#ClassicsaDay #November11 Week 1

November is the eleventh month. And so the Classics a Day team opted to make eleven the month’s then. The challenge is to post works that are numbered 11 in some fashion, either an opus number, a series number, or even a suite number.

It turns out that there’s a lot of great music associated with elevens. By the time most composers publish their eleventh opus, symphony, string quartet, or sonata,  they’ve mastered their art. As I quickly discovered.

Here are my posts for the first week of #ClassicsaDay #November11

11/02/21 Fredinand Kuchler – Violin Concerrto in G major, Op. 11

Kuchler was a violin pedagogue as well as a violinist. His Op. 11 chamber concerto was written for student violinists to play primarily in 1st position.


11/03/21 Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op. 11

Beethoven’s trio has somewhat fluid instrumentation. The violin part is also for clarinet, and the cello part also for bassoon. So this work is often performed as a wind trio.


11/04/21 Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings, Op. 11

This was originally the slow movement of Barber’s string quartet (also Op. 11). The orchestrated Adagio was premiered by Toscanini (who had memorized the score) in 1938.


11/05/21 Hakon Borresen – Violin Concerto in G major, Op. 11

Borresen was one of Denmark’s most influential composers. He was president of the Danish Composers Union, and his music was entered in the 1932 Summer Olympics Art Competition.

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