WTJU’s fiscal year ends June 30. Donate today!

WTJU’s fiscal year ends June 30th.
Please give today

“Interesting” doesn’t begin to describe the times we’re living in. Uncertain… stressful… surreal… maybe those are a little closer to what you’re experiencing.

It’s easier to find words for the great music that’s always playing on WTJU: inspiring… empowering… comforting… a refuge.

When you give to WTJU, you support essential music that helps us through the challenges (and occasional joys) of 2020.

Your gift also helps give a platform to musicians and Charlottesville’s local arts scene.

Your gift supports education for the next generation of music lovers.

Your gift builds a community resource for everyone connected to Charlottesville to come together.

That’s what WTJU is about.

WTJU’s fiscal year ends soon, and we need to make sure community radio is here to empower and comfort us all through fraught times.

Please make a one-time gift or set up recurring monthly donation today.

Thank you for your support!

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