Cate le Bon – Pompeii (Mexican Summer)

Angular slow disco was not the direction I expected to go, but I also respected, as a fellow sister, that she donned the Habit!

yaya bey – remember yr north star (big dada)

Just kind of kept rolling with this one and never got off it – my reggae vibes transition album of year

Daniel Bachman – Time Almanac (Three Lobe)

Stumbling across the long explainer show with Tyler on Broadcasting System was one of the musical/ radio delights of the year. Deep powerful and important sonicscapes – love the connection of storm frequency and WTJU radio signal frequency.

Weyes Blood – Hearts Aglow – (subpop) Wire me up … because I did enough moody swaying to this album this year that I could power Free Union – it’s not just me, it’s e’reyone … swaying and feeling things.

Angel Olsen – Big Time (Jagjaguwar)

most times I act like I am “getting into” the new Angel – but this one had my hypnotized from the get-go: it’s better than Cats, I want to listen to it again and again

Dolo.Seven.Six – Escobarian Hippos (Loretta Records)

I needed an anthropocene album and the escobarian “hungriest” hippoes made me chomp chomp chomp this collection of bangers all year

Shintaro Sakamoto – Like a Fable (Zelefone?)

That suntan chipmunk music from 2046 you like is back on the edge of being “in style” …

Wilma Vritra – Grotto (bad taste records) or Ifé Neuro – Shadows on the wall (loretta)

Shapeshiftin stalactite cave dwellers. I got them mixed up on a burned CD in April and one is 15 songs in 30 mins and the other is genre hopscotch but love them like unintentional twins born unto us.

Alabaster dePlume – GOLD (International Anthems)

Soft, gorgeous and unrelentingly positive in a year where everyone was a knowing prickly chicken little. Just fuckin let them!!!

Sault – take your pick (1 of 6 – Forever Living Heroes)

Not sure if their commitment to God or upending music capital structures is more endearing  to me.

Lou Turner – Microcosmos (Spinster Sound) – Love the cover from Radio Coven sister Sarah Bachman the most BUT the sweet touch and filigree of feelings is just lovely on this one.

Tall Dwarfs – Unravelled (Flying Nun Records) Box set that I will need til 2024 to reckon with … that college radio headwaters

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