Mon Apr 17

1am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | Baroque Pop Breakfast | rock
Hosted by Ralph Graves

The natural show for a WTJU classical music host! For a very brief time in the late 60s artists were fascinated with classical music -- specifically that of the Baroque. Harpsichords, string quartets, oboes, recorders, and Baroque trumpets were used by everyone from the Beatles to the Clique. We'll feature Baroque pop tracks from the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, The Left Banke, The Stone Poneys, The Zombies, and many, many more.

10am | Shankar Drone | rock
Hosted by ANDROID

Exploring part of traditional Indian music through contemporary artists, beginning with Ravi Shankar, his daughter Anushka Shankar, and an unrelated violin player L Shankar.

12pm | The Rum Cove's Teenage New Wave/ Punk Rock extravaganza! | rock
Hosted by The Rum Cove

The Rum Cove turned 15 in 1977 and within two weeks of the event he attended his first live show which was a chaotic Dead Boys & The Damned show in December 1977. Throughout 1978/79 he attended many more exciting shows and brought every up to date sound he could afford. Listen and pledge as he drags out his vinyl collection of those wonderful energetic sides for your listening pleasure.

2pm | Rock Minimalism | rock
Hosted by Tyler

As American classical minimalism got on its feet, the art punks were right there with it: John Cale was in the Theatre of Eternal Music, after all. Drone and repetition into ecstasy: what’s more rock than that? From Chatham and Branca through Loop all the way to Bill Orcutt, Tyler Broadcasting System follows the straight line where it goes.

4pm | Dwellers of the Canyon | rock
Hosted by Duffy

Starting in the 60's, Laurel Canyon was a cheap, rural oasis in LA where young musicians came together to live, love and form bands. Unforgettable music was created by the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, Crosby Still Nash and Young, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Alice Cooper and even the Monkees! A transition from Folk to Rock was initiated there.The music created in the Canyon is some of the most iconic of an era marked by great social change and events like Woodstock.

6pm | Low: Remembering Mimi Parker | rock
Hosted by David Buie-Moltz

Join “Point of Departure” host David Buie-Moltz as he pays tribute to the late Mimi Parker, co-founder of the iconic band, Low. As we spin their timeless tracks, we'll take a walk down memory lane and revisit Mimi's life and legacy, in her own words and through the eyes of those who knew her best. Don't miss this touching tribute.

8pm | Cry Perfume | rock
Hosted by DJ Al

Join Sadie Dupuis (of Speedy Ortiz/Sad13) and DJ Al to learn why poets rock. Patti Smith! Lydia Tomkiw! Phil Lynott! Sadie will read from her new poetry collection Cry Perfume and DJ Al will cry perfume.

10pm | The Soul Set Free: A De La Soul Celebration | rock
Hosted by Dave & Poubelle

They’re not the most famous, best-selling, or most glorified, but in the fifty-year history of hip hop, there may be no group as abidingly beloved as De La Soul. On the heels of the tragic demise of Dave Jolicoeur (a/k/a Plug Two, Trugoy the Dove) and the triumphant streaming debut of the band’s classic albums, join us as we celebrate the output and legacy of De La Soul

Tue Apr 18

12am | only songs featured on Rock Band | rock
Hosted by Max Echo

Max Echo plays all the best tracks featured on Rock Band!

2am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | (Too Much) Monkey Business | rock
Hosted by Rus Perry

Monkeys, jungles, and ape men have been staples of Rock ‘n’ Roll since before the beginning. Going ape with more monkey shines than you can count. Can your monkey do the dog, Guitarzan?

10am | Not Far Down to Paradise: A Yacht Rock Revue | rock
Hosted by Poubelle & Sister Pirate Jenny

“Yacht Rock.” The term made sense, instantly – but just as instantly, arguments exploded over what was Yacht… and what was Nyacht. For the WTJU Rock Marathon, your Radio Freedonia hosts will minimize the hair-splitting and maximize the smooth sailing while navigating the once-maligned, now-redeemed currents of Yacht Rock.

