Kerry Turner – Ricochet Hits the Mark

There’s nothing quite like the music of a composer writing for his (or her) own instrument. Kerry Turner’s world-renowned horn player as well as a composer. As this release shows, he definitely knows how to write for brass. “Ricochet” includes six short chamber works, as well as a more substantial composition, the Horn Quartet No. 4.

Kerry’s style is decidedly user-friendly. He states, “the gift of song and harmony, as well as the proper use of the splendid instruments we master, are crucial to achieving this more beautiful aspect of our lives in the 21st century.” 

Kerry’s mostly tonal style draws the listener in, and his well-crafted and imaginative melodies keep them there.

Ricochet for brass quintet starts off the album with a bang. This rollicking, good-natured work had me humming along before the opening phrase was done.

Although Turner is a horn player, his compositional talent isn’t limited to brass instruments. The Seduction for string quartet is a highly expressive and emotional work that shows a deep understanding of string writing.


The Horn Quartet No. 4 masterfully explores the potential of the instrument. With four identical instruments, ensemble blend is easy. When necessary, Kerry lets each instrument have its own voice. At times I could hear four independent lines wending in and out of each other.

I didn’t just enjoy this release as an album of brass music. I enjoyed it as an album of music.

Kerry Turner: Ricochet and Other music
American Horn Quartet; Saturday Brass Quintet
Members of the Luxembourg Philharmonic
MSR Classics MS 1064

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