Support classical music on WTJU! Classical Marathon airs December 7 – 13

In these tough times, WTJU Classical brings you much-needed community and restorative music.

 We need your support to keep WTJU going!

Charlottesville Classical on WTJU is a unique cultural treasure that shines upon our community every day. In days like these, the restorative power of classical music has never been so important.

December 7th through 13th, tune in for WTJU’s 2020 Classical Marathon. It’s a week of round-the-clock classical music, specially programmed for your listening pleasure.

WTJU Classical is your trusted companion for inspiring music… your go-to source for discovering wonderful new pieces… your genuine connection to Charlottesville artists and performances.

WTJU is a proudly local music service for people like who value our local community — who sometimes need a break from the bleak news during a very trying year.

This treasure is made possible by the combined power of listener support. WTJU is not beholden to ratings or profits or the expectations of advertisers. Rather, WTJU is beholden only to listeners and to our mission of public service to our community.

Listener-supported means just that: WTJU relies primarily on listeners to keep classical music playing here all day, every day. Listeners like you provide the lion’s share of funds required to fill thousands of hearts with the joys of classical music.

Please make a donation to WTJU’s Classical Marathon today.

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