Filippo Farinelli steers Hindemith Sonatas for Wind Instruments and Piano project

To my knowledge, this is the first time all Paul Hindemith’s wind sonatas have been released as a group. Pianist Filippo Farinelli collaborated with several well-known Italian instrumentists for this project.

Having the same pianist throughout the set provides a degree of performance continuity. The album was also recorded in the same studio with the same production team for all eleven works. So the sound is consistent throughout the program.

And what a program. Collectively, the sonatas show the breadth of Hindemith’s imagination. And they also demonstrate the mastery of his craft.

Hindemith was an accomplished chamber musician as a pianist, violinist, and violist. He well understood the conversational nature of the genre. In each of these sonatas, both performers stand on equal footing.

Hindemith also understood the instruments he was writing for. He tailored the music to the wind instrument he wrote it for. The capabilities of the instrument shape the melodic outlines. And sometimes they even determine the style.

Filippo Farinelli and his colleagues are all fine performers. These are top-notch readings for these sonatas.

This is a great collection for anyone interested in 20th Century music. Hindemith was a practical-minded composer. He wanted to give every instrument its own sonata. He wanted those sonatas to be rewarding to play. And most importantly, he wanted the sonatas to be music audiences wanted to hear.

This collection shows he succeeded on all counts.

Paul Hindemith: Complete Sonatas for Wind Instruments and Piano
Filippo Farinelli, piano; various artists
Brilliant Classics 95755
2 CD Set

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