Delightful Lonati Sinfonias performed by Ensemble Gardino di Delizie

Carlo Ambrogio Lonati was considered one of the greatest violinists of the late 1600s. Little of his music survives, including just 10 sinfonias. These works provide some insight into the level of Lonati’s skill, both as a composer and a performer.

Lonati’s sinfonias a 3 require considerable skill to perform. The music often demands double stops, scordatura, and other advanced techniques. The members of the Ensemble Giardino di Delizie (EGD) perform with instruments of the period.

A Baroque violin requires a slightly different skill set than a modern instrument. Taking on some of the most difficult music of the period is no mean feat. But the EGD does so fearlessly — and successfully.

There’s a fluidity in the ensemble’s playing that makes Lonati’s music sparkle. Lonati often places the two violins on equal footing, requiring exceptional playing from both. Violinists Ewa Anna Augustynowicz and Katarzyna Solecka play with equal skill, letting the listener enjoy the exchange between them.

“Giardino di Delizie” translates as the Garden of Delights. That’s certainly the case with this release. A delightful listening experience from beginning to end.

Carlo Ambrogio Lonati: Complete Sinfonias
Ensemble Giardino di Delizie
Brilliant Classics
2 CD Set

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