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danny green trio. after the calm.OA2.Raves for San Diego pianist/composer (equally talented) and his working-as-one trio; justin grinnell, two basses & julien cantelm@drums. green plays thunderous, lyrical, intricate but never sweeps away the ensemble-ness of the jazz trio: stylistic high fives to chick, bill, even ethan (iverson). recommending each & every cue, though these guys do wonders with speed and action.

rich pellegrin quintet. episodes lV-Vl. OA2. New world order of jazz composition/performance invites the entire band to join in the writing. Seattle pianist/educator rich pellegrin completes part two of his three-part odyssey, composed while touring in Europe & North Africa; duke ellington & dave brubeck set this precedent back in the 1950-60’s with dept of state trips. quintet includes r. scott morning, trumpet; neil welch, tenor; evan flory-barnes, bass; chris icasiano@drums. shades of mccoy tyner.

spin quartet. in circles. origin. Premier quartet of Seattle musicians from origin records features trumpet/flugel master chad mccullough (he also appears on masthead as “coffee wiz in charge of artist relations”), geof bradfield on tenor; clark sommers, bass, kobie watkins@drums. nice playlist of blended originals, and covers mysteriously unpacked by four experienced musicians.

jason adasiewicz. sun rooms: from the region. delmark. No American songbook needed for Chicago vibist jason adasiewicz– full harmonies, all originals. this experimental trio rounds out with Norway/Austin,TX double bassist ingebrigt haker-flaten–a tower of muscular bowing– and drummer mike reed who shows his swing-y timing on i forgot the words. shimmery, carillon-esque, brave new gorgeous music for the vibraphone folio.

evergreen classic jazz band. early tunes: 1915-1932. delmark. A re-release of jump records (1995) recording by evergreen classic jazz band. Seattle ensemble is led by tom jacobus bass (tuba) and string bass; also, craig flory and jake powel on reeds; david holo, cornet; david loomis, trombones, kazoo and vocals; dan grinstead, piano; al latourette, banjo; dale roach@drums. setlist nods to bechet, waller, joplin, hines, joe jordan, duke, and benny moten. {liner notes refer to original bands who popularized the songs; performing band is listed in these notes.}

microscopic septet. manhattan moonrise. cuneiform. Been around since 1984, the label cuneiform reminds us of its beginnings with this “march of the elders” from the microscopic septet. the micros recording odyssey dominates the linear notes– a compelling story of either “sheer pigheadedness” or an exceptional bond between band and audience. check it out! unlike much of cuneiform, the micros are neither avant -garde, nor new jazz, nor experimental– but they swing, rock, stomp, and tear the house down with their saxophone 4tet + rhythm trio.

rob mazurek. return the tides: ascenson suite and holy ghost. cuneiform. Chicago cornetist/composer rob mazurek fashions a sonic devotion to his mother’s unexpected death from cancer. working with Brazilian musicians (from the Sao Paulo underground), a son’s tribute is demanding, majestic, emotional. long cues: with mauricio takara, guilherme granado, thomas rohrer, rogerio matins, rodrigo brandao.

mary halvorson. thumbscrews. Improvising multi-generational trio, with new compositions from each of the ensemble: Brooklyn-based mary halvorson on guitar, michael formanek–who played with freddie hubbard, stan getz– on double bass; tomas fujiwara@drums. if you are new to “new-jazz”, thumbscrews is a good entry: tight band, expansive and twisiting dialogues, intelligence leading the way.

dylan ryan. circa. cuneiform. And again, jazz-indie rock experimental trio, guitar, bass, drums, led by LA drummer/composer dylan ryan. a second release for ryan’s group sand after last year’s popular sky bleached, personnel include timothy young on guitar, devin hoff, bass. strong originals, some blister and others–low fell, pink noir, slow sculpture–simmer.

roy mcgrath. martha. jl. Quartet led by Puerto Rico-then-Chicago tenor roy mcgrath focuses on emotional connections in his life: mostly originals salute grandmother, martha; the city of New Orleans in rue nov. 7; a generous audience member in patty cakes. kitt lyles, bass; joaquin garcia, piano; gustavo cortinas@drums.

morgan treni. the dreamer and other essays. self. Judging by her all originals playlist, morgan treni is an edgy poet who sings jazz-to-pop, and around the bend to country & folk; think norah jones, melody gardot, a young madeleine peyroux. core band incluldes andy harrison, guitar; john sunkten, percussion; a string trio, + organ. attention, eclectic women!

leonard patton. a beautiful day. self. San Diego singer leonard patton covers marley, u2, and his own gently melodies in a mellow setting. deluxe band includes elegant pianist aaron parks, ben williams on bass, antonio sanchez@drums, and lionel loueke, guitar.

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