Antonio Vandini Complete Works carefully researched

Antonio Vandini was one of the celebrated cellists of his age. And that age was the early 1700s when he shared the spotlight with his close friend Giuseppe Tartini. Vandini, like other virtuosos of his time, composing music for his instrument. But he didn’t write much that survived — just six sonatas and a concerto.

Still, this music gives us insight into Vandini’s technique and aesthetic. And especially as it’s presented here.

Francesco Galligioni extensively researched Vandini and his music before undertaking this recording. He opted for a historically accurate instrument. And he opted to use historic playing practices. That meant holding the bow in an underhand grip, changing how it moves across the strings.

I think the result was successful. The cello sounds more tightly focused than that of a modern instrument. There’s a clean, singing quality to the sound I found quite pleasing.

Galligioni wisely varied the basso continuo instruments, giving the program some additional variety.

Vandini’s style galante music is charming and elegant. And in these performances, I think we get a better impression of the musician who wrote them.

 Antonia Vandini: Complete Works
Francesco Galligioni, cello
L’arte dell’Arco

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