12pm | Return of the Son of Cadillac Attack | rock
Hosted by Dave Donahue

It’s time for another chapter in the saga of that most American of cars, the Cadillac. This third (!) time will be the charm with the surprising number and variety of songs that mention the King of the Road. The endless highway begins __day__ at __time__ during the WTJU Rock Marathon.

2pm | This Tengo World | rock
Hosted by Baconfat & Dave

Bringing you two hours of the greatest, the rarest, the oddest, and the live-est music from Hoboken's finest: Yo La Tengo (featuring former WTJU DJ James McNew)

4pm | Her By Him 2 | rock
Hosted by Steve Harris

A show of guys covering some of the finest female songwriters. We’ll feature music from writers like Laura Nyro, Patti Smith, Catpower, Taylor Swift and Lucinda Williams covered by artists like Morrissey, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Puddles Pity Party, Jack White and more.

6pm | Origins of Indie Pop | rock
Hosted by Erin O

Like the punk and post-punk movements before it, indie pop started off as a movement before it transformed into a sound. We'll take a listen to the UK bands like Josef K, Orange Juice, Dolly Mixture, Heavenly and Marine Girls, plus many others, that kicked off this softer, more melodic approach to the do-it-yourself ethos.

8pm | The Cultural Power of the Harlem Renaissance Through Music, Film, Art and Literature -- Gordon Parks | rock
Hosted by Ty Cooper

lack Cultural Expression in America has existed in this country since slavery through music. As time progressed into the twentieth century, this expression began to evolve and morphed into an integration never seen before referred to as the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s through the 1930s. Fashion, Film, Art and Music were the mediums used to transform Black Culture. Although, photographer and filmmaker, Gordon Parks was not living in Harlem during that time in history, he was heavily influenced by the movement. He soon captured the reflection of the culture developed during that period and can be seen in his photography and filmography. These images are what you can see, but how about the soundtrack of the time? Yes, there was the subculture of music which served as the soundtrack connecting to the visual arts. Let's take this journey to discuss the artists coming out of the Harlem Renaissance and those who came later but influenced by time.

10pm | MORE Drums, Please! | rock
Hosted by KendaLL, Actually

Drumming of All sorts. Beat-y. Big & Bouncy• Bing. Bang. Boom. Count it off…

Wed Apr 19

12am | Nyege Nyege : the uncontrollable urge to dance | rock
Hosted by baz

In 2018, the renowned music journal Fact boldly claimed that “the world’s best electronic music festival is in Uganda.” In only a few years, Nyege Nyege has become one of the hottest artistic hubs in East Africa, birthing two music labels that propelled local scenes across the globe, such as Ugandan acholitronix or Tanzanian singeli. This show dives into a swirl of selected explosive gems from the Nyege Nyege collective.

2am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | Fleetwood Mac from 1970-1974 | rock
Hosted by Dusty Garwood

Fleetwood Mac made it big in the late sixties as a blues band with front man Peter Green, who left the band for his own reasons at their height of fame at the beginning of 1970. The band went on to huge fame 5 years later with a different fronting band playing pop music! But what happened in between those years saw some incredible music being recorded that never got the recognition that it deserved. I’ll be focusing on the albums released between 1970 and 1974 with the introduction of Christene McVie into the band as well as guitarists Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer taking the reigns from Green as well as the introduction of Bob Welch as guitarist to the band.

10am | Columbia Psychedelia, or The Man Can't Bust Our Music | rock
Hosted by Uncle Dave Lewis

The early history of Columbia Records and rock music 1953-1972, explored by Uncle Dave Lewis

12pm | Rockin' with Horns | rock
Hosted by Gary Funston

You know them, you love them. Classic rock and pop tunes buoyed by saxes, trumpets, tubas, trombones and more. Yes, Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears, but so many more that you haven't heard or forgot about. We'll be your Vehicle, baby!

2pm | Women on the Verge | rock
Hosted by DJLP & DJ Zostress

Your Foggy Notion hosts––struggling with their own menopausal mind fog––bring you women rockers of a certain age! These women are hot, irritated, and have something to say. From legends entering their later years to younger artists who are singing about a woman's experience in the world, we'll bring you a scorching set of tuneful 'tude.

