Hermitage Piano Trio’s Impressive Spanish Impressions

This is the second Reference Recordings release of the Hermitage Piano Trio. And it’s just as good as the first. 

This time around, the trio performs the music of Spain. Specifically, music by Spanish composers celebrating their national identity. 

The Hermitage Piano Trio doesn’t fail to impress. Their performances are clean, clear, and precise. And more importantly, they’re musical. They internalize the essence of Spanish music. And they deliver it with the energy and attitude it requires.

That attitude is best heard in Enrique Fernadez Arbos’ “Three Spanish Dances.” This 1886 work gives us a bolera, habanera, and seguidillas gitanas. If the performers were unidentified, I’d swear they were native Spaniards. 

Joaquin Turina wrote in his own style. But it was one heavily influenced by his native culture. His Piano Trio No. 2 in B minor gets a fine reading from the trio.

Gaspar Cassando’s Piano Trio in C major sticks closer to Spanish roots. While Mariano Perello’s “Tres Impresiones” presents them at a remove — sort of. His impression of Albeniz does homage to the composer (and sound VERY Spanish in the process). 

Great performances impeccably recorded. What else would you expect from Reference?

Spanish Impressions
Hermitage Piano Trio
Reference Recordings

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