throughout the ages have taken folk and world music instruments -- acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, sitars -- and made aggressive, propulsive rock 'n' roll music with them. Join Radio Wowsville's Rick and Don as they close out the 2019 WTJU Folk Marathon with three hours of the best of noisy folk-tinged rock - from Led Zeppelin and David Bowie to Wilco and Sharon Van Etten.

Mon Feb 11

1am Live From Fur Peace Ranch folk
Hosted by Jorma Kaukonen

Overnight from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch