WTJU Rock Department Best of 2021 – Annie De Blanco

Annie De Blanco – Merging With The Night
Best new albums:
· Allison Russell – Outside Child. Standout Track: The Runner which tells of someone running away from home, from an abuser, and finding solace and hope and safety in a music shop.
· Aaron Lee Tasjan – Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! Standout track: Feminine Walk. This whole album is very male and very female and very good.
· St Vincent – Daddy’s Home. Standout track: ..at The Holiday Party. St Vincent celebrates her father’s release from prison. Hope he doesn’t mind everyone knowing!
· The Stranglers – Dark Matter. Standout track: if Something’s Going To Kill Me It Might As Well be Love. Last album with the late Dave Greenfield on keyboards.
· The Lathums – How Beautiful Life Can Be. Standout track: Circles of Faith. A new discovery for me.
Best Not So New albums:
· The Specials: Encore – every track is good. I have played this one a lot in 2021.
· Sparks: A Steady Drip Drip Drip. Standout track: All That. Sparks!!
Best Live Music: Richelle Claiborne at the Front Porch Riverview concert series.
Best WTJU Experience/Best show: The Vinyl Takeovers at Potters Craft Cider. Fantastic to relax and listen to music, meet other DJs and to select and play music on vinyl, outside in a beautiful setting, drinking cider with friends.
Best Movie – Summer of Soul. And The Sparks Brothers

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