Alessandro Scarlatti Cantatas and Recorder Sonatas Nice Blend

This release presents a well-thought-out program of music by Alessandro Scarlatti. There are five works: three solo cantatas with two instrumental sonatas. The mix is quite effective — especially as the cantatas have fairly extensive instrumental passages.

Soprano Roberta Invernizzi sings with a clean, clear sound. Even her upper register has a warmth I found quite appealing. It blended especially well with the mellow tones of the recorder. Invernizzi also invested a great deal of expression into her performance.

She effectively communicated the intent of the text — even to a listener (like me) who doesn’t understand Italian. “Quella pace gradita” has some exceptionally beautiful interplay between the soprano and the obbligato violin.

The Collegium Pro Musica also delivers some fine performances. When accompanying Invernizzi, they strike the right balance between foreground and background. The ensemble steps forward during the instrumental interludes and retreats — but not too far– to make room for the vocalist.

This release has some fine examples of Scarlatti’s work. If you’re not familiar with this particular member of the Scarlatti family (son Dominico is the best-known), this is a good place to start.

Alessandro Scarlatti: Cantatas & Recorder Concertos
Roberta Invernizzi soprano
Collegium Pro Musica; Stefano Bagliano, conductor
Brilliant Classics 95721

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