Clara Schumann – Early Piano Works

In early 20th Century music history, she was Mrs. Robert Schumann, wife of a Great Composer. Later histories noted her prodigious talent as a pianist. As the century progressed, Clara’s own compositions were re-evaluated, performed, and recorded.

This release adds to our understanding of Clara Wieck Schumann — both as a performer and a composer. Angela Tirino presents a selection of early piano works composed by Clara Wieck. They show a young woman in command of her instrument.

Clara Wieck composed her Four Polonaises, Op. 1 when she was just thirteen. They have a charming simplicity to them. At the same time, they require a high degree of technique to play. And that gives us a clue on Wieck’s pianistic ability.

The Piano Sonata in G minor is the latest work on the album. It was composed in 1841-42. Clara Wieck married in 1840, just shy of her 21st birthday. This is a mature work and seems inspired by Beethoven. It shows her growth both as a composer and a pianist.

Angela Tirino performs with a light touch. Her fingers seem to glide across the keys, bringing out the fine details of the music.

This album demonstrates just how talented a composer Clara Wieck Schumann was. Unfortunately, it was a talent that was sidelined after marriage.

Clara Schumann: The Early Piano Works
Angela Tirino, piano
Urania LDV 14078

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