• jazz adds may 26, 2016

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    gregory porter.  take me to the alley.  blue note.  Listen to this!  all originals, from vocal luminary gregory porter as he drives the Broadway bus into the r & b archives–all with a light, smart touch.  he can write music and lyrics.  band includes singers alicia olatuja & lalah hathaway;  keyon harrold, trumpet;  chip crawford, […]

  • jazz adds march 10, 2016

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    snarky puppy.  family dinner, volume two.  universal classics.  Confession:  i watched the dvd,–which is both a film and bonus tracks– as well as listened, and was struck by the caliber of musicianship and comraderie: unique & successful pairings include Appalachian singer becca stevens and Swedish outlier trio vasen; cville favorite guitarist charlie hunter and Peruvian […]

  • jazz adds february 28, 2016

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    nolatet.  dogs.  royal potato family.  Elegant and graceful, but forward, the way we like our New Orleans music;  this collaboration of  Crescent City equals includes three percussions– brian haas on piano; johnny vidacovich (astral project)@drums; mike dillon, vibraphone plus  astral bandmate james singleton, bowing and thrumping the upright bass.  new wine from bold, vigorous grapes;  […]

  • jazz adds february 4, 2016

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    stacey kent.  tenderly.  okeh.  Splendid.  A meeting, after years of mutual admiration, between sublime American song book chanteuse stacey kent and iconic bossa nova guitarist/composer roberto menescal.  the arrangements, by menescal, fulfilled a life’s desire to record American standards, and with his most admired singer.  kent, as always, gives less to give more:   some […]

  • jazz adds january 11, 2016

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    paulien.  chez moi.  brik.  Everyone involved should take a bow for this delightful confection.    paulien, with her slightly recessive, delicate-yet crisp technique;  a softer more languid edith piaf.  and the musicians– elegant, unforced, making every phrase count:  matty metcalfe, accordion;  rick olivarez, guitar;  tony nalker, piano + bob bowen, bass, tony martucci@drums.  and let’s […]

  • jazz adds april 15, 2015

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    jose’ james.  yesterday i had the blues.  blue note.  Impeccable revisiting of billie holiday’s legacy by  Panamanian modern jazz/hip hop vocalist jose’ james.   this recording could not be further from his previous while you were sleeping— which makes me believe james can dig deep.  outstanding band includes jason moran, keyboards;  john patitucci, bass;  eric harland@drums.   […]

  • jazz adds april 6, 2015

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    ingrid jensen + jason miles.  kind of new.  whaling city sound.   Bold, serious and imaginative tribute to miles davis’ seminal brews from Canadian trumpet virtuoso ingrid jensen collaborating with keyboardist jason miles.  it helps that jensen has spectacular chops and horn aesthetic–as in how to play gentle and strong.  mostly originals, one wayne shorter;  many […]

  • jazz adds march 17, 2015

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    donna lewis.  brand new day.  palmetto.  Guess who is the band?  the bad plus.  and they play softer, and yet with more articulation than any back-up group in recent memory.  because.   they don’t accompany so much as  improvise and detail around the  hushed, minimalist voice of  welsh vocalist  donna lewis.  she, gently, finds the […]

  • jazz adds february 23, 2015

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    nilson matta.  east side rio drive.  world blue.  Brazil and its first cousin jazz Americano dive into arrangements by leader/bassist, Sao Paulo native nilson matta with humberto leder.  national characteristics harmonize together:  NoLa reed master (tenor + bass clarinet) craig handy and flutist anne drummond share their post-modern splash with guitarist romero lubambo, and cyro […]