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WTJU is different. We’re a free public service dedicated to sharing the transcendent experience of jazz & blues – while counting on listeners like you to provide the funding to make it possible. Every note of every song heard on 91.1 FM is built on listener support like yours.

That’s why we’re asking you to keep the sound of jazz & blues loud and clear in Charlottesville. Please tune in and support WTJU’s Jazz Marathon – Monday, October 4th through Sunday, October 10th.

This year, WTJU’s Jazz Marathon serves up seven days of extraordinary jazz and blues around the clock. We’re doing deep explorations of artists across the spectrum of jazz – from Billie Holiday to Canonball Adderly to Pharoah Sanders.

We’re honoring the recently departed, including internationally beloved artists Chick Corea and Charlie Watts (of The Rolling Stones), and locally beloved radio host Tom Morgan, former DJ of Bartender’s Bop on WTJU.

We’re even airing live guest appearances by iconic Charlottesville musicians John D’earth, Art Wheeler, and Waverly Milor.

Plus a brand new t-shirt, designed by Charlottesville artist (and WTJU DJ) Dave Moore!

Please make a donation today!


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