WTJU Rock Marathon 2022 Promos

Before every marathon, the mighty WTJU Promo Art Players, led by Radio Wowsville’s Don Harrison, retreat to a secret sound lab to conjure up special public service announcements to promote our BONAFIDE week of special programming.

The Promo Art Players include Brian Keena, Jenn “Baby Shampoo” Lockwood, Dave Moore, Zoe Krylova, Annie De Blanco, Lia “DJLP” Pepper, Rick Clark, and Lewis Reining, who also provides the tech & sound mastery. Thanks also to Cyril Jordan of the Flamin’ Groovies for his contribution.

They’ve delivered 17 Rock Marathon promos designed to steer your ears to the Sound Choice. Listen:

wtju · Rock Marathon 2022 promos

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