2020 Folk Marathon Makes the World Go Round

From February 17 – 23, WTJU aired the “Folk Makes the World Go Around” 2020 Folk Marathon!

Thanks so much for your support during the Marathon! You can still donate at wtju.net/donate.

Miss a Folk Marathon show? Want to hear a good one again? Swing by the WTJU archives, where we keep past shows for 14 days from their original air date.

WTJU is the radio station that airs hundreds of live folk & roots concerts each year from our stage. The station that connects you with your community and that guides you on a musical journey around the world.

As eclectic as WTJU’s folk, roots, and world music selections are, they have common themes that echo through every track: these songs celebrate creativity and exceptional musical skill. They evoke emotions and spark your imagination. This music offers connection to our community and its people. These values are at the heart of WTJU itself.

And they’re values you share. That’s why you are a key part of the WTJU community – and why you support this essential music service.

Listeners like you are the beating heart that energizes every song, every live performance at the WTJU stage, and every program you enjoy on WTJU. Because WTJU is listener-supported, this vital public service need answer only to the cause of music and our community of listeners, not to advertisers, profit margins, or ratings.

Support community-driven, listener support radio.



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