4pm | The Ravi Effect: the Indian Sitar in 60s/70s Pop Music | rock
Hosted by Brian Keena

As early as the 1950s the Indian sitar had been featured in jazz recordings and performances with Bud Shank, Tony Scott, Yusef Lateef and others. But as they say, everything changed in the1960s. With the release of "Norwegian Wood '' on the Beatles' Rubber Soul album, George Harrison became the first Western musician to play an Indian acoustic sitar on a commercial rock recording. Becoming a serious student of Indian classical sitarist Ravi Shankar, Harrison's sitar was featured on subsequent Beatles releases including Revolver and Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, cementing the Indian acoustic sitar's place in popular music. To expand things even more, in 1967 the Danelectro Company introduced the first "electric sitar", known as the "Coral Electric Sitar'', an electric guitar with a distinctive sitar-like sound. Both Indian acoustic and electric sitars permeated a plethora of 1960s and 1970s recordings, appearing in psychedelic rock, R&B, soul, and even Country Western music. Let The Ravi Effect envelope you in a soothing blanket of exotic sounds you never remembered you forgot. Tune in, drop down and pledge to The Ravi Effect sitar show during our rock marathon with your host, Brian Keena.

6pm | SHE, period | rock
Hosted by DJ Laila

As Beyoncé once asked and answered “Who runs the world? Girls!” We could not agree more and neither could these artists who let ladies rule the titles of their hits. It’ll be a colorful mix of genres so buckle up, and bow to women’s greatness!

8pm | Tom Verlaine | rock
Hosted by Erin O

A two-hour bask in the revelatory music of Tom Verlaine, featuring a smattering of his most mind-bending work with Television and other artists.

10pm | A Young Person’s Guide to XTC | rock
Hosted by Rufus Hummingbird

From the first tee-off at Swindon to the 19th hole in Hollywood, XTC created a catolog of some of the most exciting and inventive music in the rock world and beyond, only to collapse under the weight of its own genius. Please join Rufus Hummingbird on a more or less gentle stroll through the blooms and brambles of this extraordinary touring unit, whose fans were simply bereft at the end of that chapter. Fortunately, the recording studio was always there for them, and we have many fantastic recordings to enjoy and ponder since then.

Thu Apr 20

12am | Illmatic - Nas at The Kennedy Center | rock
Hosted by Ranger

Illmatic is one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Here, we hear it in it's entirety; backd by one of the greatest orchestral groups on earth in the National Symphony Orchestra. It's a classic taken to a classical level.

2am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | The TJU Classic Crock Morning Zoo | rock
Hosted by Don Arlo and Co.

Get the Led Out and STRAP IN with your ROCKIN' host, Don "Hot for Teacher" Arlo and his JAMMIN' cast of caffeinated collaborators for two hours of CLASSIC TJU CROCK guaranteed to rock your socks off. The Zoo is here to make sure you DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' in those teen dreams of LIFE IN THE FAST LANE as you pack the kiddos off to school and start WORKIN' FOR THE WEEKEND! Good morning, Charlottesville!! Wear your official WTJU Rock Smock during the U Zoo and win VALUABLE attempts to donate money to your favorite ROCKIN' radio station! All that plus SLAMMIN' traffic on the 10's with "Scaredy-Cat Sally" in the TJU rockcopter!

10am | Wes Anderson’s Movie Soundscapes | rock
Hosted by Tracey & DJ Zostress

When Wes Anderson takes us on adventures through his films, he also takes us on musical journeys. His soundtracks are emotion-invoking characters in and of themselves – exploring a wide range of sounds from across the decades – from The Stooges, Devo, The Kinks and The Clash to Francoise Hardy, Elliott Smith, Love, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and Sigur Ros.

