Karl Goldmark Symphonic Poems 2 hit the mark

When I reviewed volume one of this series, I said I was looking forward to the next release. Well, here it is and I’m not disappointed. Karl Goldmark was the master of the short symphonic poem. And though the works in this release may not be his most famous, they’re of near-equal quality.

The Bamberger Symphoniker directed by Fabrice Bollon seems to be in top form here. The expansive sections have a rich, full sound. And they can also play with a restrained delicacy. This is especially effective in “Im Frühling.” The transparency of the sound reminded me of early Mendelssohn.

Also included in this album is one of Goldmark’s last orchestral works, “Aus Jugendtagen” (From the Days of Youth). This 1909 composition is an unabashedly nostalgic trip down memory lane. Goldmark deftly recalls music of a simpler time.

Each of the works has a different character, which gives the program a welcome variety. I recommend this volume to anyone who loves orchestral music. And definitely pick up volume one (if you haven’t already).

Bamberger Symphoniker: Symphonic Poems, Volume 2
Im Frühling; Zrinyi; In Italien; Aus Jugendtagen; Wintermärchen
Bamberger Symphoniker; Fabrice Bollon, conductor
CPO 555 251-2

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