#ClassicsaDay #SchumannCircle 2021 Week 1

The Classics a Day team honors Robert Schumann’s birthday (June 8, 1810). The theme for June is Schumann and his circle. During the month, you’re encouraged to share works written by Schumann, his friends, his colleagues, his rivals — and of course, his wife.

Here are my #ClassicsaDay selections for the first week of #SchumannsCircle.

6/1/21 Robert Schumann – Abegg Variations, Op. 1

There are two origin stories for this work. It’s dedicated to Pauline von Abegg who he met in the 1820s. Or it refers to Meta Abegg, one of his many fictitious friends.


6/2/21 Clara Wieck Schumann – Four Polonaises, Op. 1

Clara, Robert’s future wife, composed these pieces when she was 10 years old.


6/3/21 Johannes Brahms – Piano Sonata No.1, Op. 1

Brahms submitted the score to Breitkopf & Hartel with a letter of recommendation from Schumann. It was dedicated to Joseph Joachim, another member of Schumann’s circle.


6/4/21 William Sterndale Bennett – Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 1

At age 20 Bennett was invited to Leipzig by Mendelssohn. It was there he met Schumann, and the three became friends. This concerto was written when Bennett was 18.

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