12pm | Black Women Who Rock | rock
Hosted by Dr. Donuts

Black women were and remain groundbreakers and hipshakers in rock and roll--forging its earliest sounds, moves, and rebel attitudes, belting and growling its chart-topping hits, and influencing countless music legends past and present. Yet their tremendous artistry and influence are too often overshadowed by a public and industry focus on white, male rockers as movers and shakers in the genre. Black Women Who Rock brings you two hours of rock and roll to correct the record of your local jukebox, biopic, music charts, and grammy nods, from Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Big Mama Thornton to LaVern Baker, Betty Davis, Tina Turner, Merry Clayton, and so much more.

2pm | From Zero to Inifity | rock
Hosted by Rocker Panels and Stevik

The Carry the Zero guys will play a multitude of awesome tunes related to numbers that will rock your boat. The possibilities are endless!

4pm | Thriving since '95: The History of Rhymesayers Entertainment | rock
Hosted by Rick

Since the indie label's conception by four friends in Minneapolis, MN almost 3 decades ago, Rhymesayers Entertainment has been a driving force in the world of underground hip hop, with their artists generating buzz from coast to coast and earning dedicated fans the world over. Through the course of our sonic journey, we'll witness founding artists like Slug and Ant of Atmosphere go from scratchy CD-R demos to organizing and headlining their own annual Soundset Music Festival. We'll marvel at how a scrawny, goofy kid from St. Paul conquered the Scribble Jam rap battle circuit before becoming a million-word-a-minute philosopher-poet who left the game far too soon. We'll witness the rise of Midwest rap heavyweights Brother Ali, P.O.S. and I Self Devine and we'll reap the rewards of that Minnesota-nice nurturing as it coaxes the evolution of rap royalty from the East and the West in the form of Aesop Rock, Dilated Peoples and the late, great supervillain himself, MF Doom. And that's not even mentioning those hungry, hustling artists like Washington, DC's Sa-Roc or Rob Sonic, or Atlanta's Sol Messiah, or Columbus, Ohio's Blueprint and RJD2. Be there as Rick injects some boom bap into your Thursday afternoon and help him keep WTJU bumpin'. After all, the modern man must hustle.

6pm | KPM and the Golden Age of Library Music--a survey of the iconic label's 60s and 70s output | rock
Hosted by Shea Butter

Library music is a term that refers to music recorded in a variety of styles by work-for-hire artists. The music is owned by music library labels and is licensed for use in film, television, and radio. This show will feature great tracks from KPM (perhaps the gold standard of library music) and other similar labels.

8pm | Madchester | rock
Hosted by DJ Bobby Metronome & Erin O

How Factory Records went from pioneering post-punk to Manchester house.

10pm | SST Records Showcase | rock
Hosted by Phil Free

Founded in 1978 in Long Beach, California by Greg Ginn of Black Flag, SST Records was one of the most important and influential independent record labels in the US.

Fri Apr 21

12am | Nine Pillars Charlottesville Hiphop Retrospective | rock
Hosted by Mr. Owl

For three years in a row until stopped short by Covid, the Nine Pillars Hiphop Cultural Fest devoted a week to celebrating hiphop in all its forms. Joined by Waterloo of Charlottesville's legendary Beetnix, Mr. Owl brings you a retrospective of C-ville rap from the 1990s to today.

2am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | The Golden Age of Trance | rock
Hosted by DJ Bobby Metronome

Join DJ Bobby Metronome on an uplifting sonic journey to the psychedelic underground of 80s and 90s techno.

10am | Radiohead: Hits or Obscurities? | rock
Hosted by ANDROID

We will play your favorite hits for a donation. Otherwise, we might just play our favorite deep cuts from across Radiohead's discography.

12pm | 80s Hip Hop show | rock
Hosted by Rocker Panels

Super Fresh Friday afternoon will kick off your weekend right! The best beats and rhymes from the early and mid-80s. Tracks will be thrown down from labels like Sugar Hill, Enjoy, Tommy Boy, and so many more.

2pm | Soft Spot | rock
Hosted by DJ Al

Join DJ Al and New City Arts for a soundtrack of care, vulnerability, and personal growth. We'll explore the concept of "soft spot" as it applies to emotions, vegetables, and more. Bring your authentic self!

