WTJU Rock Best of 2023 – Baconfat

Top 10 for 2023 in no particular order

Yo La Tengo – This Stupid World (Matador)
Charlotte Cornfield – Could Have Done Anything (Double Double Whammy)

Janelle Monáe – “Lipstick Lover” video

Mike Reed – The Separatist Party (We Jazz)

Connie Lovatt – Coconut Mirror (Enchanté)

The Tubs – Dead Meat (Trouble In Mind)
Yo La Tengo & Lambchop at Bowery Ballroom 9 December

Rose City Band & Rosali at The Southern 7 September

Various Artists – Child Of Nature (Forager)

Sloppy Heads – Sometimes Just One Second (Shrimper)

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