Tune in WTJU’s Folk Marathon! February 7-13

From February 7 – 13, WTJU’s Folk Marathon airs round-the-clock folk, roots, and world music. We’re raising $60,000 to keep this community treasure going strong, and we need your support!

You’re the kind of person who looks for music that pushes boundaries. The kind of person who colors outside the lines. The kind of person who finds their own path.

That’s why you love WTJU. Our DJs aren’t afraid to paint outside the lines when it comes to music.

Whether your favorites are Woody Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Eva Cassidy, or Neil Young… When you connect with WTJU’s Folk Marathon, you’ll find authentic music playing for you.

WTJU amplifies local artists, and this year’s Folk Marathon will air live music every day for you. We’re excited that the line-up includes Barling & Collins, BRIMS, Mama Tried, and more! Plus special guest hosts Terri Allard, Charlie Pastorfield, Jamie Dyer, Devon Sproule, Waverly Milor, and many others.

WTJU is here for you – and it’s because of you that we continue to survive and thrive after 65 years of broadcasting to our community!

Please make a donation to WTJU’s Folk Marathon today.

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