Concerti Fine Introductions to Radu Paladi

Radu Paladi was one of the most important composers in 20th Century Romania. He taught at the Caragiale National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. He wrote music for both stage and screen. 

Paladi was a founding member of the Association of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He was the artistic director of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Botosani. He judged many of the country’s music contests.

This release should help spread Paladi’s reputation beyond the Romanian borders. The Symphonic Suite “The Little Magic Flute” is a showcase for his talent at orchestration. 

Paladi’s musical language is somewhat conservative. But it’s infused with the native music of Romania, which gives it a fresh and interesting sound.

The Piano Concerto in C major was composed in 1989. There’s not a hint of any of the musical trends of that era. Rather, Paladi continues on his own path — tonal music with Romanian folk elements. Oliver Triendl delivers an excellent performance.  He plays with a lightness and dexterity that set just the right tone. 

Paladi composed his Violin Concerto in E minor four years before his death at age 84. As with the other two works, this concerto has some infectious rhythms. But unlike the other two, Paladi pushes tonality to its limits. There are some highly chromatic sections that obscure the tonal center.

Nina Karmon delivers a thoughtful performance. Her expressive phrasing shows she understands the underlying structure of the music. 

The Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen is directed by Eugene Tzigane. The ensemble has a smooth, homogeneous sound.  They provide excellent support for the soloists. 

This release was my introduction to the music of Radu Paladi. Now I want to hear more.  

Radu Paladi: Piano Concerto
Violin Concerto; Symphonic Suite “Das Zauberflötchen”
Oliver Triendl, piano; Nina Karmon, violin
Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen; Eugene Tzigane, conductor
Capriccio C5465

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