Keep jazz & blues loud and clear! WTJU’s Jazz Marathon airs October 5 – 11

In these tough times, WTJU Jazz brings you much-needed community and music.

 We need your support to keep WTJU going!

In recent months, we’ve all come to realize how important it is to support things that make our community vibrant and unique. We’ve learned not to take for granted the things we value. We’ve seen again and again the great power of people coming together – even if physically distanced.

That’s why I’m asking you to keep the sound of jazz & blues loud and clear in Charlottesville. Please support WTJU’s Jazz Marathon.

Jazz & blues reflect the soul and heart of the performers, and also of us as a community. Jazz & blues teach us to have courage. These genres are the music of survival. When a jazz or blues musician plays, there’s no limit to the stories they can tell. And as listeners, we respond. We connect.

It’s a connection that draws us together. “Community” is the theme of WTJU’s 2020 Jazz Marathon. Indeed, community is how we’ll all survive through the crises affecting the world today.

This year’s Jazz Marathon reflects the rich music culture we enjoy here in Charlottesville. Be sure to tune in for the series of tributes to beloved Albemarle County music teacher Greg Thomas, featuring a new generation of jazz players including Veronica Swift, Charles Owens, and Will Evans.

All of it – every note, every track, every inspired solo – plays because of the ongoing support from our community. From generous jazz lovers like you.

Please make a donation to WTJU’s Jazz Marathon today.

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