Camilla de Falleiro Gives Bravura Performances of Vivaldi Cantatas

Vivaldi holds nothing back in this chamber cantatas for soprano and basso continuo. The works were meant to show off the abilities of the soloist. Soprano Camilla de Falleiro is more than up to the challenges. And there are many in these cantatas.

The scores are full of wide leaps, sustained tones in the high register, and rapid melismatic passages. De Falleiro seems to take it all in stride. Her accuracy of pitch never wavers. Long figural scalar descents are clearly articulated.

Most importantly, these are musical performances. There’s more going on here than just impressive vocal fireworks.

De Falleiro illuminates the inherent drama of the text. Her voice falls to a hushed silence one moment, then bursts forth with an impassioned plea, as the libretto demands.

The Accademia Apollinea provides admiral support. Their playing in synch with De Camilla’s dramatic gestures, such as the throbbing of the heart in “Fonti del pianto.” Just a little emphasis on the main notes of the passage was all it took to convey the quickening of the pulse.

This is one release that’s worth purchasing on disc as opposed to downloading. Ars Producktion has released it as a multichannel SACD, with hybrid 5.1 multichannel sound. So if you have a high-performance audio system, you’ll hear every glorious detail of these performances.

Vivaldi Alla Moda
Solo cantatas for soprano and basso continuo
Camilla de Falleiro, soprano; Accademia Apollinea
Ars Produktion ARS 38226

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