Hans Gal remembers Vienna in his recorder music

Although “Remembering Vienna” may seem like part of the current Hans Gal recording boom, that’s not quite the case. Recorder player Sabrina Fey and pianist Bernard Parz were friends at university.

But her specialty was early music, and his Viennese repertoire. It seemed they would never be able to perform together — until they discovered these works by Hans Gal.

And it’s a perfect union. Gal wrote a few works for the recorder, but they’re all well-crafted and tuneful. Well-worth the time and effort of a talented recorder player.

And Gal, who fled Austria in 1938, continued to compose in a post-Romantic Viennese style for the rest of his life. Ideal for a pianist specializing in that style.

The result is a collection of attractive and appealing works. They’re modest in scope, but Frey and Parz deliver heartfelt performances. And I think some of the delights of finally being able to perform together comes through in their duets.

The album also includes Gal’s Op. 110 set for solo recorder, and his Three Small Pieces for Piano, op. 64. So we get to hear these talented performers individually as well as collectively.

If you’re a Hans Gal completist, then of course you should add this release to your library. But if you just enjoy beautiful chamber music, then you also should give “Remembering Vienna” a listen.

Hans Gal: Remembering Vienna
First Complete Recordings for Flauto and Piano
Sabrina Frey, flauto; Bernard Parz, piano

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