4pm | Let’s Drop the Big One Now : Cold War Angst | rock
Hosted by Dr Donuts and Sister Pirate Jenny

Have you ever woken up worried that you could be vaporized? While the Cold War had a struggle of feeling of near paralyzing fear, Dr Donuts and Sister Pirate Jenny will raise the iron curtain for a two-hour into the nuclear joys and intimate fissions of the music of the Cold War…

6pm | The Elevator Brought Us Down - I Wish U Seven | rock
Hosted by Mr. Owl

April 21st marks 7 years since Prince Rogers Nelson left this planet. To commemorate, Mr. Owl will spin a block of Prince songs that are 7 minutes long. Classics, remixes, live versions & deep cuts—if Prince played it & it’s between 420 & 479 seconds, it’s fair game.

8pm | Films On Song LIVE | rock
Hosted by Dave

Charlottesville's Films on Song is a post punk band offering up slightly dreamy, slightly shoegaze-y, and always catchy pop songs inspired by various indie legends.

9pm | Redneck Underground | rock
Hosted by Trey P.

An exploration of the Atlanta-based alt-country and art community that emerged in the 1980s with a bad attitude and thrift-store boots.

11pm | Ike's Late Night Disco | rock
Hosted by Ike Anderson

Studio 54 themed late night disco!

Sat Apr 22

1am | WTJU Rock Dept Playlist | rock
Hosted by DJ AUTO

WTJU will Rock you to sleep.

8am | Kid Rock | rock
Hosted by Dave Gibson

Less Bawitdaba and more Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mr. Chilps brings you two hours of kid friendly rock, from jams written specifically for kids by such rock legends as Sparks, NRBQ and Paul McCartney to nostalgic rockers from classic TV series, Sesame Street and Schoolhouse Rock! We may even hear a song or two from Cville's own kid rockers, Little Skunks! Gather around the radio with the little ones and rock out on a Saturday morning!

10am | Rocklava: Greek Psych | rock
Hosted by Don H, Sister Pirate Jenny, DJ Zostress

Three trails meet at Apollo’s Temple where Don H, Sister Pirate Jenny, and Zostress offer hecatombs of tunes to appease the muses. Let your mind wander the psychedelic seas to Aphrodite’s half shell where you can dreamily drift and watch the horizon shift. What’s that? You hear a bouzouki on the distant shore? Join us on the warm sands where we will place a laurel crown on your head and your ears will ring with a kaleidoscopic sound that’s all Greek to us!

12pm | ONE STEP BEYOND! 2-Tone Ska from the UK | rock
Hosted by Goldfinger & The Rum Cove

Immigrant Jamaicans, punks, and (early) skinheads were on the same social ladder in 1980s England. Rooted in Jamaican ska, they found a way to get together and create a DanceCraze. Breaking barriers. The Specials. The Selector. Madness (borrowing heavily from Prince Buster). Bodysnatchers.

2pm | Jacking the Ball: Sea & Cake with Solo Prekop & Prewitt | rock
Hosted by Poubelle and Sister Pirate Jenny

No band defined the chill tightness of 90s indie Chicago more than Sea & Cake. Radio Freedonia will dig deep into one of their favorite Springtime bands as they delve intoclassics like Oui, the Fawn, and The Biz along with the many-splendored solo career Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt and the post-millenial remixes to boot.

4pm | Swamp Rot! | rock
Hosted by Spot

Tunes as murky as the roux of a good gumbo, and as greasy as Slim Harpo’s pillow. With music from The Cramps, Tav Falco, Alex Chilton, Dr John – and those who inspired them – Lazy Lester, Rocket Morgan, Slim Harpo, Mercy Baby, Rockin’ Sydney, and a whole passel of others!

6pm | Songs About Telephones | rock
Hosted by Steve

Exploring the vast pool of songs written about calling, waiting for a call, and maybe a fax or two. With a heavy dose of 70s and 80s synthy jams.

