Poubelle, “Radio Freedonia” (Saturdays 2-4pm). As always, missed a ton, but loved these.

Zach Tenorio, Phonosynthesis (Well Done): Insanely skilled keyboardist from Arc Iris drops an homage to Plantasia and Secret Life of Plants full of adorably burbling synths and engaging, narrativistic compositions.

Ernie Francestine, Character of Light (Word Around the Campfire/War Hen): Warhen’s Warren Parker encouraged Pittsburgh guitarist to record a solo album; it is contemplative and kind.

S.E. Rogie, The Sounds of S.E. Rogie and Further Sounds of S.E. Rogie (Mississippi): These righteous reissues from 1960s Sierra Leone of endearing and hilarious palm wine guitarist/singer S.E. Rogie are just heavenly.

Andy McLeod, Six String Guitar, Vol. 1 (Andy McLeod): That’s “acoustic” guitar, btw. McLeod, erstwhile Charlottesville resident (and WTJU DJ) brings grace and skill to this lovely and seamless set of four originals plus four covers.

Fievel Is Glauque, Flaming Swords (MATH Interactive): This year’s best “weird-but-endearing sax-laden proggy bossa nova” album. Opened up for Stereolab at the Jeff and proved that you can still put on a good show despite zero crowd-working chops.

Charles Stepney, Step on Step (International Anthem): A generous helping of homemade demos from this behind-the-scenes 1970s soul/pop/jazz svengali (Earth Wind & Fire, Rotary Connection, Ramsey Lewis, etc). Keyboards, drum machines, vibes.

Klauss, Take French (L8GR8): The long-awaited second EP by Cville-Richmond duo Klauss is a cozy take on what I think is still called “indie” these days, but “indie” these days often seems to mean downcast and remorseful, and this is fun and seductive.

The Beatles, Revolver (Super Deluxe) (UMG): Yup.

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