Clemencic Consort excite with Fux and Biber

René Clemencic died in March of this year. He was a major figure — and influence — in the world of early music. His first ensemble, the Musica Antiqua performed with period instruments in 1958. In 1968 he founded the Clemencic Consort.

René Clemencic and his ensemble released over 100 recordings over the span of 54 years. And they’ve won several awards in the process. This release reissues two of the four Clemencic Consort recordings produced in 2005.

Biber’s Balletti & Sonatas for Trumpets and Strings explore a small part of his output. Clemencic pulls music from a variety of sources. The resulting program has a nice flow to it. Trumpet works are leavened with pieces for string ensembles.

The second disc presents music by Johann Fux. It includes two ouvertures from his Concentus musico-instrumentalis, Op. 1. This 1701 collection shows Fux’s mastery of both French and Italian styles. Clemencic also includes four partitas, showing Fux’s contrapuntal skills.

Clemencic and his consort were first and foremost about the performances. Their scholarly research was solid, but they aimed to make the music come alive. This release is but a sampling of their success.

Heinrich Biber: Balletti & Sonatas for Trumpets and Strings
Johann Fux: Concentus musico-instrumentalis
Clemencic Consort; René Clemencic, director
OEHMS Classics OC1904
2 CD Set

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