Irina Muresanu/Violeta Dinescu Amazing Collaboration

This is the kind of release that excites me. Violinist Irina Muresanu collaborated with composer Violeta Dinescu to create this recording. Why exciting? Because it’s a document we’re privileged to have. 

Joseph Joachim collaborated with Johannes Brahms in the creation of his violin concerto. But we don’t know how he performed it. There are no recordings to give us insights. But these are modern times. It’s possible to record those types of collaborations.

And in this case, that collaboration is especially fruitful. And with this recording, listeners can enjoy the music. And other artists can learn from Muresanu’s informed performances. 

Romanian composer Violeta Dinescu has an impressive catalog covering all the major genres. In Romanian violinist Irina Muresanu, she’s found a kindred spirit. As Dinescu says in the liner notes, Maresanu has found the “space between the notes,” the essence of her work. 

And that’s what makes these compositions live. There’s an underlying Romanian character to these pieces that Muresanu brings out. It’s often a subtle character — just the way a note bends, or a double stop is articulated.

These works push the limits of the instrument, and a little beyond. And yet they have a lyrical quality to them. 

Muresanu won the Montreal International Violin Competition. One of her showpieces was Dinescu’s “Aretusa” (included in this release). So make no mistake. These are indeed definitive performances. And ones not to be missed.   

Irina Muresanu Plays Violeta Dinescu
Solo Violin Works
Metier MEX 77106

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