8pm | Lee Bangah LIVE | rock
Hosted by E. Jonez

Brandon Dudley, a Charlottesville native, is credited with igniting the city’s hip hop music scene. Brandon,widely known as Lee Bangah within the music industry is considered a trailblazer for the self-starting hip hop artists of Charlottesville. Lee Bangah incredible level of passion and drive for his work and music has landed him on the covers of Dark Magazine,The Underground Fix, The Trap and Media Made Magazine. He has been interviewed by multiple radio outlets including, 81.1FM, 98.9WINA ,101.3 Jamz, Power103jamz, 107.1WLJZ , Big Mouf Radio, The Konnected Radio,SoundTight Radio and more. His notable accomplishments include performing for Showtime at the Apollo, and receiving a Young Film Director Award for his video work from the LA Film Festival. Lee Bangah is forging ahead into larger venues and attracting broader audiences with his original lyrics and honed musical stylings.

9pm | Have Groove Will Travel | rock
Hosted by Leslie Scott-Jones

Leslie M. Scott-Jones and Munier Ahmad Nazeer will take you through the best and Blackest of Punk rock. Buckle up for a perspicaciously curated ride through some of the best of Black music.

11pm | All-Night Vinyl Spinning Party! | rock
Hosted by WTJU Rock Deejays

WTJU Rock deejays will spin vinyl all night long!

Sun Apr 23

8am | Electronic Explorations: Ambient Morning Edition | rock
Hosted by The Reality Star & James

Saturday late night DJs The Reality Star and James make an early morning appearance to take you on a journey through some of their favorite ambient tracks.

10am | Practically Perfect Piano | rock
Hosted by Annie de Blanco

The piano has been transforming the average into the extraordinary for thousands of years. Cave paintings of grand pianos reveal that our ancestors were quite accomplished pianists many centuries before sheet music was invented.

12pm | Songs for a 1971 Ford Thunderbird | rock
Hosted by Trey P.

The rock and soul and soulful rock to accompany your imaginary journey as a real cool cat driving a real cool car through the tobacco stained streets of Richmond, Virginia in any given summer of the mid nineteen seventies.

2pm | Sundays Are For Stereolab | rock
Hosted by DJLP

It's a lazy Sunday so let's explore the dots and loops in the metronomic underground that is Stereolab. Dig these ultra high frequency discs and find out why Stereolab is so beloved at The Teej.

4pm | Kraftwerk’s Robot Pop | rock
Hosted by Phil Free

Formed in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1970, innovative electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk have influenced such a wide range of musicians spanning so many genres that it boggles the mind. Listen.

6pm | In The Court: Half a century under the Crimson King | rock
Hosted by Gizard & DJ Zostress

It’s been over 50 years since the release of King Crimson’s 1969 debut album In the Court of the Crimson King, hailed ever since as the grandaddy of “prog rock” - whatever that means. When the latest iteration of the band announced a hiatus after their 2021 tour, they were arguably still playing very near the top of their game. We’ll explore great works and obscurities, live and studio, released by this explosive, virtuosic, and eclectic band, and with any luck we’ll slip into the Court for an audience with the King before it is over.

8pm | Mutant Disco | rock
Hosted by Tyler

Punk ain’t just for rock, it’s for everything, and for some people punk was for dancing to. On this side of the Atlantic you had Ze and 99 Records. Over there the English had Factory and a whole army of skinny pale people shouting down Thatcher with fat basslines and a four on the floor. Tyler Broadcasting System helps you contort yourself.

10pm | Wowsville PARTY | rock
Hosted by Don & Rick

This show is ready to "par-tay," spotlighting songs that literally have a party goin' on: funky, people-populated house jams like Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up," The Bar Kays' "Soul Finger" Gary US Bonds' "Quarter to Three" and Public Enemy's "Give It Up. The Radio Wowsville crew is ready to cap off WTJU Rock's seven day fundraising houseburner with -- what else -- the ultimate PARTY! (If your booty's not shakin', then donations y'all must be makin'!) Boogie with your velvet robe-wearing hosts Rick, Don, Colin and Dan.

Mon Apr 24

12am | Halfway to Halloween | rock
Hosted by Mr. Owl

With 6 months left until Devil’s Night, Mr. Owl & retired Cadmium host Jeremy Bacon team back up with special guests to bring you a cross-genre spooktacular. It’s the goth equivalent of Xmas in July!