WTJU Rock Marathon 2024 Promos

The mighty WTJU Promo Art Players, led by Radio Wowsville’s Don Harrison, have concocted another rich brew of Rock Marathon Promos in their audio comedy lab, with the help of master sound chemists, Lewis Reining and Aaryan Balu. Enjoy this aperitif of audio delights before the full course feast of a Rock Marathon, running April 15 through 21.

In addition to Don and Lewis, the Promo Players this year include Sister Pirate Jenny, Anna “Dr Donuts” Duensing, DJ Al, Lea “Tigerstyle” Barrett, DJ Geezer, Brian “Jazz Messenger” Keena, Dave Moore, Zoe “Zostress” Krylova, Stevik, Ciclamino, and Tracey Crehan.

The Promo Players delivered 22 highly entertaining Rock Marathon promos designed to steer your ears to the Sound Choice (and your hands to a donation!). Listen:

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